Friday, 24 May 2013


Don't read too much into the barbaric events in Woolwich. All it really proves is that a couple of young black jihadists can run another person down in a car then finish them off. And these losers in their cheap Chinese polyester clothes didn't even have the nous between them to get a proper firearm. However, as tool-using primates with opposable thumbs, they did what they could. They might have used rocks or pointed sticks if they'd been unable to get hold of steel weapons. That Islam provided them with what they imagined was justification for their barbarism remains the real problem; with no recognised spiritual hierarchy to definitively interpret the Koran otherwise, Islam will always provide the enemies of our peoples with an excuse for violence against us. 

The problem is, our police and government are incapable of the sort of proactive combing-out of physically dangerous Jihadists that targets only the threats; they still insist on measures that hurt us all. Let's be honest - the Seventh Day Adventists are never going to hijack a petrol tanker, the Hasidic Jews aren't going to kidnap the Prime Minister and the Zoroastrians ain't going to fire-bomb Catterick. 

No doubt there are a vast majority of peaceful law-abiding Moslems in Britain. That doesn't mitigate the fact that hundreds of hostile, violent, immature Jihadists who pose a real threat are hiding like fish in the waters of the Islamic population. Let's have the police and Security Service bait some hooks.


DeeDee99 said...

It would help if we drained the pool where the fish hide, in order to reduce the size of the task. Or even took real action to stop the number of fish multiplying.

But that's not permitted.

Anonymous said...

Wait 'till the recession really hits.

Sweden seems to be having some problems of its own just now, I wonder if there may be any commonality?

Anonymous said...

I travelled in a car with a Moroccan some years back, driving from Tangier to Tetouan, which is about an hour. I was in Morocco to buy an apartment and I deliberately discussed terrorism and the Moroccan Islamic community. My chap wasn't at all phased; he told me something that stayed with me from that day to this. He said "don't worry, Morocco is a country of peace and we will not tolerate Islamic extremists here. Unfortunately for you, all the extremists that we haven't shot or imprisoned have moved to Britain".

Coney Island

G. Tingey said...

Two thoughts
1: Islam is a religion, & all religions kill, torture & enslave, since they are all based on blackmail.
2: I hope that these two are found to be insane ( I mean they plainly ARE insane, but court rules, etc ...) & are detained "At HM's pleasure".

From reports (usual caveats) they were associated with Al-Mahjiroun, which was IIRC itself an offshoot of Hizb-ut-Tahrir. Both are now proscribed organisations.
Howver, I have had the dubious pleasure of running up against Hizb, before they were banned.
NOT nice people to know, at all.

Sceptical Steve said...

In the immmediate aftermath of this crime, too many people seem to be seeking a wider significance from this. The behaviousr of these two idiots is not indicative of a wider plan. If they were genuine terrorists, they would probably have gone on a more general killing spree. That's what terrorists do, they seek to terrorise.
Thee guys killed the poor squaddy and then waited calmly to be shot by the police. This awful incident could more accurately be described as an attempted "Suicide by Police", and the individuals should be seen as pathetic losers who wanted achieve some status through death.
Ironically, as I write, I'm conscious that the already overstretched NHS is engaged in keeping the buggers alive, thus depriving them of their dramatic exit.
I'm ready to be proved wrong, but I don't expect that they will be linked to Jihadist training camps on the Pakistani badlands or any sophisticated support structure.

JohnofEnfield said...

Welcome back.

I would like to start by insisting that the whole Muslim community cleans up its act. That they send home all the viscous Imans calling for Jihad, that they act as informants on these men who go abroad to fight Jihad. I am thoroughly sick of Muslims being invited on the BBC to tell us how they are themselves are victims who are being victimised. Why aren't they asked what THEY are going to do about this issue?

If they don't comply, we will then be certain of whose side they are on & deal with them accordingly.

hatfield girl said...

It's not a one-off outburst of savagery. In Milan two weeks ago a Ghanaian illegally present in the country killed three passers-by in the street with a pick axe.

As Anon.8.05 notes, Sweden is coping with street insurrection.

Edward Spalton said...

"Islam" means submission and it is achieved by conquest by all and every means.

There are 14 centuries of evidence to this effect. It is not just a religion but a highly defined politicolegal system. It is the longest established, most successful form of fascism - which is why it was so highly regarded by people like Napoleon and Hitler.

I had a conversation with a very well-spoken Muslim missionary some years ago. He told me that to obey the laws of this country was "oppression for a Muslim". When I remarked that he should expect to obey our law if he came to our country, he replied "It is not your country, it is Allah's"

The leading Arabist, Professor Jansen gave evidence at Geert Wilders' trial that there was not and could never be such a thing as "Moderate Islam" because the faith is unalterably defined by its own scriptures. There are however, Moderate Muslims - that is people who do not rigorously follow all the tenets of the faith - one of which is ceaseless war against every infidel until all submit - though truces are permitted when advantageous. The faithful are also not only permitted but commanded to lie when it is advantageous to the faith. The doctrine is called taqqiya "dissimulation".

Jansen's evidence was so unwelcome that the judge who had insisted on Wilders' prosecution tried to nobble him by engineering a meeting with him at a private dinner party. A new bench of judges had to be empanelled.

Anonymous said...

1: Islam is a religion, & all religions kill, torture & enslave, since they are all based on blackmail.

Still unable to discriminate between black and white.


Ben said...

This interview with Neil Lennon aka Tommy Robinson gave me some hope after feeling depressed by the weak response from the establishment and the media. Tommy might not be an intellectual but everything he says in this interview is right on the money.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts here are that Islam is destined for partial extinction at their own hands within the next fifty years or so. The reasoning here is simple: technology and especially biotechnology is racing forwards with leaps and bounds, and much of this tech is within the grasp of skilled individuals.

In humans and most mammals, sex is determined by a very few genes carried on the Y chromosome; embryos default to female unless switched to male. Were someone to devise a way to get those few switching genes into a fertilised zygote, then it would switch to the male developmental pathway. Of course, the individual produced would still be X-X and if fertile, could only ever produce female children, but that little fact would of course be kept from the prospective customers, as would the danger of infecting people with a synthetic retrovirus.

Make no mistake, this tech WILL be developed, first of all for the agriculture industry, but it WILL get adapted to humans and flogged cheap to the Islamic lot.

Now, imagine a generation where much of Pakistan/Afganistan/Arabia only produces male children. Demographic catastrophe combined with epic-scale rioting as this cohort hits puberty and finds no female partners to marry.

One generation later, and Islam is pretty much dead (along with India, China and so on).

G. Tingey said...

I note that you are tending towards the repeat of a behaviour that has already started, namely "kill all the catholics" - oops, meant muslims, there .. in a re-run of 1583-1617 (ish)
Be very careful?

Ed Spalton
he replied "It is not your country, it is Allah's"
And a christian would say exactly the same thing.
I heard THREE different religious greoups all caliming ownership of the same tiny patch of land on the raido, a couple of month's back ..."this land was given to us by [insert name of appropriate BigSkyFairy here]"
NNOTHING special about islam here, except that it is 622 years behind xtianity....

Anon (the cowardly)
islam is a religion. End of.
All religions are blackmail, and are based on fear and superstition.
Religion offers a supposed comfort-blanket, or carrot to the believers, and waves a stick at the unbelievers.
“Do as we say, and you’ll go to heaven, don’t do as we say, and you’ll go to hell.” What is conveniently left out here is the unspoken threat, which is made manifest in those societies which are theocracies: “If you don’t do as we say, we can make sure you go to hell really painfully, and quickly.” Or, of course in those societies where religious intimidation and terrorism of this nature is allowed to go unchecked by the civil authorities, either because of their own accommodations with the intimidators, or for temporary political gain. This is a serious mistake, because the religious leaders will always want “more”, and use increased physical and rhetorical blackmail to further their cause. The label of “blasphemy” is often used here, as a tool of intimidation, and we shall return to this topic later on.
Thus all “priests” are liars and/or blackmailers. They may not be deliberate liars, but nonetheless, they are telling untrue fairy-stories.

Fear of exclusion from the community, in one form or another, is a standard part of the power-structure of any religion or cult. Excommunication, anathema, banishment, exile, fatwah, etc, … Fear of entry being refused in "the next world", or "the community of saints", or "the party". Fear of real physical punishment by the "secular arm", the NKVD, the Saudi religious police, or whomsoever the current set of spiritual thought police happen to be.

seoond Anon (whom I assume is different)
I think you may have a point.
There is also the internal shia-sunni schism which is incredibly bloody.