Friday, 4 April 2014

Bent Minister keeps job shock

Maria Miller is not especially talented, unless you include an ability to obfuscate her way out of trouble, and there are few in the world of Culture who clamour in her support. Arts and Culture would certainly benefit from a Minister with vision, talent and a belief in the brief, but, well, they have Maria. And will continue to have her, at least until the election, because she's a Woman and there's nowhere else to put her where her limited abilities won't cause damage. Plus her civil servants can get on with implementing Leveson without having a minister who cares what the issues are.

She should be in prison of course. But won't be. And she only has to pay back £5k of the £45k she stole from us. Her mealy-mouthed thirty second 'apology' to the House yesterday has rightly ensured the she has now migrated from being considered merely a bit thick and useless to being loathed by the public she fleeced. 

Perhaps they like their MPs bent in Basingstoke, but I wouldn't bank on Maria's place at the trough after 2015.


Anonymous said...

She only ever asked, what can the country do for me?

She is not alone but that is no excuse.

Incapable of even imagining any sense of shame, the bint, she encapsulates the iniquitous Westminster 'ale house' rabble.

john miller said...

Let me get this straight, then.

I don't pay any tax for the next five years.

When HMRC catch up with me I say sorry and bung them a cheque for £5,800.

Then David Cameron sends me a letter of "warm support".

Is that how it works?

English Pensioner said...

Cameron was concerned as to why a number of female Tory MPs have decided not to stand again at the next election. Isn't it obvious, they all seemed to have good CVs and they then find an idiot like Miller gets a cabinet job at which she is useless and they are left on the back benches.

Umbongo said...

Mind you, according to Guido, Labour has reported her to the police.

Anonymous said...

I find that on days like yesterday I just can't get the smell out of my nose. What is that? I even end up looking at the sole of my shoe but no, nothing is there.

Then it dawned on me, that lingering smell was the stench coming from the rotting corpse of honour.


Anonymous said...

"...Arts and Culture would certainly benefit from a Minister with vision, talent and a belief in the brief.."

I think they would benefit more from having no minister at all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, indeed why do we have a minister of Arts and culture?

Another labour initiated taxpayer splurge brief - was it not?

Lonely and under a cloud, I wandered out of the valley and into a provincial barn they now euphemistically name gallery.

Custodians, crassly staring and vacant as the exhibits, rubbish arrayed, corridors replete full of abstract trash and gormless empty landscape photography - the sort of stuff I can take on holiday in outer Northern Scotland.
Musing - I thought how much do these idiots pay for that? Then, I qualified that thought, with the realization that, well honestly it's me and my fellow taxpayers who coughed for it, a very vexing thought indeed.

Present day Kulture....hmm or that which loosely could be so described. Imho Arts and culture, it vacated Britain long ago. Maria Miller - fits right in but I think we should send her to Paris where they have many excellent Egyptian antiquities and a people - who fawned on some very strange creatures and old birds.

Gilbert Fiddler said...

And that's why I will vote for UKIP from now on.

I don't need these spongers and charlatans pinching my money.

Nathan Brittles said...

Cameron's stupidity over this matter just goes to show that an education at the Slough comprehensive just ain't worth the money. If he's still leader next year it's UKIP for me.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Is there a reason we need an "Arts and Culture" minister, of cabinet (or any)rank?

Seems to be she should be summarily dismissed (with loss of pension - this is a criminal matter) and need not be replaced.

Spend the money on something useful - like paying off the debts.