Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ditch this wretched shackle

Against every military maxim, the EU Parliament and Commission are hell-bent on reinforcing failure. The Euro is crippled; like the Heer in 1945 it lacks metaphorical air cover, fuel, munitions and transport but keeps surviving due to tactical moves of desperation, sometimes brilliant, that squeeze every gram of advantage from each embattled position. 

And now with proposals for Euro-wide extraordinary wealth taxes - preferably in a form that will also catch non-Eurozone EU nations - it is moving to the equivalent of calling-up 15 and 16 and 65 and 66 year olds. Already parts of Europe are plunging into real poverty, and the spectre of disease and hunger, of Typhoid, Diphtheria and Cholera, not seen in Europe for seventy years, broods menacingly over the economic wreckage and spoilation caused by these zealots. With a fanaticism bordering on lunacy, they will see Europe burn to cinders before they will relinquish their belief in the Euro. Human lives and an ocean of human misery are of little consequence to the Berlaymont Gauleiters strutting like fat pheasants in their insulated, privileged world of make-believe.

But across Europe ordinary people are coming to recognise the enemy in Brussels, and the danger it poses to their very way of life. It's not 'populism' but a hunger for real democracy that is driving members to UKIP and its equivalents across Europe. People are choosing between freedom and the Empire, and more and more are backing freedom. The harder the Empire tries, the more support it loses.


DeeDee99 said...

The harder the Empire tries, the more support it loses.

So next, it will try suppression of the dissenters.

Watch out for anti-EU Parties to be banned from standing for the EU Parliament. They won't want an increased presence by UKIP or the other dissenters to spoil their plans.

Colonel Shotover said...

Wonderful stuff Raedwald, as usual

Edward Spalton said...

Prophecy or what?

This letter just fell out of some old files I was pruning. It is dated 9 January 2000 and is addressed to the Burton on Trent Daily Mail. The late Phillip Whitehead was a Labour MEP who had earlier gained a justified reputation as a first class Westminster constituency MP. He was a True Believer in the EU project. Although totally opposed to him politically, I actually liked him personally.

".... Each piece off "integration" is a surrender to a foreign power of part of our right to rule ourselves. It does not look like that because British officials and politicians play the part of Vichy to Bruseels and do the EU's dirty work for it. ....
....Political parties are going to become very dull - Brussels tame poodles in fact. As a result of the Nice Treaty, the EU will regulate them (Article 191 in case you missed it, Phillip) and suppress those which do not support "European values". Under Article 7, a wholse country can be deprived of its EU voting rights if it elects and insufficiently pro-EU government . Yet it will still be compelled to go on paying its dues to Brussels. This is taxation without representation.

Perhaps Phillip could explain one thing. In these pages he assured his constituents and admirers (of whom I am one) that he would NEVER vote to take away our ENglish Common Law rights of Habeas Corpus and trial by jury. Yet in the last EU Parliament he voted to welcome a system of law, called Corpus Juris, which does just that and allows the EU Prosecutor to lock people up without charge, trial or court appearance. I have a copy of the document and of the EU Parliament's voting record. Did he know what he was voting for?

Corpus Juris (Article 280a) was intended to be part of the Nice Treaty but did not make it this time. Was Phillip disappointed? It will come back though, like the so-called Charter of Human Rights. Seven years ago something very similar to this Charter was more honestly called "Draft Constitution of the European Union". Its purpose is to lock us in."

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"So next, it will try suppression of the dissenters."

Indeed: look at the EU's plans for state (read EU) control of the media.

Leveson is a pussycat compared with what they intend.

Robert said...

I am not sure the people in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal or Spain are recognising that their enemy is Brussels and the EU. Whilst there is some recognition that things are not right with the Euro there seems to be more faith in the EU itself than with their own governments. After all it is their own governments that have to implement the austerity measures caused by the Euro, not the Euro zealots.

Edward Spalton said...


It is admittedly a few years ago now that quite thoughtful and reasonable people in Italy felt that the EU authorities would actually benefit Italian politics by CLEANING UP the massive corruption. How things look depend on where you are standing!

With regard to Greece, I am sure that one ever-present pressure is fear of an increasingly assertive Turkey next door. They feel safer as a member of the "European family" than isolated on their own.

BrianSJ said...

So do you favour the EU or not? I wish you'd make your mind up.

Anonymous said...

Worrying developments in the EU, especially as I have a small property in France. This tax on assets is not new though is it. Anyone with a boat over 21ft long moored in Spain, will have been stung by matriculation tax at 12% of the boat's value.

The EU is running out of road - fast!

Coney Island

Demetrius said...

They could always go back to using cigarettes. This medium of exchange worked very well during my time in Germany.