Monday, 30 September 2013

Meanwhile in Austria ...

Austria's electoral system is designed to produce coalition governments, and coalition governments tend to be steady, not very exciting, centre-leftish things and so that's exactly what yesterday's general election delivered. The expected red-black coalition, pro-Europe and mired in corruption scandals, with 50.9% of the vote, will enjoy nine fewer seats in Parliament than before, but looks secure enough. The 'blue' FPO and Canadian maverick Frank Stronach's party - both anti-EU / anti Euro - between them managed to take another 27% of the vote. The figures disguise the real extent in Austria of unease with the EU; the most recent Eurobarometer survey from July 2013 reveals that 55% of Austrians tend not to trust the EU against 35% that tend to trust it. 

And this is about representative of the comments in Kleine Zeitung to a report on Cameron's comments yesterday in relation to 'No' to ever-closer union and a question over the ECHR;
"A very good suggestion by Cameron
One can only hope that the pragmatic behaviour lesson of the British is heard in the EU school.
The EU was in fact not founded so that migrants can play their antisocial criminal mischief in Europe. A "radical renegotiation" of the EU treaties would be imperative for Austria."
Is typical of comments gaining substantial support. 

Slowly but surely opinion against the Behemoth is turning; the question now is time, and which Euro satrapy will be the first to revolt against the Empire. 

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Fausty said...

It is encouraging, but the fight against the EU could take some time yet to bear fruit. There are too many powerful vested interest groups to let it die.

Among them are:

* the corporations, which push their anti-competitive legislation into law via corrupt EU bureaucrats. They have serious money to make and competition to break. They're never going to give up.

* banks, which fund all the lunacy and which profit from debt.

* the USA - or, more accurately, the corporate power structure whose current CEO is Obama. Via the EU, the US gains military co-operation to give more power to the private military corporations, and its corporate behemoths gain by throttling the EU's growth.

It's all about money and power, for which the corporates will stop at nothing.

In the meantime, each of us can do his bit by starving the corporate beast by withdrawing his custom.