Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Oxford products of first-cousin marriages?

Looking at the mug shots of the convicted Pakistani kiddy-fiddlers from Oxford, and again at those of the convicted Telford Pakistani sex gang below, it cannot but strike the viewer that they do not exactly radiate any impression of individual or collective cerebral capacity. To be blunt, and possibly offensive, many carry the look of what we used to term 'the retarded'. 

The look is not confined to Pakistan, of course. It is still common in isolated areas of Kentucky and Louisiana, and until the 20th century could be seen in parts of North Norfolk and Wales. It is, of course, the common result of a prevalence of first-cousin marriages, and particularly of parallel cousin marriages (son to brother's daughter) that produces the highest volume not only of serious birth defects but significantly increased rates of imbecilism and feeble-mindedness. This is the most common marriage relationship amongst Pakistanis. 

Back in February 2008 Labour Minister Phil Woolas shocked his constituents by mentioning this 'elephant in the room' - he was moved by the large number of hideously deformed babies he'd seen who were the result of such relationships. In August 2010 Channel 4 screened a documentary entitled 'When Cousins Marry' that further exposed the dangers of "Preferential patrilateral parallel cousin marriage". A comment at the time on the programme's website was
As a Teacher of children with severe special needs, working predominantly within the asian community, I am very pleased to see this issue being publicly raised. Along with the distress the child may suffer throughout it's life as the result of a first cousin marriages, society has a huge financial burden to bare in providing the necessary support. These include a huge range of medical interventions, paediatric care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, specialist teaching support, respite care, transportation, building adaptations etc, etc etc.
If deviant sexual behaviour amongst the retarded but otherwise functioning young men from such relationships is now costing us to maintain some 250 of them in prison for the next fifteen years or so it may just be a cost too far. Should we now give serious consideration to banning such relationships in the UK, as many parts of the US has done, to lessen the incidence of these benighted imbeciles in our society?    


Anonymous said...

Radders - you're spot on, but don't be surprised if you get your collar felt by the thought police for this one...

Anonymous said...

Further to the above - is reduced IQ linked to reduced empathy / sociopathy?

Barnacle Bill said...

Shout it from the roof tops Raedwald!

I've been trying to push the same theme over on my blog.
It is a RACE issue, in fact I think in these grooming cases where all the vicitms are "white" then the sentences should reflect the "race" element in the judges decision making.

Of course our political elites don't mind their supporters' daughters etc ... being groomed by the very immigrants they were so desparate to import into this country to rub our noses in it; they're safe in their Westminster bubbles.

George Speller said...

And if you banned it would they take any notice?

Fahrenheit211 said...

Barnacle Bill. I'm afraid that I disagree with you. I don't think he issue of Islamic Grooming Gangs is a race issue per se. It is an Islam issue. There are many other people of South Asian extraction who do not treat non-Asians as dirt, do not believe that they have a right to rape and do not possess an exaggerated sense of superiority and entitlement. This is plainly not a race issue but a cultural and religio-political issue with its roots in Islam. Islam treats women as worse than livestock and non-Muslim women and girls as worse even than that.

To get back to the subject of the orignial post, there is a huge problem with inbreeding in the Islamic community and this is creating a sub-class of morons and cretins. I did see figures (which I'll dig out later when I have time) that in Denmark the majority of the 'special needs' children in some Danish special schools are the offspring of Islamic cousin-cousin marriages.

Islam is a sub-prime way of life and he effects of such a way of life can be seen in the tragic offspring that islamicly approved cousin-cousin marriages produce.

Muslims in Britain DO need to be slapped down and told what is right and wrong. The problem is those who have the power to do this are all too often appeasers of Islamic 'culture'.

Anonymous said...

They pulled this on the Mail [comments] so, with I hope your kind permission Radders, feel free to pull it - if you deem it to be OTT.

Once more, the authorities ignored the cries and pleas of these poor girls.

The whole apparatus of the so called apparatus of 'social services' failed miserably in their duty of care to these lonely, sad and vulnerable waifs.

Political correctness, the fear of causing offence to certain minority groups overrode and transcended the rights and sensibilities of the charges supposedly under the protection of the council authorities and the Police service.

How can they sleep at night?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Damned by inaction and insensitivity, damned by a political dogma that cannot and is unable to separate duty and compassion from doctrinal cant. In other words, our authorities, the councils, the social services, the justice department and the police were, by their total and callous ineptitude complicit in this heinous abuse.

God damn them all to the eternal inferno.

Anonymous said...

At some point in the fairly near future, a couple of things are going to bite the Islamic community on the arse very hard indeed.

The first one is the inbreeding thing; it is just about possible to carry on a functioning population whilst breeding only inside one clan or tribe, especially if there's a fairly high non-paternity rate (as I would think there would have to be, to prevent these populations not losing genetic diversity and dying out) whereby quite a proportion of births are due to the mother breeding with someone other than her husband. It is not, however, possible to do the same in a European situation, especially not when the opportunities for women to "shop around for genes" are so limited.

The second thing is that Islamic societies value boys above girls. The instant someone develops a cheap and reliable of determining the sex of child a union will produce, Islam will essentially turn into a zombie religion. By this I mean that demographic disaster is inevitable; the religion might well be up and walking about, but it is dead due to the demographic impact of most of its adherents choosing only to have boys.

In the latter case, I have no doubt that several teams in China, America and other places are hard at work to develop just such a bit of biotech, with the aim of exterminating Islam in the near future.

Anonymous said...

These sexual attacks on women are not because of race but because Islam grants Muslim men the right to sow in Infidel territory.

By attacking non-Muslim women, Muslim male asserts hos conquest of Infidel lands, and shows his contempt of the non-Muslim males and society - in their eyes we are so weak we cant even defend our girls, leave alone women.

This happens whenever a Muslim tribe ( in this case Pakistani Muslims) achieve a significant proportion of the population. In Norway and Sweden, non-Muslim women are prey to Arab males. And so on.

Bloggers such as Fjordman have been pointing this out since 2005 and even before.

Number of comments even then.

We have been under attack for over 20 years, and we don't even know it, and they think they smell victory.


Anonymous said...

Another aspect of allowing Muslims into one's country is that they start to wage war on all aspects of society.

Muslims see their role as soldiers of allah, thus waging Jihad in all its forms, is mandatory.

1. Join a proper group (al Qaeda, Muslim brotherhood etc)

2. Many will deliberately not work, as that drains and weakens the Infidel society of money, which they can send to their home country. There, it will be used for waging war (Jihad) on religious minorities.

3. Send money via the mosque. The mosque claims an extra 20% from the Treasury. Some of the total is earmarked for Jihad. It is mandatory.

3. Sexual predation - I've been pointing this out on various blogs for over 12 years

4. Attacks on churches - windows smashed, attempts to burn churches, synagogues and temples. This is common everywhere where there a significant number of Muslims. Attacks on priests is common

France: Priest Attacked by Muslim, Monsignor Denounces Muslims Taking Control of District

Many such attacks in East London.

5. Lone Jihadis. The media and authorities cannot figure out lone Jihadi attacks.They cannot figure that the radicalising ideology is the koran, in all cases lone or group. For them, the terrorist cannot be designated as a terrorist unless he is a fully paid up member of al Qaeda or something.


Anonymous said...

"he was moved by the large number of hideously deformed babies he'd seen who were the result of such relationships."

A brave post Raedwald. There was a C4 or ITV program about this same issue a year or so ago - there are some terrible and tragic cases. I recall they interviewed a 'cleric', who's line was concern about these things was anti Islamic or god's will or some other such tosh.

Be careful, first cousin marriage may soon be extenuating circumstance in rape cases if the liberals have their way.

Fahrenheit211: "It is an Islam issue. There are many other people of South Asian extraction who do not treat non-Asians as dirt .. "

I think that is probably correct. When I first saw the news item on this topic, I thought 'moslem', then I thought, 'that's bad' it could just as easily be Sikhs too, but the point is, it *almost* never is.

10-1 this lot'll be out in four or five years for good behavior?

Anonymous said...

I have known of this sexual predation for a dozen years or more.

It is inconceivable the police did not act, unless they were ordered not to. These attacks took place at a time when New Labour was importing millions of Muslims into the country to change the very face of Britain. So the police were reigned in.

If for nothing else we must be grateful to the Conservatives. The moment they were elected, the cuffs were off the police.

In 30 years we are going to see the real damage that Labour has deliberately visited on the people of the UK.

The question now is, how to reverse the Labour's damage of Britain that even Hitler did not manage.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, stats indicate that 3/4 of moslem converts are female.

Perhaps they've figured out how to address the first cousin degeneracy thing after all.

Yea, I know it's the Sun. But what I want to know is why this female PC is getting paid to go to the Mosque?

Ian Hills said...

I just wish they'd stick to their cousins and leave the white kids alone.

Dave said...

Anyone tried to get any comment on the Muslim/Islamist subject posted in the comments sections of the MSM?? Almost impossible to get by the censors.


Young Mr. Brown said...

" Should we now give serious consideration to banning such relationships in the UK"

A question that I would imagine that many people are asking.

However, I find it astonishing to find the question being asked on a blog which posts a notice declaring itself to be a "Top 25 Libertarian Blog."

No-one who is even marginally libertarian would propose a ban on something that has been permitted in most societies around the world for centuries.

So, if you want my answer, it's "No."

Anonymous said...

Genes really gonewrong

Four men have been given prison sentences in the US state of Minnesota in connection with the recruitment of fighters for a Somali militant group.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

re: male / female in Moslem societies.

There are some numbers ... about the male / female makeup of populations - it is instructive to look at the gender ratios in Moslem countries.

IIRC those numbers don't reflect the natural distribution of gender in your "standard" human population.

There is something unsavory going on that is not unconnected with religious belief.

That is all.

DeeDee99 said...


Immigrants should be required to adopt British laws and customs when they come to live here.

We should make fist cousin marriage illegal and then enforce it.

Immigrants who refuse to adopt British cultural norms are costing this country an absolute fortune in more ways than one. They aren't contributing anything of real value.

We must do whatever is necessary to deter more from coming.

Anonymous said...

It is not just the barbarism perpetrated by the Pakistani incestuous liasons, the subsuming of Britain is ongoing and to deny it is to deny reality.

[...]We must do whatever is necessary to deter more from coming."

They come here knowingly, mainly from Kashmir but also from all over the Pak/Bangla regions because they know Britain is already in the grip of the imams and preachers of that ideological filth - salafism, and the word goes out from Dewsbury to Finsbury.

On University campuses all over the country the hate preachers are feted and university research facilities, buildings and promotion of all things Arab and Islamic goes on unfettered - university, 'guardians' bursers, Dons and boards kneel in supplication.

Then, the proliferation of Mosques in towns like York, Banbury, Newbury - these towns do not have significant Muslim populations but they soon will be - overrun.

Saudi, billions in Gulf money primes this Sunni takeover - ironic is it not that, petro-dollars/pounds enables the takeover. I'm sure this causes no end of amusement for the Sheikhs of Wahabbism.
Meanwhile, in Bucks at Gerrards Cross, a Shia Mosque large enough to enable 1000 adherents to prostrate themselves to the east - is built.
Shia v Sunni battles on British streets? It cannot be far away - because like all over the Arab world - the Gulf financiers of Sunni fundamentalism will not allow any secular democracy in Araby, or peace, or countenance their new British territory to become home to a Shia enclave.
Arab Islamic spring in Britain - it is coming to pass.
Another irony, the Gulf desires the Americans and British to fight their proxy war against the Shia in Syria and yet prosecute the Sunni takeover in the WEST - are our politicians so weak?

You bet they are. I think it is too late to halt.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Just had to share this

Five surgeons from various parts of Australia were discussing who are the best patients to operate on.

The first, from Sydney says, 'I like to see accountants on my operating table because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered.'

The second, from Brisbane responds, 'Yes, but you should try electricians! Everything inside them is colour coded.'

The third surgeon, from Melbourne says, 'No, I really think librarians are the best. Everything inside them is in alphabetical order.'

The fourth surgeon, from Adelaide chimes in: 'You know, I like construction workers. Those guys always understand when you've got a few bits left over.'

But the fifth surgeon, from Perth shut them all up when he observed:

'You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There's no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine..Plus, the head and the ass are interchangeable.'

G. Tingey said...

Anon @ top - YES
It is related ... ower mental process often mean that they (whoever they are) can't tell right from worn easily, at all.

Fahrenheot 211
Almost correct it is a RELIGION issue & islam is a religion ....

Anon @ 10.16 16th May
Ah, someone has spotted that Sunni is worse than Sia (most of the time) the sunni are persecuting & killing far more shia than they are infide3ls (at the moment)... remids one of 16/17th C christianity, actually!

Muhammed PBOH said...

Where are the calls from the Islamic community to have these criminals punished according to Sharia Law? Surely, with the strength of feeling we profess towards our 'Religion of Peace', shouldn't there be a groundswell of Muslim opinion calling for public stoning?

Anonymous said...

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and it is Europe wide

Islam in France - 75,000 rapes per year- Muslims lure girls by phone and complete dhimmitude in the UK

Child sex slave gangs in EVERY city in Britain: Police chief's warning after Oxford grooming horror
15 May 2013 22:00

She said officers identified networks of vile perverts operating between different cities and towns as part of Operation B


Anonymous said...

The Oxford sex ring and the preachers who teach young Muslim men that white girls are cheap

As I've said before, this predation on young non-Muslim girls is not an aberration of Islam, but part and parcel of Islam - the contempt for other religions is shown because this way as they think that allah has given them the right to do so, as victory in theirs by order of allah. So they take women as rightful war booty.


Anonymous said...

PS: Now imams are trying to limit damage by pretending they oppose it. A complete lie (lying is allowed Islam to protect Islam), as the koran and the life of mohammed, supports the taking of young girls as war booty.

Not too long from now we will hear

1. This is not part of Islam but a cultural thing.

2. Islam respects women.

3. Muslims are afrid to go out. A hijab was pulled. ISLAMOPHOBIA. Musoims are the real victims.


Anonymous said...

A commentator at Vlad tries to calculate the numbers involved

Blind Druid says:
May 16, 2013 at 2:29 pm

It’s doing the numbers that bothers me (aside from the vile nature of these gangs). If each gang of six to nine Pakis has a stable of say – ten girls, and each girl services (a conservative estimate) five koranimals per day, that’s fifty per day. That means 18,000 per year, and that’s just ONE gang. If these gangs are operating, as it seems they are, in almost every large city in the U.K. then the clientele in these communities must be availing themselves of underage infidel girls at an astonishing frequency. In other words, the whole male community is involved, and are trying to keep it quiet. To them, it’s like going to the corner store for a quart of milk, except it’s usually the Kebab shop or takeout. Their women know nothing (or maybe they do) but because of their cult, are not allowed to question the males.
I am in Canada, and I am afraid that if it’s happening over there, it’s happening over here as well.
Stop immigration from Muslim countries NOW!

and another by Truthiocity

Its truly frightening. Its not a surprise that the authorities, particularly Labour, wished that this appalling scandal be suppressed.

Anonymous said...

Child Gang-Raped by Muslims in Luton School Toilets
Posted on May 15, 2013 by Baron Bodissey

Update: This report has not yet been independently verified. For further discussion, see this more recent post.

Anonymous said...

The UPDATE is here

Bear in mind that the police and the MSM have been lying for over a decade.

Anonymous said...

It's just islam breeding for stupidity.
Unless they're in it for the money the only way to keep people inside the "religion" is for them to be stupid.

G. Tingey said...

I suggest people look up Charles the Sufferer
( Carlos II of Spain ) for the results of inbreeding!

General Pervey Musharif said...

Perhaps the most worrying thing about 2 Pakistani Muslim cousins marrying is the 100% chance that if they have any children, the children will turn out to be Pakistani Muslims ... unless it is a gay marriage, of course!

Nigel said...

A week with no posts. We are beckoming very concerned for you. Are you OK?