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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Ukraine - EU, NATO losing the Narrative

There is something unusual happening over Ukraine. Never have I seen European governments, NATO, the US and UN, with all the big national and international media, so rapidly and so concertedly attempt to establish the narrative on Ukraine. And never have I seen an alternative narrative take hold of the public imagination so firmly and so widely. 

Der Spiegel, too, is astonished - but imagines that the phenomenon is confined to Germany 
Those expressing understanding for Russia's move are clearly dominating the Internet forums and talk shows. One former German chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, even declared that the situation in Ukraine is dangerous "because the West has gotten so terribly worked up about it." The question of whether Putin's actions were legitimate didn't even seem to interest him. "I find it entirely understandable," he said. Another former chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, admitted that he himself hadn't always respected international law.
A rainbow alliance of the young, elder German Statesmen, the right, the left, greens and independents are all repeating the same message - establishing a narrative that is if not diametrically opposite to that of their government, substantially tangential to it. 

As we have pointed out, the phenomenon is not confined to Germany. Across Europe a popular majority are saying the same - to the puzzlement and confusion of their political classes. 'Is Germany a nation of Russian Apologists?' asks Der Spiegel, and elsewhere the political class have taken to insulting those with the temerity to reject the official narrative. 

As I asked in an earlier post, are Europe's people becoming wiser than their governments?


David Jones said...

Yes, but slowly.

DeeDee99 said...

Not only wiser than their governments but they are seeing through the propaganda pumped out by the Elite via the EU.

Why? The internet and social media. It's far easier to express a contrary opinion when you are not the only one saying it. And the internet gives you immediate access to evidence to support your opinions.

The fact is, they could no longer "call a war" and rely on people meekly accepting it let alone sacrificing themselves.

The Elite will be seeking to silence dissent on the internet before long.

cuffleyburgers said...

Hopefully we will see this on more and more issues - the internet makes popular dissent not just more likely , but pretty well inevitable.

The political class is used to dictating the narrative in words of one syllable via tame state organs like the BBC and the mainstream dead tree press. Nowadays a majority of people, at least of people who think, get their news from the internet where facts are more likely to get in the way of a free lunch and so I hope that this will become the new normal.

Either politicians will have to raise their game or they will find themselves ignored, and that could become very interesting indeed.

Anonymous said...

Alibaba Brown on the Ch4 prog re Nige Farage, she was twisting and venting, jumping up and down and scweaming and scweaming!!! Shouting:

"How dare he!"

"how can they!"

"how dare they spoil my perfect little world and Socialist world vision!"

Ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

Could be folk are more wise to the defaults now. Have you noticed how modern discourse generates the name 'Hitler' and the word 'Nazi' to explain intentions for virtually everything?

Dr Richard North at EUReferendum has a piece (based on an article in Der Spiegel) about Wolfgang Schauble, the German Finance Minister, who thinks the 'annexation of Crimea' equates to Hitler's tanks rolling into the Sudetenland.

Was a referendum held in Sudetenland in 1938? No.

My hope is people are more informed these days (due in large part to the interweb) than simply becoming immune through repetition.


G. Tingey said...

I'm not so sure.
What will you all do when Putin tries this trick on either or both of Estonia or Lithuania (the latter over access to Kaliningrad/Königsberg) ??

Anonymous said...

Not sure what you mean by 'What will you all do' Mr Tingey - there's precious little we can do anyway, the direction history takes can be likened to a cue ball and we're not even in the game.

I don't think Putin is in the 'trick' business, however the EU is definately in the stunt business.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

It's my perception, based on first hand witnessing the antics of Estonia's tin pot military that there is some potential for argy-bargy in the Baltic states.

Some ex-members of the USSR cannot restrain themselves from prodding "the Russians" - regardless of the outcome.

That the position of Irelend, Scotland, Wales, Catalonia, Venice etc. does not get dragged into the discussions/comparisons being made at the moment in the MSM speaks volumes....

Edward Spalton said...


As part of a letter which, rather to my surprise, appeared both in my local paper and British Church Newspaper, I updated the Victorian Music hall song " We don't want to fight but by Jingo if we do" for Mr Cameron. The original chorus ended "And the Russians shall not have Constantinople"
My version went.
We do want to fight
But by Jingo when we do,
We've got no ships, we've got no men,
We've got no money too.
So the Germans and the Yanks
Will have to find the tanks
As our brave boys assault the Heights of Alma.

We'll take Sebastopol
Before the election poll
And have a big parade in celebration.
With the dying safely done
And old Putin on the run
I'll be Brussels favourite son
And be the hero of the next election!

Dave said...

The people are taking issue with many more subjects than just Ukraine. Famously, the call for action on MMGW is falling apart and efforts to manipulate peoples health (alcohol, tobacco, salt, sugar, fat and now fruit) is falling on mainly deaf, or at least questioning, ears.
It will be interesting to see what the Governments turn to next in order to 'convince' us they are right and we are wrong.
It all seems to be falling apart.