Monday, 9 September 2013

Germany's UKIP hopes tactics will win votes

Germany's version of UKIP, the AfD or Alternative for Germany party, has reached the same understanding as our domestic party as to the best way to electoral success. Former members of the right-wing parties are banned; former National Democrats absolutely, former Republican Party members subject to a test of their xenophobia. The policy of keeping party images free of skinheads with face-tattoos is allied to the party showing off its academics; Der Spiegel reports that the party is able to find resonance in liberal, middle-class and conservative circles. "Sympathizing with the AfD isn't frowned upon." 

Der Spiegel reports the campaign ads 'are as threatening as a commercial for the local optician. It features outraged, but pleasant-seeming citizens -- a father and his daughter, a newspaper-reading businesswoman and a cyclist -- looking thoughful while asking questions. "Why is all our money going to Greece, instead of being invested in damaged streets and bridges?", one person asks. "Why are pensioners left with an ever-smaller amount of money in their wallets? Who is paying for the debt that our politicians are accruing?", asks another.'

Coming from nowhere, the party now has 10,000 members - and the outside chance of a seat in the Bundestag by the end of the month. 


Anonymous said...

Quite possibly a growing global tide of ordinary people p*ssed off with ordinary politicians. Now all we need is for Senate and Congress to say no to Obama and the tide really will be rolling our way.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe, that, 14% of people of voting age in an advanced nation state would still place a cross next to the communist greens.
There are indeed, many ineffably stupid people living in the Fatherland, most of them will vote for Merkel [Socialist version of] and some for the Greens.
All who vote for the communists should know, Merkel will use the German economy to save the EU le grand projet foundering ship.
That's not democracy, that's a political idiocy.

Dave said...

The Germans have a history of being coerced into whatever it is their leaders want.......

Not so sure we're any better either.

Anonymous said...

Where do the Krauts think their money came from in the first place? The same system that makes Italians, Greek, Spaniards etc think they are rich enough to buy Mercedes, Audis and BMWs floods German industry with jobs, and keeps the Deutschmark-Euro low. Without the Euro, the Hun's motor industry would price itself out of the mass market. Wake up, Herrenvolk, you are working yourself to keep the spics in idle riches, and your own riches are illusory.

Europe is simply fucked.