Saturday, 21 December 2013

EU will kill to survive

Never underestimate the fanaticism of the mindwashed zealots determined to force a European Federal State upon the unwilling people of Europe. There is only one real risk of war and conflict amongst we peoples of this continent, and it lies with deliberate provocation and the escalation of minor tensions by a dark cabal of EU unelected officials. The recent spat over Gibraltar almost certainly had EU influence behind it. That they are playing with fire is not unknown to them; they're willing to risk lives, peace and NATO itself in order to realise their lunatic ambitions. 

The EU will kill to survive. It has grown beyond national control. For this reason we must all be particularly careful not to be provoked by these EU subversives into xenophobia or nationalist spatting. As pressure increases across the Union for fundamental reform and an abandonment of Federast ambitions, we can expect to see the EU blow even more smouldering embers into flames; they will pick small Mediterranean outposts such as Gibraltar, Malta and Cyprus as being easiest to provoke into response and where poverty makes tensions easy to excite. 

So every time a new story appears with the ability to cause frothing fury amongst the average Mail reader, look at it very carefully. Chances are it arose in the dark heart of the Berlaymont. And we must urge our European NATO allies to do likewise, to shrug off provocations with the explanation "It's just the EU trying to make trouble here in Europe".

Currently, their efforts are directed at trying to alienate the US from NATO and marginalise the UK. They will encourage their fifth-columns embedded in each EU nation to enact petty and spiteful acts against UK expats; bulldozing their homes (Spain) or banning expats from renting their holiday homes (France). the aim is to whip-up tension and ill feeling. We must not seek to retaliate; far better to make clear to our friends across Europe that we're victims of EU subversion, and as they may well be next we'll stand by any European national government under attack from the EU. 

Remember, "It's just the EU trying to make trouble here in Europe". We must not allow them to succeed.  


DeeDee99 said...

The Federalists aren't going to give up. They're like The Terminator ..... they can't be reasoned with, or stopped. They can only be destroyed.

The last time they tried to unify Europe (by force) any normal person would have thought they'd been destroyed.

But only a few short years later, The Bilderberg Committee was formed and the next plan was put into action.

We need to pull the house of cards down; leaving and withdrawing our funding is the best way to do it.

Anonymous said...

...or banning expats from renting their holiday homes (France).

Do you have a link for this please?

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'There is only one real risk of war and conflict amongst we peoples of this continent, and it lies with deliberate provocation and the escalation of minor tensions by a dark cabal of EU unelected officials.'

If plan 'A' is seen to be failing, yes. As with our transformation the Continent too is being subjected to the Fabian way of doing things. Stealth, in the form of mass immigration: to change the population sufficiently to bring about socialism. The preferred non-revolutionary method.

It's all there if you read The Third Way by Anthony Giddens (Blairs mentor), and Mr Blair is a former president of the Fabian Society. Though he tried to deny it Blair also attended the annual Bilderberg conference in '92. He also worked closely with Bill Clinton on 'Third Way' politics when he became prime minister.

Every where you look you'll see evidence of dealings way beyond what you should expect from a national governments. Unfortunately when you expend so much time and the nation's treasure on other things and people your own nation suffers - a lot of what you write Raedwald relates to this tragedy of a nation falling apart through neglect.

So it may have to be plan 'B' that the elite uses, to discover their dreams of a federal European Superstate. A plan so dastardly it has the potential to spark another European war, only this time it will be worse. A Continental Civil War.


Raedwald said...

CI - see

Germany are at it also, it seems.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Radders. This (France & Spain) looks like a game of two halves. Those that exist on small communes will have local decision making allowed and therefore some autonomy. Those that have properties in the larger conurbations, will get clobbered. It's all about a) affordable housing in overcrowded areas and b) big businesses - the large hotel chains - lobbying the EU to put a stop to "cheaper holidays" as supplied by private owners. So yet again, the EU is in bed with larger companies, mischief-making to really piss people off.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

This is a bit too subtle for me, Radders. I don't see how these spats will assist in the goal of the 4th Reich. I would have thought that the Gib action by Spain was the standard way of a failing govt to win some popular support. If you have empty banks and massive unemployment you've got to entertain the hoi polloi some how.

Budgie said...

And meanwhile there are some people in the UK making unexpected comments about how the EU is dying away, the federasts have lost etc, so we don't actually "need" to leave the EU.

Raedwald said...

anon 15.07 -

It's just a replay of the technique used by the post-war soviet union to secure its grip behind the iron curtain. They would stage manage some sort of internal disturbance causing public disquiet then bring in increased powers and greater restrictions to combat it with minimal public opposition.

The EU now needs a final, complete Treaty to bind a Federal European State and finish forever the idea of national sovereignties. Building a low level attritional environemnt of threat and disorder, internecine killings, nationalist killing spats and anarchic national administrations seemingly powerless to end it will help ease through the Treaty with a public who will welcome anything to end the conflict.

Yokel said...

We will know that something is about to happen when this lot get involved:

Britain is allegedly excluded from that body as we do not have a paramilitary police force (ho ho ho!) like the Gendarmerie or the Carabinieri. By shipping armed militias to other countries under the EuroGendFor "mutual aid" flag, it will be foreign forces doing the killing, not the policeman you might know.

Demetrius said...

Today, 24th, I did a Queens Speech which offers a solution to all this.