Monday, 23 December 2013

ERT Corporates have screwed Europe - Shrang

And finally a reminder that we're not alone; the following is from Heiko Schrang's latest Newsletter;
"Normally a Constitution protects citizens from their politicians, restricting what they can do between elections. The EU Constitution and the Lisbon Treaty are different - they protect politicians from the voters" - Jens-Peter Bonde

With the transfer of sovereignty of national parliaments to Brussels, totalitarian EU leaders have now taken Europe's citizens hostage and disenpowered them. Very few people understand the covert plan behind the puppet theatre of the EU. The system is regulated , certified , monopolised by Brussels and benefits not the citizens of Europe but the Corporates. The magic words were for years the single market.

Who is really behind now the idea of the internal market? The then EC Commissioner Jacques Delors promoted the ERT as the "driving force behind the internal market". The European Round Table of Industrialists is considered to be the Central Committee of large-scale industry, in which 45 to 50 CEOs meet on a rotation principle. These represent about 60% of European and international industrial corporations. The ERT is considered as the strategic guide of the two central pillars of the EU, the EU single market and monetary union, which was pushed through in the 90's against all odds. The political puppets presented to the public their "well thought out" plan for monetary union. In reality, they were only executing the plan that had already been designed by the ERT.
 Worth a struggle with google's translate if you've a few moments. See, it's not just us.


Sue said...

That sentiment has been echoed throughout the German press.

The supposition is that the Transatlantic deals with the USA are being made in secret by corporations and other "elites" including the EU and IMF, in a bid for a World Government with the rest of totally subordinate to it.

Yokel said...

As prophesied in Daniel (and othr biblical places)

anon 2 said...

One hesitates, Yokel, to recognise the fulfillment of prophecy - But somehow agreement seeps into the mind. It's all so consistent, and it looks more and more likely every day.

Flyinthesky said...

A happy afternoon, the further you look the worse it gets.

The English Painter said...

Interesting that Turkey (in the form of Sabanci Holdings) are members.

anon 2 said...

Raedwald - this seems like a good time to express appreciation of the blog and commentary you provide. Thank you --- and Merry Chrismas; Happy New Year.