Monday, 8 July 2013

New Australians eat sashimi

For me, the archetypal Australian is a small, pale, mincing management accountant or HR professional living in London with an expensive gym membership who likes to get back annually for the gay festival, or a humourless fat-arsed administrator married to an Aussie vet also working over here ("Darryl doesn't do small animals") with fantasies of ├╝ber-feminist superiority. Today, Australia is a gay-friendly, social-democratic part of south-east Asia with traces of European culture, a sort of Sweden of the southern hemisphere. As with cannibals with bones in their hair and steaming cooking pots, the beer-swilling Aussie lad in shorts and cut-sleeved shirt is a historic stereotype, no longer recognisable as a parody of the actuality. Except of course to some Twat called Guy Rundle who for some unknown reason the Guardian has permitted to pen a column.  

Guy, sweetie, your 2,000 word winge is thirty years too late. Those Fosters lager blokes are ironic anti-parodies, dear, not stereotypes. Today's Australian has a lisp and likes sashimi for lunch.


Blue Eyes said...

A very weird article, but he seems to be attacking the naivety of "left-liberal Brits" so he gets some plus points for that.

Anonymous said...

Fuck knows what happened, the real Aussie hated the Brits but they fought for us in the World Wars, brave, cussed, tough as old boots.
After the Wars, they got back to hating us all over again, I miss the real Aussies, strewth mate - the world, it ain't the same without you to keep us pommies in our place.

Bondai Bitch said...

I'll open another tinnie and chuck another shrimp on the barbie while I ponder on what you wrote.

Demetrius said...

Heaven forfend. Does this mean that when buying a beer from an Aussie barman I will no longer be routinely short changed?

Elby the Beserk said...

Someone should tell him that he has a horrible growth on this chin.

Ian Hills said...

This is what happens when people vote for their social betters to look after them (aka "social democracy"). They end up exploited, they forget their identities, and they lose their backbone.

Then in pour immigrants with none of these vices, and all hell is let loose. Reminds me of the Ancient Britons, so cosseted and softened up by Roman rule that they forgot where they'd put the woad.

As Hengist and Horsa might have said when the Romans left, "Party time!"

Anonymous said...

Oh Raedwald, how could you descend to such depths from your normal height? Since I discovered your blog I have routinely turned to it with a sense of relaxation, a reasonable read, a sound opinion. Etcetera. But now this. Why? Whatever possessed you? Were you duffed up in the street by some Aussie lads for over-enthusiastically describing the Rugby match? It seems as if you been driven to desperation by something the human race said or did, since you cover a wildish field. "Cannibals with bones..", how about referring to your own family as blue-painted druidic types with steaming cooking pots? "Gay-friendly"? I'm not gay, it's not my thing, but they exist and have rights, including the right not to have their identifier turned into some negative epithet.So I respect that. "Social-democratic"? It's a popular segment of our societies for goodness sake. Included your little piece seems to indicate a level of being quite not-quite-nice political preference. I read the Guardian piece, (thanks for the link, without it I would never have noticed) no need to mention the writer's name, and Ithought it absurd, but then that's the Guardian for you, that is what they do. As for Aussies, I imagine there is a bell curve for them, as for everybody, and your pale, mincing accountant can probably be found somewhere at one of the very narrow ends. But inhabiting the fat middle bit is the majority of Aussies, just like us.
So, come on R., give our Aussie friends a break, friends like this are far too few on the ground to be shredded.

Edward Spalton said...

Having an Australian neighbour of an earlier generation and also being in touch with today's Australian Monarchist League, I think you may be a touch pessimistic Radders.

At least it looks pretty certain that they will kick out their PC pommy bitch prime minister at the next election. (The description was not my own but a fairly mild reflection of some of the opinion with which I am in touch.)

Matt said...

Anonymous, 21:16. Tolerance and acceptance of a personal lifestyle is one thing (and a good one at that), however going out of the way to promote and impose that lifestyle on others is different altogether. I suspect that Raedwald was criticising activities such as "gay pride" parades and "diversity quotas", rather than advocating negative attitudes towards non-heterosexuals.

Sexuality is a personal thing and anything should be acceptable between people capable of consent, in their own private space. However this doesn't mean it is also acceptable for their preferences to be vigorously imposed upon the general public with substantial backing from the authorities.

As for "gay" people having the right to not have their identifier of choice turned into a negative epithet, nobody has the right to control the use of a word - and language constantly evolves and changes. Please remember that the word was appropriated by homosexuals as a self-reference, probably much to the distaste of those who had hitherto used it for its original meaning of bright, happy or cheerful.

I suspect the worst of the new stereotype for Australians comes from Sydney being taken to represent Australia as a whole (especially since a large proportion of young Australians visiting Britain tend to be the fashionable types from that area). London certainly doesn't give a good impression of England either, and some of us practically consider it an independent socialist republic.

The Australian government has been working pretty hard to destroy everything that's good about Australia and ensure that Readwald's stereotypes become universal though... and in that regard England is just the same once again.

Edward Spalton said...


Talking of control of the use of a word, "gay" used to have a lovely innocent meaning. "Courage, gaiety and a quiet mind" were gifts to be valued and prayed for.

The activist "gay" lobby, having achieved this, is now moving on to pervert "marriage", thereby making every dictionary in the world obsolete. This is a profoundly revolutionary act which Mr Cameron supports "because I am a Conservative" - or rather because he is an obedient enforcer of EU and Council of Europe norms.