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Monday, 24 March 2014

All over Europe, people massively oppose their governments over Ukraine

One of the most remarkable aspects of this crisis is the massive, clear and universal divergence between the peoples of Europe and their governments on the subject of Ukraine, if the balance of reader comments in a whole slew of online papers and media are to be counted. All over Europe, the majority of commentators oppose the position of their governments, disbelieve the message the media is pumping out and above all express grave suspicions about the US. In every publication, of right and left, bullish pieces by warmongers are trashed by hundreds or even thousands of comments to the contrary. These people don't support Putin, nor are they blind to his manifold wrongdoings - they're saying clearly and universally that their own governments are wrong. Even here, on an unashamedly right-wing blog, only a single commentator unreservedly supports Cameron's silly words. The ratio is about the same as that in the Telegraph - a bastion of RW traditionalism. 

If the EU saw this as a 'beneficial crisis' to boost support for European federation, or to improve the publicity ratings of governments that are everywhere increasingly distrusted by voters, it may spectacularly have backfired. The reason may be Europe's own open borders; we all now know and work with Slavs, shop with them, share public transport with them, joke with them in bars and pubs. We know that they're not brainwashed bogeymen, but just ordinary folk no different from us. The old propaganda just doesn't work any more.


prawn sandwich said...

We are governed by a political class most of whom are not of our world or our experience. This political class has its counterparts in Europe and together they form a closed shop of self serving clones. in this situation our so called democratic vote has no currency.
Within a decade democracy will have to transfer from the polling booth to direct action on the streets.

Anonymous said...

I really believe that after the lies that Tony Blair told about Iraq that the electorate will ask twice before believing. The lie has not been forgotten or forgiven. The lack of belief in anything that the bureaucrats and politicians say is solely the responsibility of Tony Blair and is laid at his door. Government sponsored intelligence will have to be absolutely copper bottomed proof before people will give their consent to any further action.

DeeDee99 said...

I am greatly heartened by the number of comments - across the media - who have rejected the propaganda being pumped out by the EU, Cameron and Hague.

The EU deliberately provoked this situation; it encouraged a coup d'état and it recognised an illegitimate government. It doesn't matter how they pretend otherwise, those are the facts.

The internet is causing them huge difficulties in their quest to coerce the electorates of Europe into a United States of Europe.

They will be seeking to control it before long.

Anonymous said...

A delicious irony is it not that, the Rah Rah Girls - Cheerleaders of 'Peace in Europe because of the EU'! Those Berlaymont fuqwits, are pushing, kicking all of EU-rope into commemorating the outbreak [not the Armistice] of the Great War. Some ruse, weird logic [how could anyone fathom these deviant mentalists?] in order to exhibit the awful consequences of, ambitious nations who would seek to annexe and cede territory for their own 'evil' ends..........
Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The EU, the clowns who run us, the corporate fat controllers are, is well past its sell by date and this [Ukrainian example] is the evidence writ large.

Anonymous said...

Paddy 'pants down', Sage of the West, is on Radio 5 Live at the mo. What a pilchard that man is - still find it hard to believe he's an ex-bootneck like me, SBS as well. Five minutes of him talking and going deaf doesn't seem such a bad idea.

It's the interweb that done it, doing to the MSM what Levi jeans did to the trouser. Love it.


Anonymous said...

DeeDee99: "They will be seeking to control it before long."

It'll be for the children, of course.

Anonymous said...

Tony Blair - this lying bastard poisoned the well of every argument for armed response whether or not it is correct to do so. We don't believe our politicians in the west at all now. What a terrible legacy they have left to democracy. Tony Benn shuffled off just at the wrong time.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

I see we "little Englander Eurosceptics" have been bracketed with the "regressive left" on one of the progressive sites on our opposition to this media and political sham:

It's strange, but for some reason, our ex-Soviet-loving Labour party have now been taken over by Ruskie-hating, bloodthirsty warmongers.

Cascadian said...

The EU leadership, and most elected heads of state in Europe don't know their arse from their elbow, and are ably proving that fact by blathering about Crimea.

It is quite obvious who is the EU's major enemy - not Russia, but Wahabbist Islam! And yet nobody will say so or act against them.

The people know this, hence the popularity of Geert Wilders, Marie le Pen, the Pirate party and to an extent the UKIP.

Meanwhile Camoron, Hague and their pestilential friends do nothing about the real threat for fear of looking nasty, or being on the wrong side of socialist history.

John M said...

In much the same way as with Afghan/Iraq wars, it becomes much easier to understand the West's objections in particular to Crimean alliance with Russia once you look at a map and see where the pipelines are routed.