Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Brit Jihadists in Syria

With fears that the 300 British volunteers fighting in Syria for the al-quada rebels will return home with harmful skills, the best solution of course is for them never to come home. A victory for Assad, with the summary execution of all foreign insurgents, as we saw in Libya with the fate of imported fighters, would solve the problem.

Theresa May is considering revoking their British citizenship. I'm not so sure about this. Would it have been right to cancel the passports of Brits who fought with the International Brigade for fear they'd learned to be Bolshevik stormtroopers? In fact many of them came home completely disillusioned with Soviet communism. And what of the scores or hundreds of our ex-special forces and paras still working around the globe as mercenaries or 'close protection' hirelings? Should we cancel their passports, too?

Ireland has only just annulled the opprobrium in which the government was held for withdrawing the civic privileges of all those who fought for the UK in the Great War. And then the fear of harm was justified - it was the skills learned in Flanders with rifle and Spandau that informed the fighting of the Irish Civil War.

And before that, in the 18th and 19th centuries, pretty much every battle on European soil, and even a few in the US Civil War, saw British officers joining-in on a voluntary basis as an early form of Erasmus-programme internship. We've actually got quite a long tradition of this sort of thing.  

And if boy Dave listens to the pillow-nagging and continues to push for government support for the al-quada rebels he'll just make things even harder - how could we cancel the passports of those fighting for our allies?

The Sunni rebels in Syria recently mistook one of their own for Shia, and sawed his head off by mistake. We can also only hope that our own native Jihadists are so unschooled in their own religion that they are taken as Shia ... 


Anonymous said...

"...and sawed his head off by mistake.

Oopsy daisy!

Didn't see you there!

Anonymous said...

I think you're missing the point somewhat Raedwald, and that is they're not British>

English/Welsh/Scots/Northern Irish.

The Muhammadans are building their Nation of Islam in our homelands, aided and abetted by the political class.

Lee was the first, but he won't be the last.


Elby the Beserk said...

And yet this - Dublin 1919

John de Melle said...

Is Theresa May’s threat to make British citizens stateless just an expression of frustration at the recent Supreme Court decision, or does she really intend to do it?

Press reports that Theresa May plans to change citizenship law to allow her to remove British nationality from anyone who, in her view, does not deserve it, even those born here who have no other nationality, open up mind-boggling possibilities. Over fifty years ago, the UK signed and ratified the UN Conventions on Statelessness, which provide for international protection of stateless persons and for the reduction of statelessness by inclusive nationality provisions.

Extract from

Wildgoose said...


Radders got the war wrong with respect to the Irish Republic. They stripped many citizenship rights from Irish citizens who fought for the UK against the Nazis in the Second World War.

Their President, de Valera, was also the ONLY world leader to express his condolences at the death of Hitler - at the same time as we were liberating concentration camps.