Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Disgrace that is Blair

Blair's presence at the annual Cenotaph ceremony divides the nation into those silently appalled that he has the bare-faced gall to attend and those who shout at the telly in rage at the inappropriateness of his presence. This year the BBC cameras carefully avoided broadcasting any medium or close shots containing Blair's treasonous face; he appeared only in long-shot, visible only in the back row to those who knew he was there. A small thing, but a sign that even his favourite tame broadcaster has now assigned him the status of a leprous paedophile. 

Today the Mail and the Observer are united in their loathing of Blair and longing for justice; Henry Porter writes under the strap "No more evasion and prevarication – Britain's elite must be held to account (The blocking of the Chilcot report underlines how the powerful shield their activities from the public)" calling for Jack Straw and Alastair Campbell to share the dock with Blair. Peter Hitchens calls for much the same thing;
"The Chilcot Inquiry, which ought at least to have shown Blair publicly for what he is, is stalled, perhaps forever. It seems it may never report properly. This is because British officials are blocking the release of documents recording exchanges between Blair and ex-President George W. Bush.

We are now being told this is the Americans’ fault. Perhaps it really is. But why are the men who actually created these wars allowed to hide their private conversations, when the unwise remarks of sergeants and privates can be used in evidence against them, to fling them into jail?

The next time you see Mr Blair wearing a poppy, or see any politician simpering about our ‘wonderful Armed Forces’, remember this. Those who did Blair’s bidding end up dead or maimed, or on trial, ruined and in prison cells. He remains whole, at liberty and rich."


Anonymous said...

He thought he could escape, that it was easy! All he had to do was to embrace God and repent, so simple, a synch.
Conversion didn't help! Justly it added an infinite weight to the burden, it bought him quicker to self examination and he did not like that which was reflected.

He knows now, Blair's space has been allocated, and it's a long cold purgatory followed by a warm reception and immolation in the eternal fires of damnation.

It's in his eyes, he knows it, he's just a shell, the carrion vultures of sin and guilt gorge deep upon and rend his soul everyday, every hour, every minute and second of the paltry time still allotted in this temporal plane.

You see, even for the Walter Mitty of British politics there was no escape eventually, now there will be a reckoning and it will be harsh, very, very harsh.

God will judge us all, I know, he sees me also.

DeeDee99 said...

As Mr Blair hasn't been called to account for his actions in any Court of Law anywhere I hope that someone, somewhere there is a Jackal who takes aim and is successful.

The imperative now is to keep the sons of the bastards who lied and took us to war OUT of Parliament.

We really don't need or deserve Euan Blair or Will Straw in Westminster, both of whom are to be gifted safe seats.

I hope the tribal Labour voters wake up and understand what they are doing when they mark their X on the paper.

Mr Ecks said...

Much as I hate Bliar--you don't go to Purgatory and then Hell. If you are bad enough --it's Hell. If you have sinned but not enough for Hell then its Purgatory until the crimes done "in your days of nature are burned and purged away" and then its Heaven.
Ultimately one would hope that God's love and forgiveness would extend to all, even Bliar. But I have no objection to seeing him get the shit kicked out of him first.

NB--The verification has another Hamlet reference 2B

G. Tingey said...

Dante would probably put B-liar in the sowers of discord .....

Of course, B is merely one of a list of traitors as PM, who have cut our armed forces:
Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron.
A la lanterne!

adams said...

anonymous . This hell fires business is such a ridiculous concept . Even the filleted wonders of the CoE have ditched it .
Richard Dawkins says there is no God and I think he is on to something . Thank the Greek philosophers for your immortal soul, the Israelites liked the idea so much they co-opted it .

Sackerson said...

How much longer can respected commentators in the MSM continue to say these things and nothing happen?

Anonymous said...

Blair is being shielded - whether it's by our people or the Americans (or both) does not matter. This creature took the coin he was offered and that is all you need to know about him. He joined a club, if you like, a club you can never leave.

Interestingly the OE for shield is scild (n) scildan (v) and comes from the Germanic base meaning 'divide, seperate'.

Blair's name will live on in infamy, like that of Major Vidkun Quisling, only worse.


Flyinthesky said...

Great comment Raedwald, The most depressing thing is, IMHO if he took the leadership off milliband the morons would probably vote for him.

Anonymous said...

I understand that Euan Blair doesn't care which safe seat he is parachuted into, as long as there is an off licence and a shop doorway within walking distance of the constituencyoffice!