Friday, 29 March 2013

Mouth-breather fatboy bangs rattle on pram

Kim Jong-un, North Korea's mouth-breathing fatboy, knows something that the Western analysts don't. It could be that his prison-nation is facing starvation, or that a domestic insurgency is bubbling away dangerously, or a US counter-cyber-attack has killed his military computers, or that China has finally got tough and given him an ultimatum. Whatever the cause, the fatboy has felt it necessary to demonstrate to his slave-people his he-man credentials; for Jong-un's substitute for significance in the trouser department are his missiles. In the carefully released snaps from the fatboy-bunker they are shown as targeted towards the US - but it's also a reminder to China that they can equally easily point North, and to the North Korean people that he has the overwhelming means to massacre them should they disobey. 

Fatboy learning his letters
Unlike China's new leader, who has not been reticent in showing his glamorous wife in public, Kim Jong-un's wife has never been seen. Some commentators blame a slow-puncture problem. Others have suggested that he's eaten her.


Anonymous said...

China must be pursuaded to sort this petulant little fuckwit out. It's the "shit" on their doorstep.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

go on order China to do that.
Whatever happens will anyone invade north Korea - not likely.
And north Korea has been censured for ages without faultering.

Anon 2 said...

Nice one, Raedwald! I wonder if anyone dares to translate it for him.... (I doubt it, of course; they do have their problems with English, these Koreans).

G. Tingey said...

K J-U has been in "the West" unlike his predecessors.
He has a serious problem - is own military, who really run the show for their own benefit.
He also has the problem that "his" nation is starving.
So, he HAS to look fierce to keep his militry quiet - or they would replace him.

He is on record that he wants Obama on the other end of a phone line (or maybe even a personal meeting?) ... why?
Because he knows that he has been painted into a corner by his predecessors.
What actual options has he?
or is the trick to declare war & surrender 5 minutes later?

NOT an easy one, is it?

Anonymous said...

Funny how we can be all big and bolshie with the Yanks and invade a country on the premise that they 'maybe' a threat, and that they 'may' have WMD's.

Yet, when it comes to a country that actually really might have nuke's, and the means of delivering them. We, and the rest of the world, go all timid. Not a good message to send to other countries who we are trying to stop getting nukes' is it ?

Scrobs... said...

I think you'll have to pose that question to Tony Blair, anon - 9.28, as he clearly knows how to deal with such anomalies.

Anonymous said...

You picked up on him being a mouth breather.
Please explain more.
I think I know what you are saying, but I hope you will elucidate.....

English Pensioner said...

He's taking huge risks. When the Japs attacked Pearl Harbour, it was largely unforeseen, ans Americans vowed in general that it would never be allowed to happen again. He is threatening Hawaii and less plausibly the US mainland, but he is taking the risk that the US might believe him and take pre-emptive action, after all there is far more evidence to justify action than there was for Iraq. Even Obama couldn't avoid action if the US seriously thought Hawaii was about to be attacked.
But I suspect that the US knows far more about what is going on than they will ever admit and so far see no problems. So just let him rant on.

Ian E said...

I rather admire his dad - I mean, how many Westerners nowadays leave their kids with a Korea for life?