Monday, 13 January 2014

If only they were truthful ...

One of the greatest problems about the coming Euro elections for the incumbent parties is that they are simply unable to tell the truth about their real position for fear of compromising their chances in the 2015 General Election. Well, if they can't do it themselves, perhaps we can do it for them:-

Conservative Party
Frankly, you should all vote UKIP for the Euros. Only if we lose practically every MEP we've got (Hannan excepted) will it give our party the impetus needed to take a common and united position on Europe. A part-cull in 2014 will only lead to ongoing attritional warfare in the party until 2015 - when we will face wipe-out. We need to lose badly in Europe to stand a chance in 2015.

Labour Party
Yes, we know the EU and the corporates are acting in concert to make the workers pay for the economic crisis, at a cost of driving down wages and millions upon millions unemployed in the EU. But we're really not the party of the workers any more - just the employed ones, who are also union members. The deal is that as long as the EU sweetens the pact with generous social measures for those in work (a diminishing number, but they pay subs and dues - the unemployed don't) we'll support the stitch-up in league with the big corporates. And it's not in our long-term interest to see workers do too well. So vote for us if you're employed by large firms or the public sector - we'll see you alright. To an extent. 

Well, we've blown it and it's only a matter of time before we're down to single figures in the Commons. The best we can hope for is to maintain some high-profile public figures and screw as much as we can before electoral wipe-out. No, we don't actually believe in anything any more - political power is an end in itself, isn't it? And if voting for us gives you a warm glow at having done your democratic duty by voting without actually making any political choice about anything, it's not entirely a wasted vote, is it?


Anonymous said...

I'll take the first one please. It makes the most sense. I reckon Mr. Workingman will take the second one to make UKIP an overnight sensation.

Coney Island

Simon Fawthrop said...

The Labour one should start with "We only became pro EU because Thatcher became a sceptic and now we use it to bash Tories even though it doesn't make sense. So yes, we know ...."

James Higham said...

Excellent. Must link.

visc said...

"And if voting for us gives you a warm glow at having done your democratic duty by voting without actually making any political choice about anything, it's not entirely a wasted vote, is it?"

Applies toa ll parties UKIP included. Viting only encourages the buggers, giving an veneer of legitimacy.

opsimath said...

Essentially, all our votes are wasted, as Uncle Joe once pointed out.

I loath all politicians equally and will, as I always do, spoil my paper at the Euro and General Elections; not one of the candidates, whatever their party, is worth voting for.

John M said...

As a measurement of how embedded European democracy is in the UK, can anyone even NAME a single one of our own Euro MP's outside of Dan Hannan and Nigel Farage?

They are utterly invisible. To make you feel more guilty there are 72 of them.

Try and think of one - no google allowed, that's cheating!

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

The dismal leaders of the parties deserve to be punished. They remind me of the creepy, conniving, clueless parade of berks (and berk-ettes) of 1970s onwards UK student politics which is after all where most of them gestated.

They live in the bubble - and they work hard to keep difficult concepts from cluttering their routine internal party intrigue and social whirl.

The MEPs? many cannot name or tell you the party of their Westminster MP or county councilor.

There is no doubt the system is constipated and needs a radical purgative dose.

The idea that politicians of the extant parties are guaranteed (lavish) tax funding might just be the last straw (AIUI both Cleggie and Milipede are fans of this - as McShane said quelle surprise eh?)

Anonymous said...

James Higham said @ 15:15

'Excellant. Must link'

Raedwald writes best when his back is up.


DeeDee99 said...

I don't think you have got the Labour Party position quite right.

May I suggest:

Of course we support the EU. It's the way we can impose socialist principles on the UK which we couldn't get the British electorate to vote for. And the beauty of it ... you can't vote NO.

As Lord Mandelson said "this is the post-democratic age." Get used to it.

Robert said...

Why should Hannan be saved?

G. Tingey said...

( Oh & Horsemeat, as well, please! )

Anonymous said...

DeeDee99 @ 07:19

I recommend Anthony Giddens' book The Third Way to anyone who wants to understand New Labour and the Blair creature (Giddens was Blair's mentor).