Thursday, 14 November 2013

Roma and Sinti crims will make votes for UKIP

David Blunkett says there are 200,000 Roma here already - with a fair number in Sheffield. The local Asian population are mounting 'counselling' patrols to teach them not to defaecate in the street or steal the street furniture. If Blunkett is trying to recapture votes for Labour - the same labour that opened the gates wide in the first place, and changed the face of Britain for ever - he's as much of an incompetent and ignorant fantasist now as he was in office. 

Many of Sheffield's Asians must now be contemplating voting for UKIP next May. And if tens of thousands of new migrants from eastern Europe arrive next Spring, each one will gift UKIP at least another vote.

The UK is not the only favoured destination of the Roma and Sinti; a German eBay seller recently included this poignant comment in his item description:-

"Romanian burglar gangs (grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and children) currently drive around the area. The papers say their poverty must be understood if one is broken into. I wonder therefore if I should leave the door open so they don't have to work too hard. If I am robbed I have nothing to offer here. Bid now and act before the Romanians do."


G. Tingey said...

I find the comments that the Asian-descended, err.. "community" suddenly closing ranks with the longer-term native Brits, against the Roma ...
Highly amusing, shall we say?

Though anti-Roma feeling & sentiment is not, & never has been confined to pink-skinned "western" Europeans.

The Roma are regarded as a cursed people, by many form what used to be called "India"
[ Modern-day India, Pakistan & even Afghanistan as well. ]

I wonder why that might be?

Anton Diffring said...

G.Tingey: maybe it's because they have a criminal culture. This goes against the fundamental beliefs of the Guardian-reading classes, of course, but so what. Anywhere in Europe one goes, people despise and dislike the Roma/Sinti. I experienced serious theft some years ago in France - there was a Roma encampment nearby and everyone I spoke to, including the police, said firmly Roma would have been the culprits since they had very solidly established local form. That there should already be thousands of them here is bad enough and reflects extreme discredit on government: if and when thousands more arrive, it might prove an interesting watershed.

Anonymous said...

I just cannot believe my good fortune in listening to Blunkett delivering his own cut down version of the Enoch Powell's "rivers of blood" speech, God, I have waited decades for this. May the fight-back begin!

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Dear Raedwald

I fear that Mr Blunkett's comments are merely part of the continuing efforts of our multiple beloved governments to distract us from the reality we face. The 'admissions' of 'mistakes' over mass immigration and the claim that it was done to rub the Tories' collective nose serve to divert our attention from the fact that immigrant births are now approaching the sort of numbers of immigrants they are apologising for. But these immigrants are 'British' through and through, no matter that they are born in one of the many colonies growing in our midst.

Meanwhile mass immigration hasn't abated much, if at all: the government's focusing on 'net immigration' hides the influx of foreigners behind an exodus of Britons who can see the writing on the wall.

The now not so long term plan of the destruction of Britain and England in particular is continuing. If we ever do anything that might jeopardise that process, we are already hosting enough immigrants with no allegiance to Britain, and often antagonism towards their hosts that whatever foreign powers that may wish us harm - EU, UN or the emergent Soviet Union of America - can foment insurgencies within this country to facility regime change to something more compliant to their needs. The insurgencies do not need to be by or against the native population. There is sufficient antagonism between the various colonists to provide scope for inter-colonist strife, especially where the swelling colonies collide.

Get out while you can.


Anonymous said...

PS I hadn't read this post before I wrote the above:

Time may be running out faster than I thought.

How long before every city has its Troubles?