Monday, 3 March 2014

Harman innocent, Nye Bevan guilty

This morning's post is about paedophilia, Ukraine and two people who will never be future leaders of the Labour party - Harriet Harman and Nye Bevan. First Harman. The 1970s were very different times, as much a foreign country as the 1840s. I've always unequivocally opposed apologies of Blairite insincerity and meretriciousness for events in the past such as slavery that at worst were seen as morally ambivalent in their day, and shouldn't alter that principle. The unofficial left in the 1970s was a rainbow alliance of everything  anti-establishment, including anti- the official left, which was a misogynist dinosaur with its heart in Transport House and its soul in the TUC. I recall Oz, Vietnam, pot, brown rice and 33rpm albums. Oh, and plenty of experimental sex. If anyone had asked me in 1976 what a paedophile was I would have hazarded a guess about a foot-lover. However, using Harman's history to destroy her political future was fair game; she knew what it was and was part of a group of a dozen who ran NCCL and by association supported it.

In the 1930s however we knew - even before Hitler's genocidal reign - that killing millions of people was wrong. There was no moral ambivalence about the issue. And Nye Bevan, he who called the Conservatives 'vermin' and in 2010 was proven to have sold British secrets to the Soviet Union, was treasonous scum whose remains should be dug up, burned to ashes and flung in the common sewer. I wrote back in 2009, before his treason was exposed, of his support for Stalin's mass murder of the Ukranian people;
As debates in the Commons demonstrate, Nye Bevan was perfectly well aware that the Russian timber trade he was defending was based on the slave labour of the gulags; there is no possible excuse of ignorance here. The Anti Slavery Committee and other international enquiries had established beyond doubt the scale of Stalin's terror. Member after member of the Commons repeated the damning evidence in the chamber.

Anyone who can not only tolerate but actively praise and support a regime that operated gulags, summary execution, imprisonment without trial, torture and the foulest degradation of men at any stage in their lives is forever beyond redemption. If any man has it in him to support such things at any time he is damned. It's like saying 'I used to support paedophilia, but lately I've had a change of mind'. You can't do it. You are betrayed by the fact that you once supported something utterly foul. And so Bevan stands condemned still.

In the post below, Bevan defended the horrors of Stalin's Russia and defended the desirability of dictatorships until 'class enemies' were destroyed. In the quote below from Hansard, he does so again.

One quote may be out of context; two constitute evidence, and three or more make a convincing case.
BEVAN: I am prepared to accept the Noble Lady's admission that prison labour is not sweated labour, and that people outside prison have to sweat more than those who are in prison. But we are getting rather tired—I think the whole House is—of these diatribes about the awful labour conditions in Russia. [HON. MEMBERS: "No!"] I dare say it is agreeable to Tory ears continually to hear these horrible stories about a country against whose commercial success they are now going to legislate. We used to be told in former years that the Bolshevists would never succeed, and that all we had to do was to sit down and wait till they collapsed. Now the House of Commons is proceeding to arm the Government with a most formidable power of discrimination against the exports of that country.... The goods are cheap because the Russians have thrown off the parasites who were on their backs.
So Conservatives are 'vermin' and the millions of innocents slaughtered by Stalin are 'parasites'. You can tell a lot about a man by his use of language.
Harman will never now lead the Labour Party, and neither will Patricia Hewitt or Jack Dromey. Destroying them was fair political game; for continuing to pretend that Nye Bevan was some sort of saint rather than the poisonous shit he was if for nothing else. 

And Putin may be illiberal and brutal, but Russia is no more undemocratic than the European Union and unlike the EU Commissioners who condemn him he was actually elected. Neither does he murder millions of people. 


Anonymous said...

Patricia Hewitt, I think, not Hodge.

Raedwald said...

Many thanks - Monday morning!

Anonymous said...


At least Bevan wasn't a "denier" eh?

Mr Ecks said...

Agree with you about Bevan but not Harmbag.

What I wrote at Tim Worstall's blog:

Why should leftist scum–esp femmi-trash like Harmbag, who have instigated the paedo-hysteria for their own evil, man-attacking purposes, escape the “justice” that the media yahoos and costumed thugs hand out to all other accused?.
Why should a gang of leftist pukes, who have spent decades helping their fellow leftist pukes demonise men, escape the consequences of their own evil?. Everybody else in their place would be shat on from a great height, but the balm of sweet reason must be reserved for leftist scum who have ensured that you won’t get any such consideration if you fall into the grinding machine (for men) that they have helped create?.
If anyone on this blog was accused they would be sacked–not “forced” to resign and the bluebottles would at once begin the scummy process of trawling to see if any mad bag wants to say you molested her 99 years ago. For a seleb like Harm-bag I bet there would be a legion of loopy lesbians willing to come forward. The fact that she had never set eyes on most of them or perhaps brushed against one of them in a lift in 1968 might bring home to Hattie Hagbag the wickedness of inviting false, malicious and unproven accusations against people decades after the supposed event.

Bob said...

RE: Mr Ecks:

"Everybody else in their place would be shat on from a great height, but the balm of sweet reason must be reserved for leftist scum..."

Exactly, yet that's what these hypocites rely on (and they won't be disappointed).

Bob said...

hypocrites even :)

Anonymous said...

[Bevan] 2010 was proven to have sold British secrets to the Soviet Union...

Do you have a source, please?

Raedwald said...

Anon - Donald Bruce, his PPS, confirmed in 2010 that at as foreign secretary he abandoned unilateralism in 1957 at the behest of his Soviet masters - who wanted the UK's nukes as part of a negotiating ploy.

G. Tingey said...

Yes / no / no / yes / & total bollocks.
Putin is a murdering thug, ex-KGB to the core.
Agree re Bevan, NHS or no NHS.
Hewitt was silly - which now looks stupid - which, as you say, ends her chances of advancement.
Game over, move on, nothing to see here.