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Monday, 3 February 2014

EU Corruption bombshell: UK is least corrupt of the 28 with 0% bribery

As is usual with big ticket EU announcements, once you get past the smoke and flatus and look at the facts a very different picture emerges than that which the EU wish to present. The 'Europe is full of Corruption and only the EU can co-ordinate a meaningful response' meme of the latest scare is no different. Look through the base data for the Eurobarometer survey and the scare starts to fade away.

For instance, when asked whether during the past 12 months they had been requested to bribe healthcare providers, police or customs officers or private companies, 0% of Brits responded positively, emerging as Europe's squeakiest clean nation. At the other end of the scale, 29% of Latvian and 25% of Romanian respondents reported having to bribe officials (Page 81). 

On one thing at least the people of Europe are united; 70% of European citizens think that the EU itself is profoundly corrupt. And that may be the truest fact to emerge from this particular exercise in support of the Federasts.


Anonymous said...

From Slovenia to Latvia, from Portugal to France and Italy - they've had so much more practice than we've had but we are catching up. There is widespread nepotism, cronyism, corruption, fraud and graft in; the public services, the Whitehall administration and quangos right into Parliament and with Blair it reached right to the top.

Catching up....? Bloody hell! we must be topping the table! It must mean that, the the OFNT is 'formulating' the figures.

Dan Delion said...

In a sense, Anonymous is correct - there is widespread corruption within many institutions. What is missing is the expectation or even blatant request for 'customers' to bribe the service provider. One no longer gives the bin-men a Christmas 'box' (viewed by some as a bribe to discourage spillage of rubbish on one's property) nor would one be wise to wrap one's driving licence around a £50 note if asked to provide it when caught speeding on the M25.

No, the corruption is in the bullying both physical and mental), the expected fawning, the overlooking of procedural failures in return for personal physical or political favours. Bribery, though, still occurs, but apparently between 'professionals' - the donations to Political Party funds or 'brown envelopes' to inhabitants of Parliament, or the appointment of a 'yes-man' to a position or power.

Even worse are the results of the tick-box culture and government regulations expecting all areas to achieve the State 'average'. Opinion as to which funding category one might fall into (e.g.Social Care eligibility for support) often depends purely on the assessors opinion unconstrained by clear criteria but with an implied penalty (loss of promotion, favorable holidays or openings for awards'/qualifications) for failure to achieve one's 'quota'.

In the face of such 'official' corruption, one might find it reasonable to take matters into one's own hands - hence, perhaps, the existence of the occasional 'benefit scrounger'. But bribery to get into Glastonbury - well perhaps....just this once...