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Friday, 7 June 2013

Luciana Berger - the nauseating face of the political class

Labour blow-in Luciana Berger has been in a spat with one of the local councillors in her Liverpool constituency ("They've found me a safe seat in Liverpool? Where's that? Wasn't that where the Beatles came from?") before she's even been able to remember the major street-names.

Berger of course is the poster-girl for the new breed of political class who are driving voters away from the Labour and Tory parties in droves. Like most of her contemporaries, she was privately educated (Haberdasher Aske's) and from a Labour political dynasty. And no, she's never had a proper job or done a single day's proper work in her life. It was student politics, then a bit of expenses-experience with a health quango before Parliament.

She was screwed into one of  Labour's safe Liverpool seats for the 2010 election by the party's London HQ against local opposition. As Wiki records "In the run-up to the General Election, the Liverpool Echo tested Berger with a four-question quiz on Liverpool life and history. She scored two out of four, not knowing who performed Ferry Cross the Mersey and not recognising the name of former Liverpool F.C. manager, Bill Shankly."

It's Berger and her like that that are worth 10,000 votes each to UKIP and the alternative parties; the sickening and nauseating 'jobs for the boys and girls' nepotism by the dying private clubs of the main parties being truly out of favour with voters.


Anonymous said...

R, you are of course correct in your observations; however, you've missed something. She looks just like Millepede in that picture! Now that *is* nepotism for you :)

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Ah, the irony of the class warriors of norf London's Marxist bien-pensant, going up to Scouserland to represent the untermenschen.
Liverpool encapsulates, everything the London chatterati despise about the proletariat, how it must stick in poor little Lucy's craw.
Anyway girls do it for the Red Flag - yah?
Shanks would have told her, impolitely - to 'go' off back to London.

Lucy, God give me strength - is also the shadow minister for climate change, a subject wherein - she is about as fluent as her Scouse twang.

Anonymous said...

@Coney Island,

It's true - the resemblance is remarkable, gotta be in the blood man.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Shadow minister for climate change?

That's spoiled my whole morning.

These people make me so mad I could spit.

How, why, how long do we put up with this?

* Incoherent with rage *

Robert said...

G. Tingey said...

Well, I can't remember who recorded "Ferry" & I couldn't care less who is "manager" of any poxy football "club", ever.

However, your other criticisms of her (btw shouldn't that be "suck-off" rather than "blow-in"?) & her ilk are only too valid.

It's sad to see a relative of Manny Shinwell, who was, actually, quite a decent bloke, come to this sort of slime, though.

Wildgoose said...

Manny Shinwell wasn't a "decent bloke", he was complete and utter scum.

I'm from Rotherham and he's loathed here. I think the following quote from Wikipedia sums up the character of the man:

"...he presided over the nationalisation of the mining industry. In connection with this he decided to use his powers to compulsorily mine the picturesque grounds of Wentworth Woodhouse, home of former mine owner the Earl FitzWilliam. Shinwell's mine was deliberately planned to go right up to the back door of the earl's baronial home.

This move was severely criticised, including by the local miners themselves (who threatened to strike in an attempt to prevent it), as the quality of coal was very poor, and because Shinwell's actions were perceived as a vindictive act of class warfare.

Unlike most mine owners the philanthropic Fitzwilliam family had for decades made the Wentworth Estate a pleasant haven for all employees. They were welcome to roam the estate in their leisure time, and those in hardship were encouraged to approach the earl for help at any time.

To this day, locals in Wentworth maintain that Shinwell mined the grounds not because he needed to, but because he could. He wished to spite the Fitzwilliams and to emphasize to working class miners that only Socialists could offer legitimate help to the workers."

Anonymous said...

How many of them have ever had a real job? One where they actually run a business,employ people,have to turn a profit.Not the legal profession or been in politics their whole life.
Unfortunately the people of Liverpool would vote for a dog turd with a red flag stuck in it.

Little Miss 4 x 2 said...

Weekend caption comp for Ed's thoughts?

Anonymous said...

@Little Miss 4 x 2

Looking at the expression on Millepede's face, he is saying..

"Well being as you've got my face, can I have your tits?"

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

If the people of Liverool voted for business people, they'd have fuck all to complain not a chance

Tony Harrison said...

Milliband: "Phwoooarhhh... Wavertree? I'd like to wave my tree at her..."

anon 2 said...

Yup -- that was my first reaction too: she looks just like the foreign, communist insect. And, of course, with a name like that, she's not British either, let alone Scouse!!

Are Liverpudlians truly so deaf and blind? Or is there something in the water? Or are the ballot boxes there better rigged than elsewhere?

Thud said...

My fellow scousers are truly idiots...all of them, if not idiots they proved otherwise by leaving my home town at a rate of knots.

mikebravo said...

I saw and heard the odious gobshite on QT a few weeks back.
She was the personification of smug arrogance. PC to the core and the political class representative par excellence.
Why anybody, especially those who consider themselves working class would want to vote for a woman like that to supposedly represent them beats me.
No wonder the country is in such a shit state.

Edward Spalton said...

Manny Shinwell was undoubedly a bruising sort of class warrior but he could learn from experience. I recall him on TV, talking about nationalisation of the coal industry (which had been enacted but not enforced by the pre war (largely Conservative) National Government. In wartime they could not spare the civil servants to work out compensation for the owners).

He said he had never met such a short sighted, bone headed, selfish group as the coal owners - UNTIL HE HAD TO DEAL WITH THE LEADERS OF THE NUM. They just issued their demands - or else! They were only interested in pay ,conditions
etc for their members and would take no constructive role in the planning and management of the newly nationalised industry - and were quite prepared to bring the country to a standstill to get their way.

He had the bad luck to be Minister of Fuel through the appalling winter of 1947 and was sacked. He was later made Minister of Defence and Monty said that he was the most able Minister in that capacity whom he had served.

Whilst the sort of action which Wildgoose mentions is utterly contemptible, it arose from attitudes acquired from early bitter experiences. Today's plastic prepacked pols would only strike an attitude of that sort after a focus group told them it would garner some votes and show how "caring" they were.

Eric said...

I see no-one has mentioned the "J" word here, i.e they're all a bunch of jooz, Marxism is judaism

Anonymous said...

Gramsci was a problem, not all Jews identify with Gramsci, those that do are.

G. Tingey said...

He was later made Minister of Defence ... That was what I was thinking of
A pretty left-wing Labour socialist, who had no time for communism - wasn't he at the MoD when we went into Korea?

Edward Spalton said...

I think you may be right, Greg. I haven't looked it up.

And Ernest Bevin (Not Nye Bevan) was Foreign Minister, another democratic socialist who knew and hated communism.

I am presently in touch with an 89 year old who was a very junior diplomat under Bevin but given unusual responsibility as secretary of the Tripartite conference ( USA/UK/France) on the proposed Coal and Steel Community between France & Germany.

My contact discharged his duty and then resigned his promising career at what was done to let former Nazis off the hook. He rejoined his regiment and went to fight in Korea.