Thursday, 2 May 2013

UKIP for change

The problem of warnings that 'Vote UKIP - get Miliband' have is that people really don't care - most can see little difference between Miliband and Cameron and want neither of them equally. I've said on this blog time and time again that people are hungry for change, that they're not 'apathetic' but fed-up with a political class that has betrayed them. Europe has failed, globalisation has delivered benefits to everyone but the West, Corporations have prospered, the obscenely wealthy have become more so, self-interest and greed characterise all our most senior public servants, MPs scrabble with their snouts for yet more money, third-world standards of electoral distortion are maintained for party advantage, immigration has changed the face of our nation without the people ever having been asked about it, the ancient hills are littered with bloody pointless windmills and still they distort and pervert science for lunatic ideology. 

So No Mr Cameron and No Mr Miliband and No Mr Clegg  I really don't care what UKIP's policy on plastic surgery is, or how their sums on the aggregates levy add up. You see, I loathe you all so very, very much right now that I will vote for anyone to slap hard your silly smug privileged faces. 

And however bad the UKIP candidate may be, they're infinitely better than the alternative slaves of the existing metropolitan political clubs.


Anonymous said...

Vote UKIP: Get a racist MP with ignorance as a specialty.

Anonymous said...

Vote LibLabCon get more of the same lies, troughing, deception and incompetence.

Edward Spalton said...

I am not now a member of UKIP but the main parties were keen to depict the party as racist back in the Nineties when I was chairman of Derby branch. The fact that my colleague, the chairman of Leicester branch, was married to a black lady made not the slightest difference.

Then there is Ken Clarke, the man who invited the fascist leader onto the platform of the Cambridge Conservatives - not once but twice. lLike Clarke, Sir Oswald Mosley was a rabid Europhile. The young Michael Howard resigned and Clarke achieved a Jew-free Conservative association - but solidly pro European.!

Today the EU encourages mass migration as a means to break up "homogenous" nations and has been largely successful in stigmatising opposition to this project of "electing a new people" as racist. Now people are less easily cowed into that silence which gives consent to the process.

DeeDee99 said...

LibLabCON's spin merchants and the MSM fail to understand this Raedwald. Hence we had a Telegram in the DT yesterday, in which Iain Martin and Dave Hodges spent 20 minutes 'discussing UKIP' completely in terms of the effect on the 2 main parties and whether we would 'come home' to the Tories to save Call Me Dave.

Richard North has a nice report today: Surrey County Council - which has raised Council Tax every year of Cameron's so-called freeze - has given the already highly remunerated Chief Exec a £100,000 bonus.

I've put a lot of time in campaigning for UKIP in Surrey and voting UKIP in CON-controlled Surrey is going to be such a pleasure today.

Blue Eyes said...

I respectfully disagree, R. I don't think that many people *are* hungry for substantial change, not really. They may say they are, but when they look at the kind of change that is happening in Spain or Ireland lots of people sigh thank goodness for Britain's stagnation strategy. Not in those terms, obviously.

There is an awful lot to be said for moderacy (if that is a word) and incremental change.

The Tories are nudging in roughly the right direction, attempted reform of the EU to say "we tried" before finally leaving, step-by-step welfare and tax changes, salami-slicing public spending reductions. Not even Saint Margaret got all her bold reforms through in the first parliament.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I don't disagree, R.

There's no difference at all in actual outcomes if you vote for one of the big two-and-a-half: what you will get, regardless of the rhetoric, is more taxes, more immigration, more regulations, more Europe, and more bloody windmills.

I see no point in voting for a party I don't support (the faux-conservatives) because that would "let in" another party that I don't support either. Really, what's the point?

A plague on all their houses.

ANYBODY who's not LibLabCon can have my vote (well not the BNP obviously).

Anonymous said...

Fuck em all, the liblavCons, Clegg is a European shill, Dave doesn't care he has greater ambitions [like Tony] and Marxist scum Miliband minor, hates the British with every fibre of his being.

Councils, Quangos, the whole administration; stuffing their pockets and the pretending to care bullshit, the green agenda of lies and beholden to the bankrupt desperation of the European Kleptocracy.

Pissant comedian and sometimes politician Ken Clarke, over his dead body holds to the ECJ-ECHR and this keeps terrorists in Britain and taking the piss. Leeching public money advised by regiments of HR lawyers paid for by me.
Thus, Ken thinks my rights and my security are of footling importance because the EU project is of far greater import. THEREFORE ACCORDING TO KEN: WE WILL HAVE NO SAY IN THIS IMPOSITION OF ANTIDEMOCRATIC LAW [ECHR], OUR FREEDOMS HAVE BEEN BANISHED, OUR NATION OVERRUN AND THAT'S OK - if that ain't fascist thinking, then please tell me - what is?

Ken - what have we done, why do you want to fuck this country over so much and want it so badly?

UKIP, there is only one choice.

Dr Evil said...

Absolutely suums yup what I feel about the mainstream politicians too. There was no choice. But Lo! Now there is. Excellent :-) I'm voting for guess who today?

opsimath said...

That sums it up pretty well, IMO. Thank you - I agree 100%.

anon 2 said...

Spot on, Raedwald.

Anonymous said...

"The Secret People" have spoken...

Coney Island

G. Tingey said...

With one exception & one caveat I agree wholeheartedly with this.
The caveat is that a lot of UKIP seem "christian" - & I don;t trust ANY religious believers ...
( Which includes communists, of course )
My exception is your comment on "Perverting science" - I suspect I know what you mean, but I'd prefer an explanation.
I'm going to be very tempted, next election.....

Edward Spalton said...


There can scarcely be any science more perverted than that around the global warming swindle which bids fair to put us in the dark, in the cold and out of work - waiting for the wind to blow.

Meanwhile the Russian Arctic stations are reporting and forecasting much lower temperatures. Back in the Seventies the official theory was all for global cooling. Amongst those keen to freeze us then are some of today's hottest warmists - but there's more money in warming - pots of money for the windmill mongers, something for the authorities to tax (CO2) and masses of bureaucratic jobs.

I never thought to see in my lifetime any misdirection of resources more extreme than the Common Agricultural Policy (which also had many beneficiaries of a similar sort) but the global warming swindle dwarfs it entirely.

Sad to say, even some Christians have fallen for this heretical religion. The Church of England even runs a campaign for "Climate Justice" - something which, I think, is rather beyond the power of any mortal man or organisation!

If they had only stuck to scripture, they would have known that the Lord makes his sun to shine upon the just and the unjust person!

Span Ows said...

Anonymous (Coney Island) 08:39

Not yet they haven't but they are heard to be clearing their throats, just enough so the PTB do not quite forget.

G. Tingey said...

E Spalton
GW is real.
The probability of human at least part-cause is well above 95%
We can't afford NOT to do something serious ablut it.

Contrariwise, as I've said before there IS a "GW scam" - perpetrated by guvmint, making lots of noise, raising taxes but not actually, you know DOING ANYTHING USEFUL ABOUT IT.
Which is what is annoying & confusing people.
The science is perfectly sound, but the politicos have fucked up big time.
Why am I not suprised?

Anonymous said...

How real is real ?
In 150 years the temp has risen 0.8 degrees C.
What is real is that many, very many, scientists have their mortgages arranged around continuing grants researching anything that looks financially rewarding. man-made global warming is a very real scam.

Edward Spalton said...

I would recommend the website
which has many links to thoroughly respectable sceptic sites. Nobody denies climate change happens. There is remarkably little evidence that the warming trend continues. In fact, it hasn't for fifteen years.

The evidence that is related to CO2 levels is based entirely on computer models which don't even fit their own parameters and are based on a model of the earth as a DISC (like Terry Pratchett). When they tied to put mountains on the disc, the wind speeds went supersonic.

I attended A conference addressed by Prof Nils Axel Morner (certainly one of the world's leading authorities on sea levels). "The trouble for me, ladies and gentlemen " he said "is that I don't work from computer models but from observation and from observation there is no evidence of any unusual or increasing rise in seal levels."

As a corn merchant, who understands sampling, I found it odd that the number of stations, where temperatures are measured, actually dropped by 50% between 1970 and 2000. Most of those which disappeared were in the higher latitudes and altitudes, the colder places. So temperatures in high altitude Bolivia (for example) are still shown (though not measured) but calculated from the Amazon jungle on one side and the Pacific coastline on another. Until the 1960s most thermometers were not accurate within .5 of a degree anyway.
- and so on.

I mention that I used to be a corn merchant because the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a railway engineer and so I reckon I am as well qualified as he -.