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Friday, 30 August 2013

The Right Result

Yesterday's parliamentary vote, and the Prime Minister's response, was exactly the right result. 

1. The JIC report was not convincing
2. Even the extract of the legal opinion was too equivocal; it's the law officer's job to set out exactly what the criteria are, not jump to judgement on whether they've been fulfilled
3. Cameron has gained from this, Miliband the 'copper bottomed shit' has lost
4. This is not a surprise to the US as some asinine journos claim; exactly the same doubts prevail in the US - but Obama can ignore them
5. This is not about Syrian dead, it's about Obama's credibility, having told Assad 'Use chemical weapons one more time and we'll give you a smacking'
6. If the UK and US really wanted to hurt Assad personally, they'd hack his and his family's bank accounts and remove the billions he's stolen. Firing cruise missiles at his chemical dumps isn't going to do much.

My unlikely star from yesterday's debate was Egregious George - who spoke with real passion and eloquence. I may not agree with Galloway's content but by God can he make a speech.


Weekend Yachtsman said...


It's surprising how often the parliamentary oddballs are the most eloquent and inspiring speakers. Galloway is one example; Tony Benn and Tam Dalyell are others; from the other side of the gangway Enoch Powell, and I believe in his day Shinwell was pretty impressive too.

It's good that the mother of parliaments has not completely lost her class.

cuffleyburgers said...

Well done Raedwald, you called it exactly right and the mother of parliaments managed to put her glass of gin down, stub out her fag on the antimacassar, drag on the old slippers and haul herself wheezing and spluttering into the correct lobby, and Cameron to his (unexpected) credit promised to abide by the result.

If Blair had had the same wit and gumption many hundreds of fine young men and women would still be alive and in one piece and the British army wouldn't be quite so broke.

slightly surprised and rather pleased.

strawbrick said...

Not so sure about who the "winner" and the "loser".
Cameron did not get what he wanted, so how is he the winner?

corncrake said...

It was the right result for the country, not sure if either Cameroon nor Bananaman can claim victory.
But you can be sure Cameroon wil be doing nothing to upset the EU Gravy Train between now and when he joins it after 2015.

Anonymous said...

1. We don't get the luxury of certainty. It's still obvious what's going on. Are you willing to stand back and let more people be gassed until we're 'sure'?

2. An extract may well be equivocal without the whole being so.

3. It's despicable to seek party-political advantage in the gassing of his own people by a mad dictator.

4. Yes, lots of commentators on the subject are woefully ill-informed.

5. See 3. You should be ashamed to make the claim that anything other than 'Syrian dead' is the important thing to consider here.

6. Hack? That's a meaningless word. If Assad's money is in banks the US can influence, they can simply influence them to hand over his accounts. If not, then the alternative - Hollywood hacking - doesn't actually exist as a real thing.

Dave said...

How much of this result was caused by an internal argument over Camerons overall performance? I reckon a few knives were out to get rid of him in light of the pressure from UKIP?????

Visceral said...

Anonymous you are not only a gutless keyboard warrior but pompus windbag. You ignore actual facts and belive your own bluster and conjecture. Before you gleefully send others to their deaths you might want to consider the following from the previous chemical attack the US UK were wanting to pin on Assad.

... A former Al Qaeda linked terror group leader tells us that they have and have used chems in Syria.

And here a UN official tells us in May the rebels have, and have used chems

And here, American intelligence (oxymoron?) tell us they have no idea who is behind the chems.

Anonymous said...

(a) Syria is nothing to do with us
(b) The more the loons there kill each other, the fewer there are to bother us in the future
(c) Every death is a tragedy for someone else: don't trade tragedies for this country's citizens for tragedies elsewhere

Fausty said...

Entirely agree.

George was excellent on the Max Keizer Show, recently.

He has a new project which requires crowd-funding - which seeks to hold a torch to Blair's @rse. I might even contribute!

Well worth watching. (Starts about halfway through).


JS said...

I doubt that any of the politicians will be given much credit by the general population who made their feelings very clear.
Whatever the bluster I'm sure that many MPs looked at their dwindling electoral vote and chose self-preservation.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cameron got the result he wanted, and these are crocodile tears

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 14:10

I've been thinking likewise. It's quite possible that Cam didn't want to go to war, but found it very difficult to say no to Obama and the military and banking heavies.

He did manage to engineer a coalition, after all.

Anonymous said...

Attacking Syria was a bridge too far for us Britons. Blair had so poisoned the well of politics with his dodgy dossier that no one believed in the "lets go to war" (again) represntations being made to them any more. For once, democracy won the day.

Coney Island

Mike Cunningham said...

The Syrian war is a sad and bloody business, but it is their business; not ours: and we should spend very little time worrying about a truly sensible Parliamentary decision to stay the hell out of a shit-storm, especially when it ain’t our shit!

Anonymous said...

Let Allah sort it out.

G. Tingey said...

I bet Obama is actually very happy.
He does NOT want to be dragged in, but the pro-ultra-Israeli hawks & Rethuglicans want another war - which I doubt they will now get, immediately.

IF however, the UN weapons inspectors return & say:
"It was Assad's thugs wot dun it" then we start again - but, very important but -with a UN mandate ....

Time will tell.

Actually, it has all the potential to turn into a major muslim civil war - shia vs sunni.
How sad for them!

Anon 2 said...

Must say I'm not sure what's going on. That is .... I wonder where the trompe l'oiel begins and where it ends. I don't trust the surface appearance of anything that the political class presents to us.

For example. One possibility is that Cameron and Obama are playing as much chess as the enemy. It might suit some of them to believe that the UK and US are no longer allies.

On the other hand - the euSSR might have commanded that we part company.


Actually the possibilities are endless. The only real likelihood is that none of them care a fraction of a hoot what the indigenous British think. Most of them don't even know that we exist.

Span Ows said...

Agree entirely with Raedwald.

Response to Anonymous strawbrick "Cameron did not get what he wanted, so how is he the winner?"

Because he tried to intervene but was held back by others: whether or not the situation in Syria worsens Cameron is in a win/win as far as the way he has acted.

Peter Ward said...

Just a quick clarification on the term "mother of parliaments". It's not the House of Commons, it's the British (English actually) people: Typical that politicians apply it to their own body rather than recognise they're there as "children" of the true mother.