Friday, 25 October 2013

Merkel wants to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds

More than any other European leader, and largely unnoticed in the UK, Merkel has moved Germany from a wholly compliant NATO member to an equivocal bridge between Europe and Russia. Sometimes she swings behind Putin, denying German air freighters, tarmac and logistics to Britain and the US. Sometimes (as with Afghanistan) she swings Germany behind her NATO allies. She wants to both run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. 

And as long as Putin's and Russia's communications are legitimate to intercept then so must be all of his allies, however temporary. That includes Merkel. Obama may have declared clearly that the US no longer monitors Merkel's phone traffic - but he didn't make the same declaration for GCHQ. 

For once, Boy Cameron should just keep his mouth shut and refuse to comment. Knowing what's going on in Berlin and Paris as well as Brussels is vital to the UK's interests.


Anonymous said...

And of course....

If she's done nothing wrong, she has nothing to fear!

Just like the rest of us...:)

G. Tingey said...

There's only Poland between Russia & her - & she's an ex-Ossie.
Of course she wants to hedge her bets, especially since the shenanigans started under Shrub (Bush II) of spying on everyone have come to light.
NOT an easy path to tread.

Nick Drew said...

yes - and one understands Merkel is a russophile on a cultural level (which isn't difficult, there's a genuine depth of culture there to be studied and loved)

but that's just the latest twist to a long-running love-hate relationship between DE and RU

the most tangible manifestation of which is the decades of import of natural gas for hard currency - the lifeblood of the relationship

Anonymous said...

Yesterday Thursday I did a post on this in its way. But the Russian and German thing is driven by Gazprom and energy matters.

Sean O'Hare said...

Well said Raedwald!!

Most bloggers seem to have taken the side of those that through ignorance or malice are attempting to neuter the effectiveness of the UK and USA security services.

Johnm said...

The security services seem to mainly practice their black arts on their own people. Which is ok, because protecting the state is one of their core services.
It is always fun to watch things do the US considering some Chinese/Korean companies as antagonists and looking for hidden firmware in their products, while US corporation went to considerable lengths to build backdoors into their products to accommodate security service needs.
The only things the Snowden information has change id that other governments are now out in the open about the snooping, because they must surely have known about it since their own security services have been doing the same, much of the time in cahoots with the NSA, and that snake in the grass, GCHQ (hardly a surprise anyway, because the NSA/RAF/GCHQ ran a large surveillance operation in the UK for decades, and probably still do but at different locations).
It won't have bothered arab terrorists because they assumed, correctly, that any electronic devices were bugged and shunned them.
Personally, I now look twice under the bed at night, and then say goodnight into my mobile phone...while typing ###K ##F on my keyboard......

Thud said...

It's a tough world out there and I'm happy that somebody is paying attention to those that may mean us harm.