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Monday, 10 February 2014

Swiss immigration vote - what now?

Prior to Switzerland signing up to accords with the EU in 2002, the Federasts maintained trade and economic restrictions that hurt. Since 2002, the Swiss have enjoyed, in the words of a government minister, 'Ten fat years' in which the economy has boomed and the people grown wealthy. But this has come at a price - the loss of cultural and national identity from a million EU immigrants flooding across the open borders. 

The people of Switzerland have decided narrowly that the price of prosperity is too high, and have voted to restrict EU immigration. This places at risk all the other arms of the 2002 accords - and of putting them back to the pre-2002 position. They knew they faced severe economic penalties by defying the EU, yet still they have done so. 

The reaction of Brussels - vindictive counter-restrictions or soft accommodation - will be instructive. 


James Higham said...

Yes but it's the trend across the west now, is it not?

G. Tingey said...

VERY narrow majority (less than 1%)

I wonder if the Swiss will try for a compromise, withrestrictions on permanent immigration.
Or will the EU be stupid & vicious?

Incidentally, there's a really major fight brewing in this country ... due to the decision by the unelected, to take a sensible anti-money-laundering initiative (good) into a frontal assault on Common Law (Very bad)
See here:

Incidentally, if anything, the "Telegraph" article does NOT paint a dark enough picture.
It's a very dangerous move to try.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for democracy.Even this rich liberal country is sick of immigration.

DeeDee99 said...

Kommissar Reding has - in usual EU style - said that the Swiss MUST vote again.

And they pretend that the EU supports democracy.

Anonymous said...

@ DeeDee99

I wonder of the Swiss will be asked (or indeed coerced) into voting again.

In any case, "soft accommodation" does bot look the order of the day!

More here:-

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

1million EU immigrants <> Swiss prosperity.

There is a good chance there was something else going on too.

Anonymous said...

Let's not mince words here about what's going on with the EU.

The reason for this human butter churning is simple: a deracinated population. This new populous, with no real nationhood, will be putty in their hands. Democracy will be consigned to history (see P. Mandelson) and all will live for evermore as citizens of a United States of Europe.

It's so fucking obvious my 17 year-old nephew wrote an essay about it when he was at school.

It's their way or no way.


Anonymous said...

"a deracinated population"

Good word.

Deracinated or ethnic cleansing? Your choice............

Britain, as was pre 1972 population 55 mil/ immigrant 1.2%.
As compared with Britain now, population 63.5 [estimated more like 69mil] and with immigrant component of 15±% but note the birth rates; Asian 3-5, African greater than that.

It won't be long before it white/immigrant mix is 50/50 - say by 2030?
Deracinated, fu**ed more like and STILL the politicians, the fourth estate the al beeb-irah tell us of the benefits of mass inundation...............but where?

Ed P said...

Now, with this splendid result, Switzerland seems like a good place to emigrate to, I suppose I cannot!

Anonymous said...

Excellent point by Greg Tingey, regarding our traditions of "common law" and "private law" (privilege)...

We are not suited to the EU, and we should get the hell out...

This sort of thing is going to become more and more threatening, the "ever closer" the union becomes.