Wednesday, 1 May 2013

France and Germany

We may have been mildly shocked at crude and insulting semi-official comments directed at Cameron from the French government. Governments don't speak to each-other in this way, do they? As with John Major, opponents may be 'the Bastards' in private but 'valued colleagues' in public. The Kermits, however, seem to have lost it.

As Ambrose Evans-Pritchard catalogues, the latest exchange of insults between France and Germany is quite unprecedented. And France started it. The problem is that the garlic-munchers blame their woes on everything and everybody but themselves; their sclerotic economy and productivity, an industrial sector on the Liverpool Death Pathway, more hands grasping rewards from the tax-till than can be re-filled, an agricultural sector that takes most of the CAP budget - 22% of CAP money goes to France, which has just 7.8% of the EU's farms over 1 European Size Unit (ESU) - and outdated beliefs in 'Gloire' that make France look as decayed and absurd as Miss Havisham in scarlet lippy. 

It's not just Germany that must contemplate whether to bail-out the Kermits yet again; they cost each working Briton a fortune, keep food prices artificially high, decimate our fish stocks and are taught at birth to sneer. Despite not having produced an international pop star since Edith Piaf. Turkey may once have been the 'sick man of Europe' - but today it's France and not just diplomatic flu, but a basket case. 

But like a huge art-nouveau ocean liner sinking beneath the waves, she'll pull us down too if we're too close to her. And voting for UKIP is important for this alone; who cares what their policy on bloody dormice is when we're struggling to stay alive. 


Anonymous said...

Why, are we still in the EU and in the dance of death with the French?


C'est vrai!

Same olde Vichy - thanks to Heath's woeful desperation to join the ranks of infamous and his ignoble pretensions to being a megalomaniac jerk-off.

The EEC treaty negotiations, we caved in to what can only be described as something worse than the Germans signed up to in Versailles in 1919 - an utter capitulation and thus brought on 40 years of the Frogs gleefully shafting the British and our economy.

Throughout the nineties and into the new millennium - they [France] took their eye off the ball and their banks are stuffed full of bad debt and in a more parlous state than their British, or German counterparts [and that's saying something!].

La novelle Belle epoque de Paris and 'Sun Kings' have doomed themselves. Their economy is a wreck, car industry down the toilet and is going further 'south', output and sales are plummeting.
France and Germany, the bond yields difference - it will be the axis of death for the euro - how poetically ironic that will be?

The French bourgeoisie; ungrateful, indolent, intolerant, arrogant, duplicitous sex crazed narcissists and now they blame it all on their great and 'primary allies'.

les putes qui ouvrent leurs jambes pour tous.

Anonymous said...

OK, avoiding the sinking liner is one real reason to vote UKIP, but there is another!

We need to rearrange the thought processes of our own politicians. Currently, we the voting public are held in vile contempt and our democracy is suffering as a result. The corollory of which is that you have idiots like Clarke calling UKIP "clowns". This clearly demonstrates thay they don't think there is any real opposition to the "Westminster Village Front" (WVF - a great new name for them). There is a complete disconnect between the WVF and what our country's people are crying out for. Nothing of what we want is anywhere near their agenda.

It's time to make them hurt at the ballot box - it's the only thing that they will understand. Vote UKIP to give the WVF a bloody nose!

Coney Island

Rapscallion said...

If one were to cast even a cursory glance over European history since about 1500 as a minimum, you'll find that France has been the root cause of ALL European problems.

More specifically it was the French intransigence over reparations post WWI, that laid the ground for the emergence of the Nazis and desire for revenge. This mistake was not repeated post 1945 because the US/UK prevented the French from doing so.

Demetrius said...

Grandad, who spent a lot of time in France between 1914 and 1919 used to say of the French "San Fairy Ann". I wonder what he meant?

Ian Hills said...

Even their food is over-rated, consisting largely of over-flavoured stews. And to make proper cake (as opposed to sponges) they had to copy an English recipe, renaming it "le cake". Neither could they grill meat before we showed them how to after Waterloo - hence "bifteck". They could only stew it. And few French wines are decent enough to drink - most are like vinegar. You can't say that about English wine.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at "The City" and you'll note that the financial industry is stuffed to the gills with UK resident French staff.
As for the "parlous" state of French banking.....the UK has the worst financial state of the G20 nations.....nearly 1000% of GDP (that IS one-thousand-percent, not a typo) as debt....and it is mainly PRIVATE debt, government debt is less than one-tenth of that.
Perfideous Albion !

Anonymous said...

Perfideous Albion !

Thank you for confirming your nationality.

anon 2 said...

May the frogules sink forever! They've never brought us anything but misery, corruption, and lascivious filth. The world would be a better place without them.