Sunday, 13 October 2013

Tory Filth, Lies and Corruption

A week ago I wrote, not to critical acclaim elsewhere, under the title 'Tories snub Sid for Tarquin'. Well, I stand not only proven right but even more convinced that Cameron's bent administration is riddled with the stench of nepotism and corruption and the sooner it falls the better. I wrote:

" No. The privatisation is being run by Cameron and Osborne's chums Goldman Sachs, whose brokers will fund their yachts and grouse-shoots from the fat fees. And they've decided that the benefits of the privatisation should be restricted to their chums - bankers, large multinational corporations and the like. So they've restricted the sale of 70% of the RM shares to the Tarquin list - leaving Sid to scrabble about for the remaining 30%. It's like a slap in the face with a wet fish for popular capitalism and a gift for Miliband." 

And although the Sids were restricted to the 30% of shares and had their bids all knocked down to £750 each, with those wanting over £10,000 getting nothing, the same rules clearly didn't apply to those applying for over £1,000,000 of the reserved 'Tarquin' 70%. Now the Telegraph tells us;
Lansdowne Partners, one of the world's biggest hedge funds, has invested in Royal Mail and is said to have a £50million stake in the company. After a day of frantic trading the value of its shares has risen by £18million. Peter Davies, Lansdowne's co-head of developed markets strategy and a member of the hedge fund's management committee, has been friends with the Chancellor since they met at Oxford University. Mr Osborne chose Mr Davies to be his best man when he married Frances Howell in 1998 at St Margaret's Church, next to Westminster Abbey.
So the filthy Tarquins clean up whilst the small trader or retiring professional with just a few tens of thousands to invest gets shat on. If there were ever proof that Cameron hates the middle classes, this is it. 

Give me Farage and all his faults any day rather than those overblown corrupt nepotistic lying Stupid Boys. 


Anonymous said...

Yes Farage is the most Thatcher like politician since Thatcher... Thatcher loved the "middle" classes.

He is far more socially liberal than her though...

It's why the conservatives hate him so much... It's why those late Victorian Labour lefties hate him so much and its why the essentially communist/corporatist EU hates him so much.

However Raedwald...

"A Farage is not just for Christmas!"

It needs to be looked after and cosseted long after the EP and local government elections... It needs a dose of your love in 2015 too!

Vote UKIP and keep doing it!

Bill Sikes' Dog said...

I'm just surprised that 'Dilatory Dave ' has the intelligence to be so devious .

Demetrius said...

You mentioned Hedge Funds, today I did as well in another context, under The Times They Are A'Changing. That they have done well out of the Royal Mail is not good news at all.

G. Tingey said...

The madwoman from Grantham was a total shit.
Farge, isn't - AND he is attracting "old-labour" voters, who loathe the EU with a deep fervency, that you, funnily, never hear about .....
[ Hint - they tend to be people like allotment-holders, & others who've had their lives/hobbies crapped-on from on high by the Berlaymont ]

Budgie said...

Overheard at the local Labour Party Allotment Holders Association: "Yer, rite, innit, vat madwoman from the Tory snobs posh district of Grantham in Lunnon, like where all the posh knobs hang out - har, har handbags, geddit? rite? well I sed to 'er, I sed, like ure a total shit!! yer I did that, innit. Us allortnemt 'olders we'se gonna stick up fer oursels cos the toffs like vat Fatcher who took us into the EU and shat on us wurkers will just crap-on us from on high by the Berlaymont. Innit."