Thursday, 24 April 2014

US, EU, Russia fan flames of war in Ukraine

It started with Julia Timoshenko's cronies having an opponent gunned down - a vile and unattractive character, to be sure, but nonetheless gunned down like a dog - and now Putin's cronies have kidnapped and killed a local councillor, by all accounts a decent bloke, family man, opponent of corruption. And all the while the 'President' - a weak, chinless apparatchik who mistakenly imagines that a two-day stubble look enhances his unfortunate features - is goaded by US and EU hawks to escalate the violence. Putin and his in-country cronies needs no such goading; he will meet force with force, rocket with rocket, careless of lives but jealous of territory. As Russian despots are, and always have been.

Timoshenko and her fellow oligarchs will look on from the sidelines, playing for power as the people bleed and die. As will the unelected officials from Brussels, and the geriatric fools from Washington, still trying to fight a war that ended in 1989. Putin is safe in the Kremlin, far away. They're not the ones who face being bundled into a car boot, driven to a deserted spot and torn apart by boiling rounds from an assault rifle on full-auto. They reserve that fate for others, ordinary folk, whose lives, families, dreams, hopes and homes they are prepared to destroy for wealth, land and power.

A curse be on all the warmongers fanning the flames of hatred and violence in Ukraine. May they all burn in Hell.


Edward Spalton said...

A week or so ago John Ward posted a pretty convincing report on "The Slog" indicating that it was very likely that mercenaries from US security companies were present in Eastern Ukraine.

Bearing in mind the way in which the US and Germany in particular whipped up war fever over Yugoslavia in the Nineties by endorsing doubtful evidence of massacres (always and uniquely by the Serbs), I would not rule out the possibility of "false flag" atrocities.

Of course, there were plenty of atrocities in Yugoslavia by all sides once conflict hotted up as a result of the various insurgencies which the Western powers supported by cash, arms, training and access to NATO intelligence - thus creating the pretext for "humanitarian intervention".

DeeDee99 said...

I believe they're creating a "beneficial crisis" ahead of the EU Parliament elections.

They hope to scare people into supporting the EU by reigniting the cold war with Russia.

Anonymous said...

It's all true, I used to look at the faces of kids and women of Northern Ireland and think, but for a few nutters they'd live in peace, Syria the same and then move on to Britain and muse - what is going to bring change here, we need to get out of the EU and something infinitely more evil stalks the streets of our towns and cities. Blair rants on about Islamofascism and on a world level but and cronies, 'they of the open borders' he [Blair], and Straw et al were responsible for kindling the flame that will become a conflagration in Britain. 20% of the population and it will be Sarajevo/Kossovo/Irag on the streets of London.
It could have been stopped in the Ukraine but some people love war too much.

Bloke In Italy said...

@ Ed Spalton - I wouldn't pay too much attention to what you read on the slog - the guy is a hopeless conspiracy theorist, and I find his posts nowadays unreadable.

@Raedwald - your passion when you write about the evil men who fan the flames of war and atrocity is evident and I share it 110%

World would be a much much better place if these lying cynical manipulative bastards were machine gunned - except it wouldn't because there will always be more to take their place to farm the human race.

All highly depressing.

Anonymous said...

So what do we know?

Putin will protect Russian interests.

Obama will protect Obama.

The EU will protect nobody.

And what about the UK?

We've got just enough kit to defend our island home - for a fortnight, conventionally.


Anonymous said...

well put Steve,

for that we must thank Ted, Harold, Jim, Maggie, John, Tony, Gordon and now Dave has put the finishing touches to the end of Britain [and its armed forces] as we once knew it.

G. Tingey said...

And most especially the thug Putin.
There are no heroes & no very few villains in this sorry tale.

Putin is playing a blinder form the Sudentenland playbook.
He's a thug & a crook.
Note my fulsome praise for the other lot, by the way?
Thought not.