Friday, 14 March 2014

Tony Benn on the EU at the OU

The late Tony Benn, an MP of probity and rectitude and of an inimitable eloquence who enriched Parliament for many years, speaks at the OU on the EU fairly recently;

There's not a word with which I would disagree.


Anonymous said...

This ties in with your previous post, and what FrankS said...

'I've always been under the impression that the EU parliament has no actual powers, and its main function is to create a pretense of democratic legitimacy. So does it really matter which group dominates?'


A Left or Right biased (European Parliament) matters not one jot, the actual Players are those who are 'appointed', as T. Benn says in the video, ergo you can't remove any of the Council of Ministers because they appoint one another.

The EU is structured solely to deliver on its core aim: a federal European State. They'd already thought of how a bunch of interfering democracies could hold up their plan, scuttle it even. So we got what we got - an undemocratic, top-down, authoritarian monster.

It's not rocket science.


Anonymous said...

Indubitably, can't fault him there and on that.

andy said...
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Anon 2 said...


Anonymous said...

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day,he was wrong on everything else.
A useful idiot is about the nicest thing I can think of to say about him

Anonymous said...

It is true - I can't, will not shed a tear for him but he was an MP who did care about Parliamentary DEMOCRACY [oxymoron?] and his constituents, he actually believed an MP had to represent his electorate and thus, he wasn't all bad.

Raedwald said...

Agree with many comments - as the 'Sun' says this morning, he was wrong on everything except Europe. He was also the rarest of birds - a principled Parliamentarian.

Benn was one of the few MPs who enriched Parliament without using it to enrich himself. He stands head and shoulders above scum like the expense thieves - Michael Martin, Jackie Smith, Gerald Kaufman, Hazel Blears and all their filthy sort.

G. Tingey said...

Would that the pathetic & usless Milibean listened.
There is a perfectly valid left-wing argument against the EU, as there is on the right.
Why won't (Won't not can't) Labour see this?
Or is it a case of "Our turn at the trough, after you tories?"

Anonymous said...

The questioner at the Oxford Union, was interested in why it was the UKIP and some Tory's that were leading the campaign against our membership of the EU...

Benn gave an answer which did not mention why that would be the case...

Of course, it is because the left has largely been silenced by the EU over the years, the organisation is moulded in the image of the Soviet Union, and manned by a good number of people that were formerly communist apparatchiks.

The EU is the arch communitarian organisation in the world of politics, and communitarianism (aka communism) cannot operate in a democracy. The left are in a very difficult position here... Hence the relative silence.

Wedgewood-Benn on the other hand spoke the truth when he pointed out that patriotism is a higher calling than socialism... It's not about socialism, which is a deeply flawed concept, it is about honestly representing the people that elect you.

It is probably the reason that Benn and Powell, and genuine old worker MP's like Shore found themselves on the same side in 1975 over the EEC.

I had heard these people talking about the threat that the EEC posed to our integrity as a people. As an "outdoor court clerk", I must have been one of the few Britons that had read/scanned the white paper that would cause us to adopt the Treaty of Rome into our law.

There was also the odd association between the oil and water attitudes to the economy between Powell and Benn... Both were reasons that encouraged me to vote "no" in my first vote in the 1975 referendum.

Benn, was an honest bloke who couldn't help cleaving to some very odd ideas, mainly that it was OK to spend other people's money to get what you want, but no one could question his patriotism.

Elby the Beserk said...

The only thing Benn was ever right about.

This however he never addressed