Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Blair's crooked cons undone

That bloodsodden shyster Blair has been popping his spray-tanned head above the parapet in recent days in an effort to get a final word in before Chilcot delivers his verdict; Iraq wasn't about WMDs at all, oh no, says Bloody Blair, it was about regime change. As an attempt at falsifying history it's not the smartest of distortions. Most people not suffering from Alzheimer's can actually remember the events of ten years ago, and can remember it was very much about WMDs - not one of which, not the trace of one of which, has ever been found in the length and breadth of Iraq. 

Hugh Sykes has made a useful two-part programme for radio on Iraq ten years on. Even bloody Blair is allowed to deliver his fatuous little platitudes with patent insincerity. Cleverly intercut with the views of a range of actual Iraqis, who make it clear they would love to see Mr Blair again - swinging on the end of a rope in Baghdad. 

There's also a long whine emerging from the Guardian this morning at the rebalancing of official British history from the Blair version, in which everything was bad before the founding of the Labour Party, and in which the UK reached its zenith in 1997 with New Labour to a backing of the Spice Girls. As fatuous as Blair's pronouncements on Iraq, the Labour history must have puzzled foreigners, wondering why the Sheffield Knife Grinders Strike was more important than Agincourt. The Guardian whines that the chapter on the Holocaust has been removed - well of course it has, you ninnies; in what way was the Holocaust an event in British history? 

New Labour's breathtaking arrogance in assuming that by re-writing history they could embed political allegiance has been as misplaced as a Spice Girls single at a funeral. And it's about time we saw the machinations of these shoddy little crooks undone.


Anonymous said...

The Rewriting history is crucial to the Britsh Labour Party:

"He who controls the present controls the past, he who controls past controls the future" - Orwell

New labour commissioned the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games, with Danny Boyle as director. Watching it we were invited to believe that pre-industrial England was a multi-racial utopia, and Victorian entrepreneurs were black as well as white. Anything to suggest England, length to breadth, has always been multi-racial - it only lost continuity by having a mock-up of the Empire Windrush, circa 1948, sail round the stadium.

Once we're a small enough minority, with virtually no folk memory remaining, the Fabians will then begin the process of erasing us from history. Remember, it was New Labour who told the UN (in 2008) that there were no historic peoples in these Islands. None.

That's what they think of us Raedwald, and don't ever think the Tories wouldn't have done the same.


G. Tingey said...

Your first line should read: "That bloodsodden Roman Catholic crawler Blair has been ..."

Err... re-writing history is endemic to all political parties, & blaming only Liebour won't do I'm afraid. They all do it.

Depends how far back you go, doesn't it?
Before about 10 000 BCE what is now Britain was uninhabited ......
( Yes there had been people here in the previous interglacial, but they all left when it got a lot colder ... )

Mind you, I'd love to find a eaily-available reference to your claim about "No historic peoples" - can you quote me such a source, because if true, it is a pernicious lie, if taken at face value.
Pretty please?

Mr Ecks said...

Are you suggesting that the source of Bliars's evil is not the fact he is a white-collar psychopath but his supposed Roman Catholicism?

And were Mao ze Dung and Uncle Joe's mass murders prompted by their atheism then?.

Anonymous said...

We studied history 'O'level, focusing on German reunification and from a British point of view up to and including the first world war, a most vital period in the nation's history. I loved every minute of it.

Fuquit Blair, is a minor but irritating sore, someone hopefully Chilcott will lance this gangrenous pustule.

Anonymous said...

The phrase "all party support" seems to be missing from your post...which is what there was.
Since then Cameron has stated he supported it. Boris will doubtless support it, or not, depending upon which was he thinks he will get better press.
Theresa May supported it at the time, since then she has supported everything supportable for gain.
Or am I missing what your point was/is/could-be ?
Ms May will shortly be unavailable for leader....that's if Mr Cameron manages to place his knives in the right place. As a backstabber he really is quite good. Quietly.

Anonymous said...

The trouble for Bliar and anyone else wanting to re-write history to erase some inconvenient truths is that these days, we have what is known as the internet. You can burn books all you like and print or broadcast any amount of crap, but with the internet, you are caught bang to rights and there is no escaping your past. Youtube is your friend - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSieUhqIR6k

Coney Island

Demetrius said...

Today, I referred to this blog as well as suggesting teaching the history of fox hunting in schools.

Anonymous said...

Fox hunting is banned in schools, and everywhere else.....

G. Tingey said...

Mr Ecks
COmmunism is a classic religion
It ticks ALL thrboxes for "religion" ...
SOrry about that - do try harder next time.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of communism.
And anarchy.
The problem is that the political leopards always seem to f***-up the good parts and leave us with the sh*** parts.