Monday, 18 November 2013

Ignorance *and* hypocrisy? That'll be the 'Guardian'

Younge reads from the script
Super-sized leftie apologist Gary Younge writes this morning in the Guardian that all the folk living in Sheffield are completely wrong about the Roma and that Blunkett and Clegg are talking out of their arses. 

Younge of course, who lives in an exclusive Chicago suburb with his wife Tara Mack and his son, Osceola*, who has lived in the US since 2011, neglects to mention ever having seen an actual Roma in the UK himself, or the date of his last visit, if ever he's made one, to Sheffield. 

But then the Guardian has never let the reality get in the way of an editorial position.  

*Osceola? What sort of faffing name is Osceola? It sounds like a budget brand of cooking oil.


Anonymous said...

It will be fun to see how the Guardian are going to twist and turn over which minority they think are right when the violence starts-Pakistanis or Roma? They will probably blame Maggie or the police-or both!

Anonymous said...

Pat Condell absolutely nails this in his video about liberal racism - the racism of "Low Expectations"

Why the fuckity fuck do muslims, roma, etc etc not get held to same standards as whitey?

If the white working class treated their women like the Muslims, the Guardian would have a meltdown.

Similarly if the white working class just wandered their neighbourhoods brazenly stealing anything not nailed down, the Guardian would be all over it blaming Thatcher probably.

I thought the equality meant treating everyone the same? Stupid me egh. I should have realised a long time ago that "equality" actually meant hierarchy - with the Roma at the bottom with no one expecting them to bloody help themselves and not destroy their own housing for firewood...

Katabasis said...

If Gary Younge had ever spent any length of time in Sheffield he would know one of the primary reasons people would be concerned is because of South Yorkshire police. Another piece in the Guardian had a quote in it that stood head and shoulders above everything else for me on this issue:

"First time I've ever seen them even get out of their car," said Fatima. "Usually the police just drive past. It's probably because the media is here."


Got that? Well what do you expect from one of the most cowardly, useless and incompetent police farces on the planet? One whose top Commandante jobsworths give themselves superhero names like "The Sheriff" and "Rhino". No, really.

We've got deep cultural issues of our own to address before we even start worrying about importing fresh hostile cultures...

Anonymous said...

Katabasis @ 13:17:

'We've got deep cultural issues of our own to address before we even start worrying about importing fresh hostile cultures...'

The words 'straw' and 'camel' and 'back' come to mind.


anon 2 said...

'Osceola' was (before the times) a multicultural leader of the Seminole Indians (Florida).

I'm noticing something else about modern Americans, too. They have deeply stereotypical ideas about the British, whom they think they know and understand --- but most of them have never been to Britain, nor they even identify British speech. However, they presume to write books about us, and to put out programs like this one.

We're each individually responsible for slavery, too, don't forget! It must be terrible, as a result, to be sitting pretty in Chicago --or the White House. We really should sympathise, if we had the faintest idea what it's like to be an American.

Katabasis said...

"The words 'straw' and 'camel' and 'back' come to mind."

- I don't disagree Steve.

One of the aspects of this particular story I see repeated again and again is the absence of the police who, it seems, can't even enforce a 9pm curfew for under 16s (watch what you say on Twitter though).

It's a classic example of 'Anarcho-Tyranny', which seems to have come to dominate our land - which is, as Borepatch defines it:

"when the State stops enforcing important laws and regulations (leading to anarchy) but cracks down on petty offenses (that's the tyranny)"

Brightside Bob said...

I have been an on/off resident of that part of Sheffield for the past 30 years.

In that time I have observed the Pakistani 'Community' establish itself by 'persuading' English shopkeepers to sell up.

To hear said 'Community' now bleating about the Roma, well, you'd have to have a heart of stone & all that...

Anonymous said...

Got them 'round here (Roma)
A bit wary of toilets, preferring to deposit the waste in the street.
Notably wary of paying at s/marts.