Saturday, 12 October 2013


Nothing from me, but do settle down with a drink of your choice to Ambrose's magnificent apology;
"I apologise personally to Mr Schäuble for calling him a dangerous mediocrity: arrogant, shallow, narrow-minded, provincial, and unscientific in equal degree. This was shockingly rude. It brings shame to Fleet Street."


Ian Hills said...

But his sarcasm could still see him being carried off in the middle of the night and shot, after the next treaty revision.

Anonymous said...

Ever so often I need a punch in the face to remind me of how awful the EU is. AP's article supplied it.

@IH. Hyperbole of course but, well, it does make you think doesn't it? Where does this mess all end up?


Anonymous said...

My wife wondered if Schauble's arm was wont to shoot up uncontrollably...
Thanks for the link - I had missed