Sunday, 30 March 2014

Did we all miss this?

It was so bloody obvious I'm kicking myself for not spotting it - and for it taking Janet Daley in the Telegraph to point it out. I'm referring to
"... the grotesquely embarrassing fault line that appeared in the brief lapse of time between the ending of the Farage-Clegg debate – during which a vast army of esteemed press commentators declared Nick Clegg the winner – and the release of the YouGov poll, showing that a large majority of the ordinary public believed Nigel Farage had won. Most alarmingly, there was a remarkable media consensus: it was not just wishful-thinking Europhiles who thought Clegg had walked it."
 Daley reminds us that Oborne's political class includes all the mainstream media, all the lobby industry and all the SPADS, dags and coprophiles that feed from the politics business. LBC set up a 'Twitter Worm' to monitor 'tweets' for or against each of the participants - seemingly oblivious to the reality that ordinary voting folk are as likely to tweet about a political debate as they are to offer a critical insight into Heidegger's Sein und Zeit in 140 characters. The station also had a 'click to like' tool intended to provide a second-by-second picture of audience reaction to the ongoing debate; the fact that this didn't work until the final ten minutes of the debate (showing Farage miles ahead when it eventually did) deprived political commentators at the time of any indication that their view differed so radically from that of the audience. 

Daley makes the point well. UKIP shouldn't protest at Clegg using civil servants to coach him on facts and figures for the next round - Clegg should be encouraged to be as made-up, groomed, coached, rehearsed and practised as possible - the slicker he is, the less he is liked. Farage in contrast need not try to hard; his preparation could be limited to a swig from the hip-flask, a quick fag by the bin-store before broadcast and an attempt to peek at Ferrari's notes.   


Woodsy42 said...

It was also noticable that Farage was more polite in a traditional way - not talking over Clegg in the way that Clegg continuously talked over Farage's turns.
Also Farage was correct that Clegg didn't answer the questions - Clegg almost always came out with pre-planned speeches on a subject that was close to but wasn't actually directly answering the question. I suspect this was what many people picked up.

Votefor said...

I hope that UKIP have Nigel well prepared for the gay marriage onslaught he going to receive on the BBC debate night, Clegg will keep referring to his stance on this despite it being nothing to do with our membership of the EEC.

DeeDee99 said...

I disagree slightly - doesn't happen often.

Farage does need to do a bit of preparation. He needs to research a bit on Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and work out how to explain it succinctly, in his usual plain speaking and then hammer it home at every opportunity.

He needs to nail the lie once and for all that we need to be in the EU to trade with it.

Fortunately William Dartmouth MEP has just produced a very handy Report "Out of the EU, Into the World" which contains all the relevant info he needs.

He also needs to repeat Clegg's line "Read the Small Print" over and over again.

If challenged on gay "marriage" he should simply say that he's here to debate the EU today and he'll be please to debate with LibLabCON on other issues on another occasion.

Anonymous said...

DeeDee99: "If challenged on gay "marriage" he should simply say that he's here to debate the EU today"

Or he could just say, he wants to deregulate marrage and doesn't see why we need the State to sanction who does what in what room.

A variation on the old, I don't much care what you get up to, so long as you don't frighten the horses.

Mike Spilligan said...

Woodsy has already pointed out that Clegg talked over Farage (and interrupted at other times) but that was down to Ferrari not intervening, and I wonder how Dimbleby will deal with that?
The big matter that is likely to resurface is the Crimea/ Ukraine business, which Raedwald readers can interpret as the EU annexing Ukraine - there's enough evidence - and that Putin had no option to do other than what he did, remembering that NATO had agreed to no eastward expansion.

Anonymous said...

Clegg, only needs to gape his serpent tongued hole to prove to any that may have doubted it, that, Clegg indeed is a snake eyed, snake oil pedlar. And Dr. Slick, positively oozes, pouring out of a pus filled sore - fake bonhomie and ersatz charm, mellifluously toned a python like arm coiling round the shoulders, "come here little missey, see if I can't cure all of your ills, just one lil ole bottle.....and cheap at double the price".

Clegg he's also a playground bully, talking over Farage's efforts - Dimblebore will encourage that - in fact if Farage gets half the time Clegg is allotted then, I shall be most surprised.

Farage, needs to pause before he speaks, smile always. And on boys marrying boys - not give a moment to answering and thus falling for Dimblebore's/Clegg's traps.

Farage, should go on the attack concerning the Ukraine, and show up, highlighting the Imperial ambitions of the Empire of Brussels. By subtly intimating that, the EU 'those noted peaceniks and procrastinators' are in fact because of Berlaymont sway at Nato, EU involvement - is edging Europe ever closer to some sort of confrontation with Putin's Russia. Commemorating the outbreak of WWI indeed.

But still, by far the best and greatest reason is the democratic chasm, in that the EU is as anti democratic as it is possible to get, and much like the people's Republic of North Korea. Furthermore, the fact that the EU is run for the EU and only for the hegemony of the European elite. Therefore, Britain must leave the Empire of Brussels - in which we are run by a politburo, a bunch of imperious idiots and who we have grandiloquent delusions of Empire. Here in Britain, 'we the people' have no control over what they [the EU] do and never, never do they [EU Kommissars] have the best interests of the British people [or any EU nation come to that] at their heart.

Clegg be damned.

What else does Farage need to say?

G. Tingey said...

Farage needs to pick up the point made by Monbiot of all people, about corrupt secret corporate "business" / lobbying deals done at the highest commissioner level inside the EU/
Which can affect every single one of us .....

cuffleyburgers said...

It's not every day I find myself agreeing with G Tingey, but he's absolutely right that the corporatism of the EU is one the biggest problems allied to the gaping democratic deficit, ignorance of the concept of the rule of law.

SOme of the posters here are going over the top - the EU didn't annex Ukraine! It, foolishly probably, initiated diplomatic actions to bring Ukraine into its fold, ignoring the likely reaction from Russia.

Putin's reaction is an overreaction, and I doubt anybody could have foreseen the vigour and speed of it (it is admirable for those qualities alone) but there was bound to be some reaction and the EU foreign service is grievously at fault for initiating a course of action that has had such unfortunate consequences and not handling the whole crisis better. However the US was also meddling, and to repeat; it is Russia that has taken military action, not the EU.