Wednesday, 5 June 2013

So what do they think the EU is?

It's always good to see the beaker people over at the Grauniad running about like puppies every time they discover fire. Today it's Seumas Milne who is granted the rare flashes of insight;
But the real corruption that has eaten into the heart of British public life is the tightening corporate grip on government and public institutions – not just by lobbyists, but by the politicians, civil servants, bankers and corporate advisers who increasingly swap jobs, favours and insider information, and inevitably come to see their interests as mutual and interchangeable. The doors are no longer just revolving but spinning, and the people charged with protecting the public interest are bought and sold with barely a fig leaf of regulation.

 It defies rationality to believe that the prospect of far better paid jobs in the private sector doesn't influence the decisions of ministers and officials – or isn't used by corporations to shape policy. Who can seriously doubt that politicians were encouraged to champion light touch regulation before the crash by the lure and lobbying of the banks, as well as by an overweening ideology?

Britain is now an increasingly corrupt country at its highest levels – not in the sense of directly bribing officials, of course, and it's almost entirely legal. But our public life and democracy is now profoundly compromised by its colonisation. Corporate and financial power have merged into the state.
And what of the European Commission and the European Parliament, where the merger has not only gone further but is increasingly more explicit? A Europe run for the huge corporations by the huge corporations, with national governments bought and sold and free market competition crushed?

Hey ho. Maybe they'll discover a use for the wheel next week.


Anonymous said...

And which newspaper is the vanguard supporting onerous and massive over regulation of the markets, employment and companies - which keeps the bandwagon on the road. Graunida?

G. Tingey said...

So it goes, for all of us, unless we are exceptionally perceptive, or lucky, or geniuses ....

Took me a long time (too long a time) to relise that the EU had gone from a free-movement (he fucking ha - try catching a train to Brussel) zone & free-trade area to full-grown bureaucracy.

So, I know it's Milne & he's a wanker (he can't tell the difference between "religion" & "race" for instance) but, if even he starts to wake up, it's a good sign - don't knock it. (too much)

anon 2 said...

Excellent post, Raedwald. There's nothing new in the gourds of these sons (sobs).

In some cases, they knowingly plagiarise from their historical betters, and twist old techniques to the old self-interests (as with commies taking education over from Christians, who developed and propagated it in the West).

In other cases, they simply don't know how civilisation developed in the first place. As in your flame and wheel; and as in my net-making: they think the Internet is the first network ever - and that Word on a cloud (MS variety) is the Word of all words.

As human beings we're all lacking in the knowledge department - but 'Some are more Lacking than Others.'

Anonymous said...

Does the name "Common Purpose" spring to mind? Or is that just me?

Jon T

john miller said...

All the Guardian stories about Mandelson and Oleg Deripaska were heavily spiced with references to George Osborne to deflect interest from the aluminium tariff-cutting that Mandleson indulged in.

So we know the political slant of this story, too, don't we?

John said...

I wonder if Seamus Milne questioned as closely where Tony Blair is getting his (substantial) fees from these days?

I suspect that would be a very interesting list when placed against those he had contact with when in Government.