Friday, 20 September 2013

LibDem Filth and Corruption

Anyone voting for, supporting or God Forbid being a member of the LibDem party is complicit in the vilest and most foul electoral filth and corruption this nation has seen in centuries. Forget the conman Clegg's crocodile tears and theatrical stage hysteria, forget the lying, hypocritical party rhetoric about policy, for this is a criminal cabal without an ounce of morality or social or democratic responsibility, an offensive fart in the face of democracy, and should be wiped from the political history of this nation and its reputation salted. 

40,000 fools, teachers and the simply deeply corrupt and self-interested con-persons who make up this bankrupt and grasping private club should remember, as the Speccie does:-
For decades now the Westminster voting system has been unfair to the Tories. Boundary changes lag population movements, corralling Tories into larger constituencies. As a result, Labour can win on a far smaller share of the vote than the Tories. Tony Blair secured a comfortable majority in 2005 with 35 per cent of the vote, while David Cameron fell short of one with 36 per cent in 2010. Cameron tried to address this imbalance by reducing the number of MPs and equalising constituency sizes, but the Liberal Democrats — aware of the electoral harm this would do to them — killed the idea off.


G. Tingey said...

As an ex-Lem-o-Crat I have to agree with you.
The reason I left, after about 5/6 years as a member, was the realisation that they were exactly the same as "The others" ... corrupt & incompetent.
Why would a natural left-wing tory like me joint he lemocrats, you ask?
Because the tory party had been taken over by the madwoman from Grantham, & the Overton window had moved .....

Elby the Beserk said...

I pointed this out to our LibDem MP, and he didn't take kindly to it. Funny thing, he was really a pretty good constituency MP - until the Coalition.

Nick Drew said...

all true, but it's important to recognise they were always going to renege on the boundary changes undertaking (being the biggest losers from fair boundaries)

So: include in your scorn the Tory coalition negotiators who failed to hatch a strategy for delivering the changes - by far the biggest single political objective at stake in June 2010

Anonymous said...

Yeah, all this argument between and about the LibLabCon is like watching three spacemen arguing over who wears the only pair of sunglasses as their spaceship hurtles toward the sun.

Infantile politicians leading the nation to ruin.

I would say "wake up folks" but I'm afraid it's too late.


Anonymous said...

Turkeys don't vote for Christmas do they? Lib-Dems have had a taste of power for the first time in living memory and they love it and they aren't going to negotiate it away are they?

Budgie said...

Never mind, it will all re-balance when Scotland becomes independent. There will be fewer Lab and Limp-Dims at Westminster then so we can bask in the incompetence of Signori Cameroni to our hearts content.

Anonymous said...

If Scotland votes for independence.
Nothing is guaranteed. The voting would go 70/30 to remain part of the UK at this moment.
Then there is the thorny problem of oil-rig and nuclear plant decommissioning, at a cost of some 70-100 billion UK pounds, which the SNP says the UK should pay for. I'm guessing the UK response to that after separation will be a largish raspberry. Not to worry, whoever gets "in" next election will continue to receive their directions from the UN (via the EU). Who really cares....this country has no chance of ever being truly democratic as long as its politicians are licking the arses of anyone with money (and I'm being kind there, I'm sure they are licking various other parts of their anatomy)