Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Desperate Clegg goes down in flames

I don't think even the MSM can call this one any differently; Clegg was on the back foot the whole while, yapping at Farage in a panicky high pitched whine and intent on repeating a few select personal insults; 'fantasy', 'living in the past' and suchlike. Farage in contrast was a model of restraint, level-voiced, calm and playing the ball rather than the man. Clegg came across as a poor loser; untruthful, devious and spiteful. 

The poll is showing 68% to 27% - a lot worse for Clegg's Federasts than last week. Farage scored several well aimed, well articulated hits that clearly resonated with the audience. Clegg failed to make any convincing counter arguments, and his attacks on Farage appeared pitiful.



Mike Spilligan said...

That's a fair summary Radders. I'd like to add that the reasonable balance of the audience surprised me and Dimbleby didn't bowl any bodyliners.

Anonymous said...

Go to the BBC news website and you will think you watched a different debate.

Anonymous said...

Clegg, looked like a child who had just had his bottom spanked. Nearly dumb struck - piqued, petulant, lip protruding in a puerile moue and feeling very, very sorry for himself - because tonight Farage shat on him from a very great height.

and politeness wins friends.

Anonymous said...

Farage reeled the Cleggoron in like a fish. More measured than last week (though could do with some better research support e.g. Clegg's lies about where our oil and gas comes from - the latter Norway and Qatar not Russia ).

Also an interesting play for the old labour vote (white working class - what's left of it - old Commonwealth immigrants). Farage is no intellectual but he is clever. Clegg is neither.

Not a Kipper said...

I see "Nick Farage" didn't impress Dr Richard North. :(

Farage did it his way, he could have been more technical, but this was on mainstream telly. He put across points in an easily digestable way.

Farage did callout Clegg as a liar over the seven percent sleight of hand.

Clegg was arrogant, rude & patronising.

"Politeness wins friends" Exactly.

Anonymous said...

Clegg is as guilty as King Charles
Ist on the charge of treason. He has and continues to do so ,to aid and abet agents of foreign powers,to hand over power to anti democratic demagogues,to fail inthe protection of the people

A traitor ,a servant of foreign masters

kenomeat said...

Apart from missing an opportunity to nail Clegg on the Norwegian fax democracy issue I thought Nigel wiped the floor with him. Clegg was left repeating lies about Nigel looking to isolate Britain which the audience simply got tired of.

Anonymous said...

The thing that really pissed me off was Clegg's constant attempt to put words in Farage's mouth... I.e. recalling what Farage said using totally different language...

Now round these parts that's call lying you arse off...

Anonymous said...

Strangely enough the BBC are having difficulty displaying comments. They say it will be fixed soon. I guess they are struggling to create enough pro EU and Clegg comments .

TheFatBigot said...

Mr Farage knows he has one point that will always win support, namely, let us choose our own law-makers; otherwise known as self-determination.

Our politicians might be idiots and some of them might be corrupt, but they are our idiots and our corrupt politicians and we have the opportunity to vote them out if sufficient numbers consider them too idiotic and/or too corrupt.

At times during the debate I felt Mr Farage veered from this point when he did not need to.

Nonetheless, it was an absolute slaughter.

Mr Clegg chose to play the World Government card without having the courage to say as much. He fell as flat as the flattest pancake.

Most tellingly, when he tried to attack Mr Farage he did so without any apparent air of authority. He came across as a wishy-washy middle-manager thrust into an argument several levels above his pay grade.

Prawn Sandwich said...

In golfing parlance Farage dished out the humiliating dog licence to Clegg.

Farage does need to add a turbo charger riposte to the 3/4 millions jobs mantra - I did notice though that Clegg changed from last week's "dependent on" to "linked to" so some progress there.

Clegg's closing statement was a montage of tired hackneyed standard paras - pathetic really.

DeeDee99 said...

Clegg challenged Farage to a debate ON THE EU. That's what people wanted to hear discussed.

Clegg turned yesterday's "debate" it into a series of personal attacks on Mr Farage and UKIP .... which is NOT what the people wanted to hear.

Round 2: Knockout blow for Mr Farage.

I have a lot of time for Richard North - he knows his subject very well - but let's face it, he will never be content with a Farage performance.

Anonymous said...

Richard North is unknown to the wider general public. His opinions on the EU therefore have little clout whilst he remains below the radar. Nigel Farage has at long last brought the EU out for public discussion - hurrah!

G. Tingey said...

Is it simply that, at last on a national TV stage, Farage is learning - & apparently learning fast?
Camoron had better watch out.
What gives me hope is (as said above) is that even more "old Labour" voters will switch to UKIP.
The tired smear that UKIP members are all racist little-Englanders is slowly being exposed for the lie that it is. ( I hope )

Magwitch said...

"Farage scored several well aimed, well articulated hits"

Sadly, he also missed some absolutely cracking opportunities to nail Clegg once and for all.

Given an open goal about Norway and "regulation by fax" he completely messed up. Then the ref (good old Dimbers) picks the ball up, puts it back on the spot and says "there you go Nige, have another go" and again he misses a golden opportunity and blathers on about Mexico and some other nonsense. Oh how I wept. It was as bad as watching England go out on penalties at the World Cup.

Robert said...

Time after time Farage when presented with an open goal always misses. He does not do detail. For someone who has been the leading 'anti EU' campaigner for the last 20 years he knows very little about the EU and getting us out of it.What has he been doing all this time and with all the money?

Dave said...

Re the "regulation by fax" issue - perhaps Farage didn't NEED to mention it at this stage of the game? His performance and responses were sufficient to put Clegg exactly where he belongs - back in his box - but this didn't need the 'fax' argument to be wasted on this nonentity.
This cannot possibly be the end of the argument nor the last of any discussions. Now that Clegg has tried (and failed) Farage will be free to challenge Cameron or Miliband to a similar debate for which their refusal will go down very badly indeed - Cameron/Miliband will be scared right now, very scared that they will be 'called out'.
And in the event of such a call out the 'regulation by fax' argument will be a nuclear weapon the opposition will be sh1t scared of coming across.

So, far from missing an opportunity, Farage has played a blinder and armed himself and the cause to the teeth.

Bill Quango MP said...

He did call Clegg a liar though.
Nigel can have poor choices of phrases that will come back and haunt him later on.

Now some may think the EU has blood on its hands, Putin is a strong leader and Clegg's pants are permanently in danger of spontaneous combustion, but to blurt out such things gives ammunition to his enemies. He does it every time.

His 'Boris' factor is high but his aides really need to construct more measured phrases to keep him from gaffe city.

Because Clegg would never call Farage a bare faced liar. He would imply it.
Nigel should do the same , only stronger.

Clegg is 'wrong. Or 'misinformed'. 'disingenuous.' 'refuses to accept what we all see with our own eyes..' "has not sought the correct information.." And so on.

it sounds like a small point but Nigel needs to win non supporters or he has NO party at all. This is probably a one shot deal for UKIP.

Anonymous said...

Ger over yourself Bill Quango MP.

Clegg is a liar, all politicians lie but some far more often than others and liberal democrats by their very nature: are inveterate liars.

Evidently, and Clegg's biggest lie - is that he purports to have British and Britain's interests at heart - which is a barefaced lie and as plain as bloody daylight.

How can he [Clegg] pretend to bat for Britain, when he is an EU ex commissioner and so redolent of Mandelscrote - a Berlaymont good time boy.
Tell me, Mandelson speaks to the truth as well as Clegg?

And then, pull the other one.

Anonymous said...

What a pity that in his defense of Vladimir Putin, Nigel Farage didnt point out that Putin had given the people of Crimea a vote in a referendum on their future, and that the referendum was arranged within two weeks. Whereas here in the UK the politicians dont trust us to give the "right" vote, and so we are still waiting for a say in OUR future after more than 10 years !

Anonymous said...

A significant number of politicians are sociopaths, concerned only with there own path in life: they are completely uninterested in the suffering caused obtaining personal goals.

One of the Blair creature's personal goals was a 'truly multicultural Britain', the obtaining of which involves the steady minoritization of the English for the remainder of the this century.

Clegg's personal goal is a federal European state, the obtaining of which involves the end of self-determination and the dissolution of the independent nation state.

Both examples show how politicians use their position to claim they are building something better when in reality they are destroying something that doesn't belong to them.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

"I don't think even the MSM can call this one any differently"

They're having a go though - Dan Hodges in the DT reckons Clegg won it.

I think he's in a minority of one.

Umbongo said...


" . . minority of one". Minority of two actually: thick-as-sh*t lefty commentator and Toynbee wannabe, Mary Riddell, also called it for Clegg.