Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Al Qaeda to complain to Leveson?

It is understood that top Al Qaeda bosses are set to submit a complaint to Lord Leveson in relation to the 'hacking' of their phone conversations, which has led to the closure of British and US embassies across the Middle East. 

'Hacked Off' spokesman Hugh Grant said yesterday "These international terrorists have a perfect right to plot mass destruction and global murder without the Murdoch press repeating every word of what are essentially private conversations. (flick hair, look winsome)"


corncrake said...

They were probably ringing each other to complain about the embassies being closed on the only day they could get all their famillies together for their visa applications.

Anonymous said...

Under their inalienable rights to go about their business in privacy according to human rights legislation, a salafi terrorist spokesman said;

"We whole heartedly support Leveson in its proposed trashing of the free press!"

He went on ominously,

"always before but more so now - we let the Guardian do the talking for us and soon enough the accursed British infidel will have a new identity and changed priorities"

- Moseley and Coogan take note.

Demetrius said...

Surely the time is long overdue for our government to apologise and pay compensation to Germany for the level of surveillance during WW2. There was serious intrusion into the private communications of Herr Adolf Hitler and many of his best friends and their families. Added to that was the disruption to their work and the loss of their jobs. Hugh Grant etc. cannot forgive us for being so careless about it.

Anonymous said...

More like this is simply spin if not a total lie to justify State spying.

James Higham said...

Al Qaeda - Leveson - not so strange bedfellows?

G. Tingey said...

Very funny.

Meanwhile, I strongly urge you - ALL OF YOU to read this:

MI5 have never, ever caught anyone (who mattered) ... very sad, very expensive.
Meanwhile we do have real spies, but the police caught them .....