Thursday, 19 September 2013

The real time machine

Jump on a District Line train at Mile End if you dare; Multi-Drug resistant TB is prevalent here, and the old Bengali fellow on the next seat is hacking away chronically. The University of London has also found that public transport in East London is likely to be infested by bedbugs, lice and scabies mites - the traditional fellow travellers to squalor, dirt and overcrowding. As those heavy DC motors kick in on your westwards journey the passenger mix will change completely as you reach the City; the cleaners and burger-flippers from the East will alight and the temporary daytime population takes over. 

Half way along your journey the train passes Westminster, cradle of the world's democracy and now a tourist venue to rival Disneyworld, even complete with costumed actors pretending to be actual representatives of the British people. Fifty-four minutes later you'll be in leafy green Richmond as the gentle broad Thames flows languidly through flower flecked meadows. Fifty four minutes and about a hundred years; women in Richmond live to around 72 years of age, whilst in Mile End they're in their shrouds by 54. Fifteen miles and about a century's difference in life expectancy. In Mile End it's still 1913. 

This has nothing to do with lack of Socialism - it's all down to immigration. If the population of Tower Hamlets now were descended  wholly from those who were left there in 1945 there would be little difference -  a bit but not much - between them and those in Richmond. No, the stark differences in life expectancy are due to the fact that sick, old first-generation immigrants are crowded into the slums and tenements of Tower Hamlets; they were already sick and dying when they got here, bringing a thousand diseases and chronic health conditions beyond the capacity of any amount of NHS care to reverse.  

And as they're here as a direct result of Labour's open-door immigration policy, I don't want to hear a peep from Mister Ed.


DeeDee99 said...

Mr Ed - in fact no-one in the Labour Party - has the moral decency to STFU about what it did to this country between the years 1997-2010 and what it will do again, if people are stupid enough to vote them into Office again in 2015.

They deliberately imported poverty and disease, because along with the 'problems' which we now have to deal with, they imported votes.

G. Tingey said...

Always been like that ...
My Huguenot ancestors came there after 1685 ... the jews, fleeing Tsarist persecutions in two waves (Mid C-19th & about 1900) then others, now the Begalis, who are slowly moving out, now .... Oh, and Irish, of course, especially in the years after 1848.

Except it backfired, didn't it & they have the delightful Mr Lutfur Rahman in charge, instead, oops.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Greg, my Huguenot ancestors did the same, and my father's famiy were still there (Wanstead and Leytonstone rather than Mile End, but it's fine distinction) just two generations back.

But I don't think they were ever like that; refugees they were, but skilled professional ones who contributed to society from Day One. And there were never more than a passing minority amongst the indiginous population.

What's happening now is different in kind as well as in scale.

Anonymous said...

New Labour, New Britain.

Seriously though there are now over 240 areas (borough size and above), in England, with no English population whatsoever.

That little factoid comes not from research done in the UK, but in France. Our own government could not give a flying fuck what is happening to us.

I once (1984) stood before the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge with the rest of my unit, and thanked my Uncle for the life he gave for his England, in 1944.

I would be too ashamed to do that today. Sorry Fred.


Demetrius said...

What is not appreciated is that many in the East End are of functioning extended families. So once here and settled they bring in their sick relatives of various degrees to be treated by the NHS. Morally and ethically praiseworthy conduct perhaps but why did nobody ever realise that this was not just possible but certain?

Anonymous said...

Its as bad in the north. Try driving through (be advised not to park or walk) any northern ex mill-town, like Bradford, Rochdale, Leeds, etc. You might as well be walking through a Lahore slum. Thankfully my home town is Chester and we really aren't infested with multi-kulti bollox.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

"Its as bad in the north. Try driving through (be advised not to park or walk) any northern ex mill-town, like Bradford, Rochdale, Leeds, etc. You might as well be walking through a Lahore slum. Thankfully my home town is Chester and we really aren't infested with multi-kulti bollox."

Mathew Parris, writing in the Times t'other week reckoned the current total population of Britain is shy by approx 5 million when compared to the official census figures, actually - Parris is short of about 5 million more.

I live near many of those [northern] towns, one of which was until 2002 was a 'white town'. 11 years later, with an induction centre, Labour's plan to move 'em out of London and with some very crafty social engineering - all the social housing went to Af-Pak-Bangl-Indians and the Poles of course and now in the town the game is to 'spot the Brit' - where TF did or do they all go to?

This is demographic wipeout, ethnic removal on a vast scale, honestly the upheaval is monumental - and all it in the space of half a generation FFS.

Labour kicked it off, the libCons are doing nothing about it and still they pour in.
Birth rates are bonkers [thanks in no small part to limitless child benefits], the hospitals, natal wards are full of young brown kids and the rest by wheezing old brown men and women - and we are looking at ±75 million by 2020, not 2050 at the authorities guess.

lilith said...

I used to like Tower Hamlets..I lived there for 5 years and after that my sister lived there so I kept going back. A fab Indian supermarket with excellent cheap spices, lentils and everything else you could want. Bengali neighbours who were polite and industrious, whose kids were lively and chatty and very occasionally set fire to the rubbish skip. I always felt safe walking home at night. You could never get a doctors appointment even back then (80's), and if you did, the doctor suggested Jesus as a remedy. (I bet he's not working there now.) In my innocence I never questioned the placement of the Mosque opposite Blooms and at the exit of the City. The blokes drove cabs or worked with their wives on sewing machines. When their kids grew up they started taking heroin (you only need so many minicabs)and having cleaned up and found Allah, now they are going round the borough telling white people to get out, and brown women to cover themselves.

lilith said...

Hahaahhh just noticed your Guardian ad :-)

G. Tingey said...

Anonymous Steve @ 14.17 / 19/09/13
Don’t believe you, at all.
For that to be true ALL of the populations of (at the very least) Tiower Hamlets & lower Leytonstone & W Bridgeford would have to be non-Brit.
Someone, somewhere is lying, OR, something has been seriously lost in translation. IF someone were to say a “WARD” then I might believe you … just, but not a whole borough …..

TrT said...

I'm in my late twenties, males I went to school with have been on disability for a decade.
They left school, decided they didnt like work, and went to the doctors every few days with back pain until the doctor gave up and signed them off.

After a decade of watching jeremy kyle whilst eating last nights microwaved takeaway sat in a comfy chair, its possible most of them have destroyed their bodies.

"Healthy" is an opinion, dead, is a fact.

Anonymous said...

On BBC news yesterday Newham in East London White population 17%

Anonymous said...

G. Tingey said @ 08.24

'Don't believe you, at all.'

The figures I quoted are for the whole of England.

I'm not a 'Brit' you see, Mr T I N G E Y, my identity is non-political and pre-dates the Union.


Anonymous said...

I see we got the Irish potato famine thrown in. Hmmm. In around 1845 they were a small, but significant part of the UK with over 100 MPs out of parliament's 700. When the spuds ran out, they came to England for work, or went to Canada and thus into the US. They were free to go.
In the US (God Bless America) slavery hadn't been abolished, and wouldn't be for 2 decades more (possibly over a century in some respects). Perhaps we should see the new film 12 years a slave. That wasn't happening in Ireland, but in Paradise. As to what it was like anywhere else at that time, I suggest reading Walter's My Secret Life or (a decade earlier) Les Miserables.
The East End might be 1913, but thankfully it isn't 1813. Still, the bastards shouldn't be here in such numbers, and the Labour miscreants should be suitably punished (my suggestions cannot be published).

Blue Eyes said...

The most anti-immigration people I know are a family of former-Kenyan asians. Our immigration system was originally designed to welcome people like the Hugenots, Kenyan and Ugandan asians, Russian intellectuals and the rest. We still welcome such people. What we do not seem to be very good at is keeping out people who have no reason to be here.

A very simple solution is to reform the welfare system so that nobody gets nada until they've paid taxes for five years, including anyone born in the UK. Even then benefits should be strictly time-limited. Welfare is supposed to be emergency short-term aid, not a basic minimum living standard for anyone who fancies that.

Oh, and compulsory health screening at the border. Anyone with communicable disease gets to go to quarantine or back on the plane from whence they came.

I am actually pro-immigration, but as you say R not just any old decrepit burden on the PBT.