Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Miliband's betrayal of the workers

Poor Bob Crow, a lifelong opponent of the EU and it's Corporatist policy of using low wages and unemployment as macroeconomic instruments, must be spinning in his morgue-cabinet. Miliband has openly declared himself a partner of global big business and the party of the privileged middle. Euro-olives for Islington kitchens! Polenta for all!

Miliband's pledges to support the EU unless it outlaws Arborio rice and Pouilly Fuisse will be of little use to Britain's unskilled and semi-skilled workers, our unemployed teens and NEETs, the doleday-loan fodder or our fecund underclass, but there's precious little in it for Labour in championing the C2s, Ds and Es any more. It's after the votes of the same affluent, socially responsible ABC1 'joiners in' as the Tories and the LibDems

So Miliband will fight the election on the basis of the affordability of Olive Oil; every family should be able to fill its cupboards with cold-pressed extra-virgin, the weekly bill from Waitrose should not squeeze the middle from cancelling their mid-winter skiing break. Hey ho. 


G. Tingey said...

Indeed, from a left-wing pov Milibean is useless.
From EVERY pov Milibean is useless.
Yet he's our next PM unless something is done.
I am no lover of Camoron the traitor, either.

WHY is it the Labour cannot see that the EU is screweing everyone & that being anti-EU is not just a right-wing clique of Little Englanders?
Thanks, btw, for the link to the Monbiot article, recently - that should be compulsory reading for anyone to the left of the tories.

Oh, yes & Bob Crow:
His actual job was to represent “his” members & get the best financial deal for them, that he could do – a thoroughly capitalist viewpoint, if you actually consider it.
What amused me was when the so-called “capitalists” objected to this!
{ Where, in fact, they were & are not capitalists, they are corporatists – another, much nastier species, entirely. }

Anonymous said...

Come the revolution brothers, you all will keep me in the style to which I am very much accustomed, said Ed and "three cheers for the red flag and pass the 'bolly' tovarich/Kommissar!"

Anonymous said...

G. Tingey: "WHY is it the Labour cannot see that the EU is screweing everyone & that being anti-EU is not just a right-wing clique of Little Englanders?"

The Labour party was anti EU under Kinnock, then he demonstrated just how beneficial the EU could be to a grasping acquisitive bureaucrat, all resistance crumbled.

Flyinthesky said...

The problem is socialism is it is a belief structure and almost unassailable, it garners many of it's votes just by virtue of it's fluffy name.
They cannot escape the mantra:
Wealthy = Bastard.
Poor = virtuous victim.
The labour party has done more crapping on it's core base than any other party but still they "believe", mention the fact that more mines closed under Wilson than Thatcher they still "believe" it's Thatchers fault, all of it.