Sunday, 8 December 2013

MPs tell UK to go screw itself

Hard pressed families? The squeezed middle? Go screw yourselves ha ha ha ha!!

It's OUR Cost of Living that's the only one we care about!


Sackerson said...

11%? That's odd, because UK RPI annual to October 2013 is 2.6%. So which figure is right?

And are these emoluments inclusive of susidised grub and booze?

Robert said...

According to the Mail that is £7600.

That gives us all 7600 reasons not to vote for them in the forthcoming elections.

john miller said...

The tax system ensures that MP's salaries are not comparable to the rest of us.

If your employer provided you with a place to live in in the centre of London, you couldn't afford the benefit in kind tax.

MPs can flip flop their properties and have HMRC treat the same property in a different way to the expenses body. This ensures the taxpayer funds your property development business and you can avoid CGT and sell it tax free.

Employees are taxed on subsidies from their employer. MPs are not.

If an Average Joe Mp plays the property game and in addition claims £75k expenses (some claim £200k) then being an MP nets you, NETS you! about £150k pa. (Assuming London property price increases of 5%).

You only need the job for three years (given the fixed term parliament regulations, this is guranteed once you are elected) before you get your indexed linked final salary pension (uncapped, unlike senior employees in the private sector).

Given that MPs have reduced their role to junior management - under the UN and the EU - and have no useful role in society, that's not a bad package really. I would suggest the average junior management in an average (non-banking!) UK company earns about £35k plus car and private healthcare.