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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Hogan-Howe and Met corruption

If I'm honest, the fact that Mark Duggan is dead actually makes me feel marginally more safe on London's streets. Apart from a politically inflamed protest group centred around his surviving family plus the gobby and deeply stupid Diane Abbot, I suspect that most law abiding Londoners feel as I do. He was a gangster, a thug and a dangerous man and London is just a little bit safer without him.

If rumours bouncing about this week that Hogan-Howe had offered his resignation are true, it certainly wasn't over Duggan, nor over Mitchell. Despite being right, Mitchell remains an arrogant and mouthy little toad, deeply unattractive and unlikely to be warmly received back into political office. 

No, if anything, the rumours sprung from the story in the Indie today of deep and pervasive corruption in the Met, which bloomed like a foot fungus when Ian Blair neglected policing to play new labour politics. Senior officers on the payroll of Turkish drug barons, investigations halted and London's most notorious crime family being immune from prosecution are all the consequence of a large, centralised police force under ACPO influence and control; coupled with accelerated promotion for officers from the same ethnic backgrounds as the criminals, the whole thing is a recipe for an ideal breeding medium for the endemic corruption of justice.

Imagine you're a honest plod with someone as deeply criminally corrupt as the jailed Ali Dazaei as your boss. Will you risk not only his discrimination against you but his 'giving' you to his criminal contacts to maintain justice? Plods need more moral character than is usual to resist such institutional corruption, but with a commissioner like Ian Blair so away with the fairies in a dream world of his own making that they could expect no understanding or support from the very top, it must have been impossible for many officers who wanted to reject the influence of organised crime in the Met to have done so.

Just as Hogan-Howe has blocked the Mitchell plod from resigning instead of being dismissed with disgrace, so he himself must be blocked from resigning. He was appointed because he was outside of the ACPO mafia under which police corruption flourishes; he must now do the job he was appointed to do, and root organised crime from the Met, even if it means he must carry a firearm for personal protection for the rest of his life. Duty calls, Bernard; you must answer it.


JuliaM said...

Bernie Two Dads wouldn't know 'duty' if it bit him on his shiny arse...

Anonymous said...

My impression of this bloke is that he sounds like an England cricketer when he is being interviewed... (e.g. Ian Bell)

Apart from that, the content of what he says seems to be straight from the communitarian songbook.

Anonymous said...

Aye and reading a Times hack in the editorial pages yesterday pontificating about the 'need' for more 'ethnic' coppers, I despair.

Mind you, when you think about the arcane and the consequences of totally bent politics of PC, what accrues and the evident behaviour of the met can be of little surprise.

Equality trumps all else. After the nonsensical and appalling promotion to the senior ranks of common purpose apparatchiks like Cressida Dick - then you know that the Met are deeply mired or, wading in the sewers of London.

cuffleyburgers said...

I see no hope for a decent police force.

most plods as individuals are I suspect decent enough individuals but the culture of the place has been totally destroyed. therefore the decent enough ones will leave or will be so demoralised that they will just do the needful to get by.

I suspect at some point along will come a home secretary with the vision and courage to reset the whole damn thing from scratch, concentrating of peelian principles and respect for the law. however I'm not holding my breath.

And anyway, the UK is not as fucked as Italy where I live.

anon 2 said...

cuffleyburgers @ 10:58: ". . . concentrating of peelian principles and respect for the law. however I'm not holding my breath."

Peelian principles sounds like a good idea. "Respect for the law" though ... european law? No thanks.

Anonymous said...

As a Met PC I can't see Bernie resigning over corruption from 2002.It must be something else. Hillsborough perhaps?
He's been in the police for 34 years,he can leave when he likes and take up a new job which would be very easy for him-or a Lordship I suppose.
He was taken on to push through the hated Winsor reforms (hated by us).

G. Tingey said...