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Friday, 10 January 2014

Saving Europe from the EU

It is in the built environment that one can best 'read' the movement of thought in Europe. The language of pre-reformation architecture is universal. the meanings of the trefoil and quatrefoil unambiguous. You can walk the route across the channel and across the country along which progressed the Romanesque arch, column and capital from Normandy, and then track the progress of the flying buttress in the opposite direction. Likewise the arrival or otherwise of the ideas of the first and second Enlightenments can be read in the street layouts and civic structures of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries - but in greatly differing ways. the anti-government, anti-clerical French experience was vastly different from the nationalistic and spiritual German awakening, or the Dutch Golden Age, or the Polish or Spanish or Italian evolutions.  It is this thousand years of shared experience, this thousand years of diverse manifestation of common threads that has given us a Europe that is my greatest joy and delight in travelling in and understanding. Europe's national and cultural differences are deeply and wonderfully congruous. 

All of which has been soured and spoiled for me in recent years. Now I can travel to no European city - from Porto to Budapest, Barcelona to Krakow - without being faced by a homogenised, bland and subservient sameness that reeks of subjugation, repression and restriction. And everywhere flies that hateful rag, the blue of frozen human skin defaced with yellow pustules of disease. The same glass and stainless steel Malls deface every city centre; the same global, multinational retail chains pollute the streets, the same models of cars clog the ancient roads. The same Roma beggars with the same cardboard signs, the same hangdog, resentful look of the people, as though living under foreign occupation. This is the EU's Europe. 

To paraphrase a significant social movement of its day, our fight against the EU is a moral crusade or it is nothing. It is a fight against the greed and inhumanity of the corporates, a fight for human freedom and democracy, a fight for the survival of national and sub-national cultures, a fight against centralism and Big State government, a fight against the evil of the power-hungry faceless and unelected manipulators at the heart of darkness in Brussels. Above all it is fight in celebration of all the peoples of Europe, and for the future of our much-loved continent. And it is the most important fight I will ever have in my life.


DeeDee99 said...

"And it is the most important fight I will ever have in my life."

It will be for all of us who believe in Freedom and Democracy.

The Major said...

Very, very well put. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'And it is the most important fight I will ever have in my life.'

But are you willing to die for this 'moral crusade', Raedwald? The reason I ask is it sorts the men out from the boys and the beasts in Brussels mean business. Be under no illusion, they will kill.

You're more than aware where they're taking us with this project. The endgame is the dissolution of nations, not just nation states - which they've more or less admitted to now.

Or, are you still one of those types who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing, and if Dave shaves a few bob off the bill we should all go back to sleep?


Demetrius said...

Apart from other things a single political and economic union just will not work. It has been tried, one way or another in the past a few times, always to end in disaster.

Anonymous said...

On Boxing Day I was breakfasting in a McDonalds on the edge of an out of town trading/shopping estate in Lincolnshire. Not my choice - family commitments.

I piped up that the environment reminded me of south west France. Everybody was amazed at my statement and couldn't quite grasp my subsequent argument that Europe was becoming ubiquitous and dull.

It's a great shame to see real diversity of culture in such a small place as Europe thrown to the wolves of neo Marxism.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said @ 19:33

'It's a great shame to see real diversity of culture in such a small place as Europe thrown to the wolves of neo Marxism.'

Yes it's a bit of a shock when folk realise they (the do-gooders and cultural Marxists) have absolutely no interest in real diversity.

Europe is the smallest continent where 5 of the world's 8 per cent of White people live. For some that's too many, indeed for the very powerful it is far too many - they want us browned over and gone.


Anti-racism is code for anti-white


cuffleyburgers said...

But Radders - we're not fighting are we? we're all grumbling, letting off steam, occasionally "joking" about rising up and hanging the bastards, but we're not doing anything.

Hoping for change through the ballot box is a mugs game. Playing the game according to their rules.

An armed insurrection on a meaningful scale is not going to happen because the peoples of Europe have been disarmed.

The only way forward as I see it is civil disobedience on a MASSIVE scale. This should include:
* refusal to pay taxes
* large obstructive and obstreperous demonstrations outside government buildings at all levels
* peaceful but embarassing invasions of pompous activities such as council meetings and central government if possible
* hacking of government websites to disable functioning and cause maximum embarrassment
* fielding enormous numbers of candidates in elections, esp. important ones (I mean 200, 300, even a thousand per seat, focussed in marginals)
* periodic operations to bring London and other capitals to a stop especially when the EU great and Good are visiting, this can be by driving large vehicles through town at low speeds in large numbers
* deposting large quantities of horseshit outside Westminster

the aim in short needs to be to cause maximum and ongoing embarassment to government, to male politicians objects of general derision and scorn by intelligent and humoristic pranks.

The aim is to force increasingly heavy handed and disproportionate responses.

The same tactic was tried in the 70s and worked as well as it could given that the majority of the population disagreed with its objectives. that is no longer the case and similar tactics employed now is the only way to achieve meaningful change.

I have great respect for Dr North and his efforts to set up a movement. My concern is that he will find himself stifled by the tripartite establishment and there is not a hearty enough appetite for chnange among the populace.

A sustained and intense campaign of increasingly in-your-face disovbedience is required to prepare the ground.

Sue said...

Wow, that says it all. Blew my mind!

Anonymous said...

And what similarities there are between the EU and the USSR.
There is little to judge between them - centralised unelected government,
fat cats living off the sweat
of the proletariat, socialised everything and entrepreneurs
taxed out of existence. Not surprising if you consider the backgrounds of the Commissars (or do I mean Commissioners?)
- Barroso, once leader of a Maoist cell, Ashton, once Treasurer of CND.

Roll on the Norway Option!

visc said...

Nice to see you recognise the corporatist / corporate nature of the pact the EU devil has made.

The problem I have with much anti EU feeling (often embodied in UKIP I ma afraid to say is that it fails to recognise the full scale of the problem, wittering on about marxism etc etc is missing the point. The corporates are as much a problem as the EU - infact they have a symbiotic power relationship.
Without recognition of this all else if futile. Cuffleyburgers nails much of the problem, I fear things would need to go further.