Saturday, 19 April 2014

Jellyfish stung by politician

It is reported that a jellyfish has been stung by a passing politician in the sea at Lanzarote. The Jellyfish was feeding close to the shore when it came into contact with the spineless creature (invertibrata politici) and is said to have suffered loss of self-respect and a feeling of contamination. It also lost its breakfast.

A spokesman for the Spanish tourism ministry said yesterday "Swimming politicians are a hazard here during the Summer months, and local wildlife is usually clever enough to keep out of the way."

The jellyfish was not available for comment. 


Span Ows said...

Jellyfish are the non-polyp whereas politicians are all-plop.

Anonymous said...

and another thing, quite obviously the boy doesn't do much thinking and is not mindful of the current Spanish aggression, in and around the waters of Gib'.

Why the fuck does he Camerloony show solidarity with the venally corrupt dictatorship [nigh on as bad as Zapatero's cronies] of Rajoy. Rajoy's jackbooted pro EU thugs, who seek to deflect the Catalan people away from secession from Madrid and Spaniards from the corruption running rampant through Rajoy's administration?

Dave once more proves his bona fides to the powers in Brussels.

anon 2 said...

Excellent snippet, Raedwald! It needs propagating far and wide, before jellyfish turn into an endangered species!!!

Anonymous said...

Shame I wasn't there. I'd have peed on him!