Friday, 1 November 2013

EU loses UK business support

Forget the global corporations which have little to do with free trade and open market capitalism and which are hand-in-glove with the Statist federasts of Berlaymont. Much loved by Cameron and his ilk, they are as much a danger to us all as Jihadist terrorists - a greater danger, in fact. Britain's true commercial strength and entrepreneurship lies with businesses and trades looking to have to do with other businesses and trades beyond these shores. For nigh five hundred years have such persons looked outwards from our jewel of an island to lands across the globe, and today they are doing the same. 

Real businesses are waking up to the fact that the EU as a commercial market, with its mega pharma and global conglomerates in bed with international finance and a debased and corrupt political class, is dying. There's still good bread and butter business in the EU, but the rest of the world offers the prospect of jam. BRIC may be over-rated and past their peak but our Commonwealth partners - largely anglophone, and many with systems of law and governance originating in Westminster (and a few now offering far greater standards of probity, good stewardship and transparency than the Mother, to our great shame) - are an untapped lode. 

Every time the boss of ICI, or BP or Glaxo Smith Kline or Monsanto appears on the BBC to tell us how fantastic and essential the EU is to the UK, remember that both they and the BBC are just compliant puppets of the Empire. They're lying out of greed and self-interest. The latest YouGov poll taken from a far broader section of UK business paints a very different story; overwhelming support for a repatriation of powers in practically all areas, overwhelming support for a referendum and overwhelming advocacy of a trade focus away from the EU and towards the rest of the world. Even the grass roots membership of the CBI is at odds with the organisation's Federast bosses. ICI is really Akzo-Nobel and Sir John Harvey Jones has Hans Wijers' hand up his jumper working the levers.

The sides are shaping up nicely for 2014. With the working public and British business now firmly in the 'Better Off Out' camp, we lack just a few senior military officers warning of the dangers to the UK's defence and security from the EU opening a door to foreign espionage and from reliance on EU defence assets.  


Nick Drew said...

In this context it is interesting to see Osborne going hell-for-leather to bring Chinese and Islamic banking business to the City

as discussed here, it is a classic British retort to the green-eyed bankers of Frankfurt + New York, who'd love to topple the City but don't have the 'flexibility' to pull strokes like devious, mercenary old Britannia

as you imply, India is another great playground

but I have a feeling there are many who will view this as the basest prostitution (and others who will be very keen to portray it as such)

but hey, it's what will happen if EC and US regulators try to put the squeeze on London

Anonymous said...

You post * they are as much a danger to us all as Jihadist terrorists - a greater danger, in fact* If you truly believe that you obviously need to research the history and ideology of islam. I assume that was an off the cuff comment, if not? you are seriously delusional.

Raedwald said...

Anon: Economic damage caused by 7/7 - a few tens of millions; long term economic damage caused by global corps - many scores of billions.

We can shrug off any amount of terrorist incidents and still thrive, but if we're choked by the globals we're dead.

FrankS said...

Another great reader offer - can't wait for the next one!

Anonymous said...

Dear Raedwald

Colour me pedantic, but Sir John Harvey-Jones died in 2008.

Hans Wijers would have difficulty putting his hand up Sir John's jumper, unless he were dead too.

Roll on 2014 - I share your optimism.


visc said...

As to the comment on Islamic terrorism, vs global corps:
I would go even further and say that the effect of the global corps affects the very fabric of our existence and not for the better. Islamic terrorism is a shiny sideshow for our distraction and somebody elses control and profit.

G. Tingey said...

Shengen - IN

Budgie said...

Raedwald - as you say we are already moving business to the rest of the world. The opening of the new London Gateway deep water port to the largest container ships in the world (ongoing) demonstrates this changing outlook.