Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Ahem. I think that Kokoschka is mine.

Despite there being a 30 year statute of limitations In Germany for the return of 'looted' art works, potential owners are being urged to look at photos published later today of the hoard found at an apartment in Munich; "If people see photographs of listed works, it may prompt memories of things that belonged to their relatives".

I can confirm now, and herewith stake my claim, to such memory. The work in question will be one by Oscar Kokoschka and I remember vividly how my great uncle Samuel described it as signed 'OK', which must have made it unique and easy to identify. Other businessmen in Berlin used to pay Uncle Samuel insurance premiums to prevent their warehouses catching fire, so he must have been very talented in that skill. Apparently one business owner was short of cash one month, and begged Samuel to accept a poor daub by an unknown artist as security. It was unfortunate that Uncle Samuel's ability to detect commercial fires failed him on that occasion - perhaps he had a head-cold - for the poor art lover's warehouse burned down completely.

Samuel's only crime was to neglect to pay tax on the considerable 'legal' profit of his sausage factory, making Kosher 'Berliner' sausage for Berlin's Jewish community. Many in our family believe that when Mr Kennedy declared himself to be this type of sausage it was in tribute to Uncle Samuel. The Nazis seized his goods 'in lieu' of unpaid tax before he had a chance to smuggle them out. Samuel was left a refugee in England, Scotland and Portugal, with hardly anything left to his name except the house in Shepherd Market, the estate in Ullapool and the villa on the Algarve. After a misunderstanding as to his liability for income tax in the UK, Samuel spent a great deal of time in the Algarve, where he was great friends with a Mr Salazar. 

So when a photo is published later today of a Kokoschka signed 'OK' it's mine, OK?   


Nick Drew said...

a most compelling case, Herr Raedwald

und I sink that vhen our discussions with your David Cameron are complete on zer subject of your liddle subsidy for a new French nuclear power plant in zer lovely county of Somerset, ve may look at it again

in zer meantime, all requests from England are put in zer large pile over there

by zer way, Herr Raedwald, all your compatriots seem to be claiming zer Portrait of zer Fallen Madonna mitt zer Big Boobies - are you sure she does not belong to you as vell ?

Ian Hills said...

"Raedwald family responsible for world sausage conspiracy" claims Stormfront.