Thursday, 30 January 2014

Carswell's Damascene conversion?

A piece in the Speccie apparently catalogues Carswell's about-turn on being a Euro rebel. It's nonsense of course. The man has always been an establishment careerist who wants nothing more than to be a permanent MP and a full-paid up member of the truly loathsome Political Class.

Don't forget that it was Carswell who led the moves to make MPs' addresses secret because they were 'special'. He's now realising that UKIP could turf him out of his comfortable seat and from 2015 he'd have to work for a living.

Expect many more Tory 'rebels' to do the same over the next year.


Anonymous said...

With France's Holland only yesterday announcing that he will block any attempt by Cameron to reform the EU, and effectively therfore vetoing the reform and the 2017 referendum, I wonder what these "rebels" will do next? Take this opportunity to push for withdrawal and by so doing shoot UKIP's fox? or Bury their heads in the sand and continue their deceptive fraudulent plans for undeliverable reform?

Anonymous said...

If someone really wants to achieve something or desires an outcome, they do it and do it now! Who ever said, "I really want a new car" and then put off the buying decision to 2017.

Cameron could (as anon @ 08:30 says) shoot UKIPs fox by calling for a referendum right now. Why not? It would not only give the popoulation what they have been asking for and denied but it would bolster the Conservative chances of winning by a) killing off UKIP and b) garnering additional voter support irrespective of UKIP - win-win!

But he's not going to is he? Because he is a nasty little Euro-trougher, just like the rest of them. The disenfranchised voters need to poison the rats nest from the inside.

So the only rational thing left to do is to vote UKIP for the EU MEP elections. A UKIP landslide might just force Cameron's hand.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Coney Island...

"So the only rational thing left to do is to vote UKIP for the EU MEP elections. A UKIP landslide might just force Cameron's hand."

This really is the pits... And no more rational than chewing one's own finger off.

The EP elections are not well supported, UKIP are on course for a win here anyway, without your appeal to your CONservative chums.

But your insinuation is that if you and other Tory apologists lend UKIP their support for the EP elections, you will somehow influence the party of the dead (or Conservative and Unionist Party as it used to be known), to change its ways.

This is not going to happen.

If you want to get out of the EU, VOTE UKIP at EVERY election.

A UKIP dog is not just for Christmas!

I wonder whether Dougie still has his "Lurrve" seat?

Anonymous said...

Many natural Tory voters are still unaware their party had a major (no pun intended) software change in the 90's. The original software had several million lines of code removed - to make it accessible to new users.

Unfortunately the code thus removed rendered it unusable as a single party and is now deemed generic: LibLabCon v.1.0

The old, unaltered software has been acquired for fourth party use.


Anonymous said...

Ah!! So that's what happened to the old code; I had wondered what had happened to Thatcher v3.0??

Thatcher v3.0 was an excellent piece of code, slim, lightweight, agile, easy to use and understand, and could be installed into well over half the country's brains.

You never know... if the fourth party can couple Thatcher v3.0 with some decent hardware, we might just get lucky!

Coney Island

Dave G said...

We are currently looking at a Blue (screen of) death.....

Anonymous said...

Cut the chatter and mutter.
IF you vote at the next Election
for any of the ConLibLab Junta and
the turnout is similar to the recent past,you might as well just SHUT UP AND GO AWAY,stop pretending,that anyone is listening.
If you want real Democracy,real liberty,real choice,actual freedom...X in ALL the boxes

DeeDee99 said...

Carswell's actions chime very nicely with Hannan's recent "repositioning" and support for UK membership of an outer tier of EU nations (the Campbell-Bannerman proposals).

All 3 are Euro-plastics.

john in cheshire said...

1. It would be gratifying to see Mr Carswell lose his seat; especially to UKIP.
2. People should, though, read Richard North's EUReferendum blog regarding the practical plan for withdrawal from the EU. Just because one doesn't like laws doesn't mean that they can be ignored, even or especially at government level. So, one has to either repeal the laws; and with regard to the EU that is not going to happen; or one has to follow the rules that are in place. In this case, Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is the route to our withdrawal from the EU. It will take several years and it will be turbulent along the way, but it can be done. All that is needed is the pressure from the peoples from the UK to make it happen.