Friday, 15 March 2013

Gauleiters who will gag our anti-EU voices

The British press poses the only serious threat to the Berlaymont's propaganda war against the people of Britain. The EU Federasts have billions of plundered tax money at their disposal, whole floors of skilled propagandists and the friendly ear of the BBC. Their job is to persuade us that the loss of our freedom and democracy is a cheap price to pay for being one of the bigger Gau in a new European Superstate. Against this behemoth stands a small army of bloggers and commentators - and a free British press. 

That's all likely to change on Monday when the Federast Gauleiters-in-waiting of the British Gau, Miliband and Clegg, sell their birthright for a mess of EU pottage by loading the press with the chains of State censorship. In a devastating act of political treachery, they will hand control of the free British press to the EU bureaucrats in Brussels.    

In a classic 'Think of the children!' ploy, the press-enslavers are claiming to act on behalf of 'victims' of the Press; for the most part these are sexually incontinent actors, talentless 'B' listers, coke-snorting game show hosts, perverted soccer players, adulterous politicians, toilet-trading Mandarins, DJs with rotten septums and publicity-seeking nonentities. The true 'victims' of the rare cases of culpable misreporting, such as Christopher Jefferies, have adequate existing recourse and have been well compensated.

No, the real agenda is the gagging of the only powerful voice speaking against the machinations of Brussels. You can be sure the Berlaymont is happy to pay their Gauleiters more than thirty pieces of silver to secure this end. And once they have defeated the British press, our blogs will be next.


Anonymous said...

I follow your logic Raedwald and it is true that currently the press is more or less, free.

However, its owners and journalists are almost always establishment and EU philliac (or is that phallic?).

They aren't much help at the moment, and the vast majority of people that read them, seem to believe them.

Freedoms are being rapidly eroded and the press usually come up with a reasonable excuse as to why they support this or that, and some of it can look anti-establishment, but it rarely is.

Maybe the Telegraph publishes work by someone like Christopher Booker, but there isn't much else around that is sensible, but it's more lip-service than anything.

That (of course) doesn't mean that I support the official gagging. I just view it as more of the "usual" attempts by the politburo and its Gauleiters at Westminster to shut us up.

DeeDee99 said...

The EU has used propaganda and the law to expand its power but propaganda can be countered.

They will want the press under control before any renegotiations take place followed by a Referendum. The BBC is already 'owned' by the EU.

Press resistence must be broken because "The pen is mightier than the sword."

Anonymous said...

The pen may be mightier than the sword but if they`ve confiscated your pen what else is there to reach for?

Anonymous said...

Indubitably and well said, that is exactly the way I read it Raedwald.

Totalitarianism here we come, if it hasn't already arrived?

Anonymous said...

Give me a time when totalitarianism was not here.
Democracy has never really existed and has always just been a sop to the masses.
"it's all the EUs' fault"
It's all our fault.
If the enslavers are not alive they cannot enslave you/me/us/them.
Anything else is failure.
Those with money and power run the world, never mind what organisation they use to enact that control.

Blue Eyes said...

I didn't think Labour and the Libs could have a majority in Parliament?

The Lords would surely slow down legislation that did not have the support of the largest Commons party?

I agree with Nick Drew, Cameron's move is very supportable. Indeed he should go one further and bring specific legislation forward to confirm freedom of speech in this country. Who could argue against it?

anon 2 said...

Yes, Raedwald: that's what I think too. Except that the two uglies you mentions aren't really selling their own birthright ... at least not their tribal one. Theirs are transplants.

Anonymous: yes, it is our own fault for letting them do it ... but we still have the power to cut off the money. That is ours, not theirs.

And I say we'd better do it before they turn our own armed forces against us.

anon 2 said...

'mention' - sorry.

Dave said...

Free press? - free to perpetuate their own version of the truth in a manner calculated to suit their own needs and desires rather than those of the British people?
We have been betrayed by the politicians - the press have their own agenda. Neither have OUR interests at heart

Edward Spalton said...

Both parties ( and the Lib Dems if they could have managed it) were so far in bed with the media as to be indistinguishable writhing bodies. So the politicians ( who make the law) were quite happy to turn a blind eye as long as they might get a favourable mention here or there. Else why would Cameron have chosen his media controller from the gutter press?

There was nothing wrong with the law, as Ian Hislop pointed out. It was just not enforced.

Another "independent regulator" will only entrench control of the media.

Anonymous said...

How much more control is possible ?
The "media" are owned and operated by those with immense quantities of money, and hence power.
So since the media moguls also own and operate the political parties....................
The EU is just the political wing of various criminal organisations and commercial interests.
You could even say, with considerable justification, that the commercial interests are bigger benefit recipients than the people !

Budgie said...

Dave said: "Free press? - free to perpetuate their own version of the truth ...".

Anon 11:34 said: "The "media" are owned and operated by those with immense quantities of money, and hence power."

Don't buy it then.

Dave said: "... in a manner calculated to suit their own needs and desires rather than those of the British people?"

Oh yes? So you know better what the "needs" of the British people are? Better than the British people who actually choose to buy this "media" do?

God preserve us from control freaks, but from non self-aware control freaks even more.

Anonymous said...

Largely irrelevant.
"don't buy it"
I don't.
Since most of the "free" press is non-profit, I have always assumed that there must be another reason for them to still be operating.
I would like to think there is a way to stop, or at least hinder, the gradual removal of "freedoms" but as I look about me I see that awareness has come too late.

Anonymous said...

Although this story is important, it has just been totally eclipsed by Cyprus and the 10% bank tax. I feel another very good anti-EU diatribe cominmg on.

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