Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Debate - good game

Just one or two observations to add to all the noise out there;

1. I'd disregard those 'who won?' polls - the figures are too close to 'Out or in?' to be clear that people weren't voting on the referendum question itself

2. Farage's Achilles heel was his nepotism. Clegg's was exposed as being untruthful - far worse.

3. UKIP gained more than the LibDems - they've moved out of that 'others' category that included the Greens, the ScotNats and all to be the fourth named party when people talk politics

4. I was a bit surprised that Clegg put up such a good fight - but then he'd have to be a cocky little dog to get where he is anyway. That side of him is usually well hidden. On the other hand we all know that Nigel's a scrapper, and we learned he can do 'restrained' as well. 


DeeDee99 said...

Clegg did better than I thought he would.

But he's going to regret saying "Read the small print" on his call for an EU Referendum. So is Cameron! That comment is likely to be thrown back at them both time and time again.

Clegg wanted to talk about jobs and the necessity of staying in the EU. Farage STILL doesn't nail the lie that we don't need to be in the EU to trade with it or to be in the Single Market.

Farage did well, but not good enough.

Prawn Sandwich said...

The Big Lie that Clegg entrenched "3million jobs" is the elephant in the room UKIP. Plus he could quote Nissan and Siemens. Farage needs a killer riposte.

Clegg never answered the questions put to him. He had three standard all purposes mantras.

Clegg requires a proper Fisking and this style of debate precludes such defenestration

Raedwald said...

Agree - Clegg succeeded in suggesting that ALL our exports to Europe would stop if we left the EU. Of course Germans will still want Scotch whisky and Burberry macs, Spanish builders will still want JCBs and so on.

Anonymous said...

Clegg, is full of shit and last night did nothing to change this fact, he is way too slick and that is because like Handelscrote, snake eyes Jenkins, but not mad like Hedegaard or Reding. Clegg - he is an oleaginous sleaze bag - a man of the EU and aren't they all - accomplished and inveterate liars - it's in their blood.

At times. Farage looked like a rabbit in the headlights, at the end he needed some grog, he was sweating up and agitated - just like Chas Kennedy, a sure sign.
Farage did win however, what that signifies though is anyone's guess.

I remember thinking, it's a bit of a waste of time because the BBC will spin it and the British public hasn't a clue about the EU and that is the way of things in Britain - only tell what we think they need to know the WWII propaganda machine has never closed down.

Mike Spilligan said...

I think that Farage didn't get across that the 3 million jobs "fact" is a lie. He said it in a roundabout way, but the audience (probably including the home audience) needs it to be put bluntly.
There were several more weak points from Farage, where I think he could have made telling points, like on the proportion of EU laws, but I've never done that, so no real criticism.
However, for me, Nick Ferrari's poor "moderation" stood out - allowing Clegg on several occasion both to interrupt and to talk over Farage, which Farage (a gentleman) didn't try to do.