Friday, 13 December 2013

Fat Boy kills his Uncle

So Fat Boy Kim Jong-un has killed his uncle. The uncle was no innocent - himself complicit in the torture, murder and starvation of tens of thousands of north Koreans - and at least had used his wealth and privilege to experience a little of a normal life outside north Korea's prison camps. Fat Boy is of course truly repulsive and I want to whip him with a riding crop every time the papers publish his revolting photo. We can only hope he ends his days huddled in a bullet-ridden heap like old Caecescu. 

And every time I write and publish a paragraph like that it is with joy and thanks that we still live in enough of a democracy to be able to do so freely.


Anonymous said...

"And every time I write and publish a paragraph like that it is with joy and thanks that we still live in enough of a democracy to be able to do so freely."

Oh yeah? Try posting similar sentiments about, say, Our Nelson. You'll soon have plod at your door to explain the limits of free speech.

Scrobs... said...

There was an interesting report from a South Korean commentator on 'Up all night' a few hours ago.

Apparently, Kim's own brother lives well away from him these days!

I think I would too...

Anonymous said...

North Korea is a very valid reason to be worried about the Chinese. To demonstrate their "enlightened ways" the Chinese should overthrow the N. Korean government, by force or sanctions, or both, and put an end to the "nasty little neighbour" problem.

Coney Island

Nick Drew said...

Coney - they should indeed

but I read it rather differently. Firstly, whom do we think read Fat Boy's fortune for him when he was brandishing his missiles a few months back, to the point where he rapidly shut up and went back into his box ?

Secondly, I'd say their 'failure' to march in and sort the thing out once and for all is in fact (yet another) manifestation of their surprising lack of confidence in international affairs

although they may now be limbering up for a staring contest with Japan (and other, less powerful neighbours), for at least a decade now they have been punching far under their weight around the globe

and have been constantly wrong-footed by things like the Franco-It-Brit intervention in what they considered was their client-state Libya

they may also remember what happened when they rolled over into Vietnam in 1979 - it was by no means a walk in the park for them

they are a cautious nation, and (as they believe) have time on their side - always the Marxists' weakness

G. Tingey said...

I suggest, if you can find a copy ...
There was a short story by the late, great, lamented John Brunner, called: "Who Steals my Purse" ( A quote from Othello ) which explains how to deal with this problem ...
All it requires is US/Chinese co-operation.