Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Back to State party funding

The three dying private political parties would just love to be State funded in line with Christopher Kelly's and Hayden Phillips' proposals. They would become permanent Parties of State and assume a constitutional position and legitimacy that they completely lack under current arrangements - yes, any of the three can still be reduced to nothingness merely by the British people casting fewer votes for it. So far the Tories have prevented them all signing up to it - even with LibDem partners gagging for cash and on the verge of bankruptcy. Now the pressure is on from Labour, making the point that the party belongs to the professional metropolitan political class that staffs it and not to the Trade Unions and Co-operative Societies that fund it. 

The fraud and corruption inherent in Kelly and Phillips' proposals are likely to become nakedly apparent in 2015. UKIP are forecast to win a large and substantial share of the popular vote - but if they fail to get two MPs in the house, they get zero funding. The Lib Dems, even if they score a third of the popular vote that UKIP gets, would get £5 a vote so long as they had the minimum two members. And as the funding will always be based on the results of the last election, the incumbent parties will never lose their advantage. 

Both Kelly and Phillips realise their proposals are hugely unpopular with the British people, and for that reason both have denied any choice to the voter on whether parties are funded in their name. If you vote, they fund. And if five million of us choose not to vote in protest, they simply increase the funding per vote by 25%. Under their squalid, third world banana republic crooked little scam of a deal, the three big parties would never lose. 

Party funding is the most important item on our domestic political agenda - and the thieving class are just waiting for the right time to introduce it.  


DeeDee99 said...

What's the betting that Cameron is preparing to offer Miliplonker a deal on Party Funding, as quid pro quo for help in getting gay 'marriage' through the Commons.

It would help weaken the power of the unions, so the CONs stand to gain as well.

And both fear UKIP.

Anonymous said...

"Looking in at the party of elites through the farmhouse window, the common animals can no longer tell which are the pigs and which are the human beings. "

-Animal Farm by George Orwell

Coney Island

G. Tingey said...

Indeed, it all seems like some political nightmare, or at the least A (very) Bad Dream
Please, never mind the comments, though they are good as well - I strongly suggest reading the original blog article ....

Ian Hills said...

MPs would be far better advised to disenfranchise the electorate and pay their parliamentary parties according to their current numbers in the Commons and Lords.

We have let them down for far too long, union members and eurosceptics alike. Time for us to stop throwing the rattle out of the pram - nanny knows best.

(BTW, I like G Tingey's link page)

Ed P said...

They've all been studying vulture behaviour. A few more lost liberties and there will be a permanent party system, with the majority disenfranchised and powerless to ever change it. Follow the gold, which has been moving locations at unprecedented volume.