Monday, 29 July 2013

Still Swamped

It's damned easy to be laid back about immigration in small Suffolk market towns. The gentle burr of the regional dialect on the streets is never broken by barbaric Yoruba invective, and brownish and yellowish faces appear in just perfect proportions, as in a colouring-book on diversity produced by the Ministry of Migration. Here in South-East London we're still swamped. 'Swamped' used to be a no-no expression, but not any more. Here it's Nigerians; elsewhere it's Pakistanis, Chinese or Eastern Europeans. No-one knows quite how many, but they're filling the maternity wards, blocking transport with their buggies, needing dozens of new primary schools. About half of them (according to a Channel 4 / ippr study) work, pay taxes and contribute to GDP. And about half just consume housing, benefits and health care, adding nothing. Overall, GDP is increased - but per-capita GDP remains just the same. There's no real benefit.

Rather than start counting them, the government has hired a transit van with a sign on the back inviting them to go home. It's really not the answer. It's a tacky, clumsy suggestion that immigration is the fault of the immigrants, whom we should blame rather than the political class who are actually responsible. And of the politicians, Labour in particular - the party that betrayed this nation, trashed its people and trampled on its voters when it used open-door immigration as a clumsy, treasonous political tool. For that it must forfeit our votes forever. 


corncrake said...

So very true Raedwald, whilst our political elites try to re-write history to hide their past treason, we must continue to shout from the roof tops nuLabor's betrayal of our once fair country.
I for one whilst I have a breath in my body will remind those around me of the treachery of nuLabor.

DeeDee99 said...

For that it SHOULD forfeit our votes forever, but sadly it won't.

There are plenty of ignorant, white working/welfare class voters who will continue to vote for their own destruction - along with millions of immigrants who consider Labour the Party that best looks after their interests - to give them another opportunity to further ruin the country.

And with the likes of Cameron and the other Eton Rifles running the CONservative Party, it's not really surprising.

What IS surprising is that more of the "thinking" working classes aren't coming over to UKIP in their droves.

Anonymous said...

It was gerrymandering on a colossal scale. Millions of "paid for by the tax-payer" voters allowed to flood in; and sod the consequences.

Then nuLab went in for a lot of traditional electoral boundary gerrymandering as has been the subject of debate on here many times.

Not satisfied that they had that lot in the bag, they performed some pretty nifty finacial gerrymendering; hiring 680,000 additional public sector workers, who of course, will vote for Labour.

What actually does surprise me is that Labour didn't win after all that bias that they had engineered into our electoral system.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

The next time you are waiting patiently to leave or come back to Britain , going through all those checks , ask yourself why they couldn't link your proposed time of absence or duration of stay to give them an accurate picture of immigration in Britain today.
The back of the fag packet method they are using has been exposed and one has to question both why it was instituted and why it is still there.

James Higham said...

It's a tacky, clumsy suggestion that immigration is the fault of the immigrants,

Absolutely but the gap between sane observation and what the govt is doing is Grand Canyonish.

Why is the govt like that?

Anonymous said...

Dear Raedwald

The 'admission' of a mistake over mass immigration, otherwise mass invasion, by our beloved government is a smoke screen to distract us from the next wave of invaders arriving in the maternity wards. They have the advantage of not being 'foreign' but 100% British.

The colonisation of Britain and of England in particular continues to plan, culminating in countrycide. The EU has its own plans for the future of the nine regions which will cease to be known as England.

For a glimpse of our future, review the history of the native Americans.