Sunday, 16 June 2013

'Someone's got to win the next election'

'Someone's got to win the next election' runs the headline for a Speccie piece by James Forsyth, making the point that even though the electoral prospects of Conservative, Labour and LibDems are equally dire, the 2015 intake of MPs will come from their ranks and a government must be formed.

And this will be the case even if turnout falls to 20%, if only one in five of us bother to vote. Unlike true democracies, our corrupt third world standard electoral quotas (maintained by Labour and the LibDems), widespread and acknowledged electoral fraud and electoral malpractice, which places the UK beyond all European standards of electoral probity, will put an MP into Parliament if two bribed electors and a dog called Bert submit ballots. 

The 2015 ballot is shaping up to be a contest between the UK Political Class and the people of Britain. That neither will score an outright victory is perhaps less important than the watershed that may occur; either the Political Class realises it faces a deep crisis of democratic legitimacy and sacrifices Party for democracy (yes, unlikely isn't it?) or it is effectively abandoned by a population no longer constrained to accede to obedience.


Barnacle Bill said...

My gun dog called Bert tells me August 12th would be a good date for the 2015 election.
Now is he suggesting something?

Anonymous said...

"The people are revolting" - thought the powers that be in Europe, in the US after the second great war of the C20th - the people were blamed in the eyes of the elites of Europe and in Britain too the same thoughts and ideas were echoed.

"What we need is an elective dictatorship" they mused and run from afar by unelected bureaucrats.

That is what we got.

The people will be revolting again - soon.

DeeDee99 said...


The next GE will be between LibLabCON on behalf of The Establishment/EU v UKIP on behalf of the British people.

Abstentions will be high. Whoever forms the Government won't really have a democratic mandate, but that won't stop them imposing their policies on the (probably 80%) of the electorate who didn't vote for them.

tick tock tick tock said...

No British Government has had a mandate. Under our system, far more people vote against whoever is declared the winner.